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  1. Congratulation on your purchase ! I also bought one lately and I very happy too 🍺 yes there are no comparison against the Wren !! Nicolas
  2. Hello everyone ! I am back from a 18 months concertina break trying out tin whistle (great instrument, super cheap comparing to concertina 🙄 ) but now having the concertina bug again (wallet 😪). Just bought a 30b C/G anglo concertina and would like to share it with you (might help other in their search..). The concertina is made by Seth Hamon and I believe the model is called “Herrington classic”. Keep in mind I am a beginner wanting an intermediate or long term concertina: First the service provide by Seth was incredible from start to finish. I asked a video of
  3. Thanks gtotani, nice playing 🙂 That is what I though about McNeela but at the same time not sure at all...But somehow your friend experience confirm... Between Phenix and Minstrel, I finally decided for a concertina by Seth Hamont lol The model he called "Herrington classic"....And I am very happy ! I will write a short review soon. Best
  4. Check also concertina by Hamon (model Herrington classic). I just got one and I am super happy ! I'll probably write a small review in about a week or so. The maker (Seth Hamon) is a member here and I was happy with everything including service. For a long time I have hesitated between many in this "price range" including Marcus, Phoenix, Minstrel, The Clare,... Not sure why at first but my heart went for Hamon's maker concertina. I just can't put it down (the concertina, not the maker 😉 ) Nicolas
  5. Looks like the Phoenix as a price raise of 50 euros ! Bump I was waiting for the sale, and I get a price raise ha ha For a "few" (hum) dollar more, I can get the Claire concertina which seem like a great handmade concertina...I'll think about it, not easy to find a concertina without trying it. But there aren't that many hybrid in Ireland or EU anyway.
  6. Thank you Geoff, nice playing ! Harry Geuns does not carry any Minstrel or Clover for the moment (and probably a long time) so it is not an option anymore. So Phoenix is the one unless something come up, I'll wait for a (recurrent) sale...
  7. There are only two source for online lesson like this...Oaim and Caitlín. They are both excellent ! But much more lessons at Oaim for the price. With Caitlin, you have to pay a membership for beginner or intermediate or advance. At the time I subscribed, only beginner section, I wasn't too happy because she doesn't teach any ornamentation at all... Glad the intermediate exist now ! I am a concertina beginner but play (read “have fun”) other instruments (guitar, tin whistle,...)...I just can't learn an instrument without knowing where/how/when an ornamentation occurs 🙂 I would
  8. Yes it is a pain...21% local VAT here in Belgium. I hope for more concertina manufacturer like 7mount in EU...
  9. Thanks Alex, the Phoenix is sent from Ireland so not sure about that VAT unless there somehow a change with Brexit and Ireland but I don't think so...I ordered a Wren (but 2 years ago) and didn't pay any custom tax or VAT; I emailed McNeela a few days ago about this and assure me that I wouldn't pay anything more... But I am still stuck between the 2... Also a shop here in Belgium (Geuns Harry) is working with concertina connection and can probably get the Minstrel without the import duty and all... (waiting for an answer...) Best
  10. Hello, I am back to the concertina world, not completely yet as I am looking for a new (or used) concertina. For my budget, I got the same conclusion, Minstrel or Phoenix. So did you decide ? And because of Brexit, England is less an option to buy a concertina, huge customs tax to Belgium ! And not many shop in Ireland... I have a favor for the Phoenix because of Tipo a Mano reed, but can't find any audio source of a notes by notes... Here's a video of slow playing on the Minstrel, I like it (maybe more on the harsh side than sweet) https://www.youtube.com/w
  11. Hello, I guess the concertina is sold ? Thank you
  12. Hello Kate, I am interested too by your experience with the Phoenix...Do you like it ? Thank you !
  13. After 5 month, I didn't used it much at the end (working on other project) So the sale is open again !
  14. Thank you Wes ! Yes not an easy instrument but a lot of fun when one can play a tune with expression. Indeed, I had some good friends comment about how it sound !
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