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  1. If anyone wants a rosewood ended Jeffries anglo I have two twenty button and two twenty six button, which I could sell. If you want one of the best playing rosewood anglos, send me a personal message for more information. Mike
  2. Here are some pictures of my circular fret Wheatstone No. 374 which was bought by one of my 'ancestors' Mrs Lonsdale Byrne in 1840.
  3. It's here https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/potburys/catalogue-id-srpo10103/lot-8fcae95f-8a47-4358-b8e9-ab0301055174
  4. I have noticed a lot of new members are not indicating which city or country they live in. This is helpful if people are asking for help that could be provided by someone living nearby. I am sure when I signed up 16 years ago I was asked for my location but the current sign up form does not ask for this.
  5. Sold for £2,108 with the commission added.
  6. LIantrisant Is where the Royal Mint (that mints coins for the U.K.) is based.
  7. As opposed to Polo, Llantrisant is known as the Hole with the Mint.
  8. Twas mine, This is a video of my 30 button Dipper Anglo. It is a Celebrated Acoustic Band model, G/D Number 163. Now with a new owner. Mike
  9. You can see the Jedcertina label in the last e-bay picture.
  10. Here are some pictures of my 28 button Louis Lachenal. Available if anybody wants to buy it.
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