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    Four stop one row, concertinas and whistles/flutes for traditional music and dance
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  1. Perhaps worth chatting with Alex above? Yes, the 48b Aeolas are great for speed, but lovely as it is there is no way I would keep mine in preference to the Crane, or my Anglos. Of course, I play mainly English and French traditional music at a slower pace than an Irish session at full steam so YMMV, horses for courses, etc. Good luck with your search.
  2. Both, Alex, I love that, like my English, the keys are laid out in a logical pattern - even better with each end being self-contained. 51 keys is enough for me to have an octave overlap, allowing for me to play silly beggars in some tunes with exactly the same notes each side - and playing an octave apart is easy, just flip the fingering pattern. I lucked into this instrument by accident after flooding all the places I could think of with requests for a top-end Crane and expected to have a long wait until a suitable Aeola or Edeophone came up. Instead, I was contacted by someone who decided to sell me his one, as he had a new, smaller one coming - https://crane.concertina.org/details.php?indexnum=40 Playing it out at the moment with two Anglo players, busking with a set of carols to raise money for charity and will start working it into sessions and gigs gradually next year. Had for about a year, but work got in the way. For me, 51 keys turned out to be ideal, so a 55 would have be good, but a 48 somewhat restrictive. I had a huge one back in the 80's for a bit, wouldn't go down that path again - too heavy and bulky. A friend who is a brilliant Anglo player, having tried my Crane said if he had his time again that is what he would buy, and stick with it. I agree. Sorry for being a bit slow, I've just realised that I have my Crane due to you making John his new one - cheers!
  3. It may depend on what music you want to play. I prefer an Anglo for dance music, the English (48) for accompanying a quiet singer and for portability and speed in sessions . Currently learning a Crane duet (51) which I love, and intend to play whenever possible. By far my favourite of the three.
  4. Is anyone else thinking along the lines of pitchforks, burning torches, bundles of firewood and a stake? Just a personal reaction.
  5. Identical to my 1922 one - a lovely little instrument. Great sound and very portable.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up, hope it goes to a good home.
  7. I have a Hohner four stop in D which is now available (as well as older Hohners in C and G). You don't give a location? I'm based in the UK (Kent). Let me know if you are interested and I'll work out a price.
  8. Sell it, and you may well end up regretting it. Keep it, and you have the potential to grow into the instrument. Progress often comes in a series of steps rather that incrementally, just 'K.B.O,' (Keep Buggering On!).
  9. Re the number of buttons - I was looking for a versatile instrument that I can explore grow into over time, so started off looking for a 48 by preference, with a suitable quality 55 as an option due to the limited availability of decent Cranes. Having ended up with a 51 (Little John's, actually), I'm well pleased - not sure if I have the reach to cope with any more, and can avoid feelings of 'if only' at a later date.
  10. A saying about sailors, I believe - in port, it's all wine women and song, at sea, rum, bum and concertinas.
  11. 1985 51 button (55 note) Crane system duet = "85 / 092"
  12. Thanks to everyone for your offers and advice, I've bought a 51b Dipper that has met or exceeded all my requirements. Thanks also to Chris at Barleycorn for his expert advice regarding establishing a fair value, was a great help.
  13. Many thanks for your advice, Peter. The Wheatstone is still on approval, I realised very quickly that I wanted to take up the duet again, but with a higher quality instrument. I've been spoiled by my other boxes apparently. Yes, Chris offered to give me a full px value against another instrument later on - we both though that it could be a long time before something suitable came up. This has not proven to be the case, though, I've heard from two people on this site, as well as a couple from the Facebook group and there are two serious contenders, one as a final purchase, and another as a 'Plan B' to be getting along with if necessary. Hope to have things sorted within a couple of weeks. The Crane I had long ago was huge, forgotten how many buttons, bur the smaller size and weight appealed a lot more this time, hence the range chosen - included 55b ones to widen the choice available, but agree about 48b being a Goldilocks size, for me, anyway. Paul
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