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  1. I love the sound of a good Jones, had one and regret selling it. Jeffries concertina also have a different key layout (on accidental row) :
  2. Answering my own question: The Jeffries layout in Bramich book is with a C# on push on first button. So both are good and I favor a push on first and pull on second. Nicolas
  3. Hello, I wonder...in case of Jeffries layout, does it matter if the C# is push on the first or second accidental ? I prefer C# push on the first accidental because it is the same on Wheastone...so less lost if going from one to the other. Would it be a bad choice ? Thank you
  4. I subscribed to all: OAIM, Caitlin, and Jack Talty. They are all excellent with pros/cons of course 😉 There aren’t that much online lessons….I think they kind of complement each other. Jack Talty cover a wide variety of knowledge (Harmony, Ornamentation but not as much as Caitlin, why some tunes goes well together, key of E flat, why one button or the other, bellow...), I like the one exercise on ornamentation (but why just one exercise ?). Cons…Advance section is not really about concertina techniques (which was a disappointment for me), globally not a lot a tunes, lots of information’s but could extend a little... But overall I think it does gives a solid concertina foundation ! I can’t answer if this is necessary after Caitlin lessons…But I am sure you will find interesting information’s. If worth the price is up to you 😉 None of the three (oaim,…) really focus on how to make a tune sound “good or special”, how to make the tune flowing or small thing here and there to make it different (not sure if this is clear), but this is probably about personal style and after years of practice, something will come up…But why not teaching a bit of style ? 😊 Maybe in the future. Best Nicolas
  5. Hello, can your favorite tunes be played on a 26b ? Maybe a 26b vintages can fit your need...yes a bit more expensive but it will solve your problem :-) There is a 26b for sale in your.price range (+200) but in BF#...why not if you play ok your own best
  6. I have to pay 450 euros extra for taxes and all.... (it is 21% vat on value and shipping price (crazy!) + duties handling...). Also not sure when this happen (Covid, Brexit...?), but the price of the Traveller is now 300pounds more expensive.
  7. I agree, playing different concertinas help on technique, adapting the way we play... With your background, I am 100% sure you will like the Traveller ! Brexit was faster than my brain lol...I should have bought it before...that's life. Nicolas
  8. Congrat Mike ! Let us know what you think 😉 I did try the Traveller about 8 years ago when I was a complete beginner(now an advance beginner 🙂 I stopped for a looong time). I founded it difficult to play at the time and was out of air very quickly....as a beginner of course, that is why I asked if it is appropriate for Irish. Of course it is, but not for a beginner. I am sure I will love it now that I understand better how to play a concertina 😉 Nicolas
  9. You are right and it's the kind of comment I could write myself lol I changed it to "I would choose" 😉 Nicolas
  10. I would choose a nice vintage 20b...They have a great and charming sound. They are not the fastest but fun to play and a nice warm sound. This one seem a good choice : https://concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/anglo-concertinas/lachenal-20-key-anglo-in-c-g-with-steel-reeds-messy-ends/ And I would ask to tune the very left button of G row (left side) to a low A on draw. this will open many possibilities in Irish (New useful note, chord).
  11. Hello Richard, I have the experiences but the other way... You need to fill up the CN23 form in 2 copy and put it visible on the box (don't do a paper yourself ;-)) The HS number is 920590 for accordion/concertina. When I user the local postage service (like USPS), they give me the CN23 pdf already filled in (well from my input on site)...I just have to print it, sign it and eventually had something in description...Don't forget to do 2 copy. Here is a link with more info : https://www.sendcloud.com/cn22-cn23-customs-declarations/ Good luck !
  12. Yes I am pretty sure the Eiru Gold is great 🙂But I wonder if there is a huge difference between the two... I have been thinking since my post and I decide the Gold is out of reach financially... I am even hesitating between the Eiru Silver and the Vintage model...any input welcome ! (they all have 5 years warranty which is a peace of mind as you say 😊) The Vintage has riveted reed (like Wheatstone during a period...and accordion reed), I have no idea if it is good or bad if change of tone and all...The Eiru has clamped reed...I have a few months to decide anyway. It is difficult to hear the difference from video but I have the impression de Eiru as a warmer sound…
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