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  1. I am pretty sure AP James are a good choice, never tried it. I have tested a few Hybrids (The Clare, Clover, Morse Ceili,...) and somehow I always go back to vintage concertina. They are slower but they have lots of charm 😉 Barleycorn have four 30b Lachenal in listing, I would choose one of those... Irish company has a second hand Clare which I personally liked (not that one, but The Clare 😉 : https://www.irishconcertinacompany.com/our-preowned-concertinas Nicolas
  2. Anglo = Limited chord options and limited to bellow English = Much more chords are possible but I believe with finger gymnastic (and also in a way limited to bellow...), there is an app for Android so you can test it...(search English concertina ;-)) Chords takes lots of air ! The Duet would be my personal choice but yes a little like piano, you need a brain for each side ha ha Nicolas
  3. Thank you Dave, I will take a look ! Best
  4. Chances are next to none but one can always try 😉 (might also look for a G/C pro model) Best Nicolas
  5. Drop of price to 550 euros as I have a 30b and don't play this one much anymore.
  6. So lucky to be there ! enjoy ! I will certainly go there on the near future... Did you tried "The vintage" concertina ? Seems like a nice one too. The employee let you played the Eiru for a minute meaning he told you "not too long" !? Best
  7. Anglo ! It has that swing with the push/pull, it sound great and more notes on fewer buttons. I tried on a English mimicking anglo with change of bellows but then you have to remember when to change bellow direction 😉 And If you want to follow online lesson (oaim, Caitlin, youtube,...), it will be an anglo. Nicolas
  8. I can believe you about taking several audio "takes" 😉 Looking at the music sheet, it's like jonglery on an anglo concertina. I also really like Jasmine (youtube channel). Nicolas
  9. I like it ! Classical and jazzy, goes well with the video. Very artistic ! Your concertina sound is perfect for this tune. Nicolas
  10. Hello Jacques, did you send it back for a refund or for a replacement ? Best
  11. Good choice ! Going to Rochelle = Buying a Clover soon after 😉 I recently got a Clover and I like it a lot: Lightweight, fast player, loud, a sound with a touch. My only complaint is the leather straps are super stiff ! (Never seen that). The result is that the air button is a little hard to reach...(got big hand). But something that can be changed. Nicolas
  12. Is the music sheet available from Cohen BK ? Thanks !
  13. wow thank you David, amazing playing on this vid !!! Two brains is needed to play like this. I was sure Bach would sound good on this 😎 Nicolas
  14. I agree, for Irish, 30b seem to be more than enough. I am just a beginner (let's say advance beginner 😎) and I am far from using all the buttons of the third row 😉 I can already do a lot with 20 buttons. I wonder how much a 40 buttons weight. Maybe it is better to look for an EC if you need as much notes in same bellow direction 🙂 Best
  15. It is kind of big but I like the sound....a mixture of accordion and Organ. Would love to hear Bach on this lol
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