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  1. Till There Was You from the 1957 musical "The Music Man" written by Meredith Wilson. This musical was my second professional performance at the McKinley Playhouse in Columbus, Ohio when I was 11 years old. My jazz manouche group performs this tune as bossa. Arranged and performed on a 1937 56 button treble Wheatstone Aeola.
  2. until
    Swing to the hot club sounds of DC Ambinance at Lost Boy Cider Sunday, June 2nd 6:00 - 8:00 PM Free to the public.
  3. Set your calendars: Sunday, June 2nd 6:00-8:00 PM DC Ambiance will swing into action for an evening of CIDER & SWING at Lost Boy Cider Taproom. This is free to the public and is not workshop or class. It is always a swell time! https://randysteinec.com/event/5543245/677676099/cider-swing
  4. I spent two months of daily lessons with Jonathan. He already could play but needed some guidance to the music.
  5. Photo of my jazz manouche group, DC Ambiance, with actress/dancer and Mistress of Ceremony , Lucila Tolis, from the show Nita & Zita.
  6. https://www.lostboycider.com/event/acoustic-jam-session/
  7. One of the things taught to me by every mentor I've been fortunate to have is to make sure to give proper recognition to the composer, arranger, or influence or all of the above. Recently I performed my arrangement of Mill Lane by Ron Harbron. When introducing the tune I attributed Ron with the tune and how I came about arranging and playing it. Another example is my version of Scott Joplin's The Entertainer. My arrangement is based on two other arrangements: one by Boris Matueswitch and the other by Itzhak Perlman. Both received attribution in an online concert I did a few years ago. I think it's important to mention the person(s) who influenced the music you're playing especially if you're borrowing their ideas and music. Just saying...
  8. My jazz manouche group, DC Ambiance, is performing live for the show THE WORLD OF NOTA & ZITA This is the story of two immigrant sisters who became an international sensation only to die in obscure poverty. The music is arranged and performed by DC Ambiance. The performance is on Saturday April 13th . Pre Show music starts at 8:00 PM with the performance starting at 8:30. . The performance is free but seating is limited on a first come first serve basis. DC ArtOmatic is a festival free to the public with 800 visual artists and over 200 performers celebrating the Festival's 25th Anniversary. It is truly a swell time!
  9. Have you tried acupuncture
  10. DC Ambiance performs Django Reinhardt's Douce Ambiance in Concert Feb 14, 2024 Buco and Bill Parmentier - Guitar Jason Gekker - Bass Randy Stein - English Concertina
  11. Pennies From Heaven, 1936, Music by Arthur Johnson and Lyrics by Johnny Burke Performed on Feb 14th, 2024 for a swing dance at Lost Boy Cider Taproom DC Ambiance Buco and Bill Parmentier - Guitar Jason Gekker - Bass Randy Stein - English Concertina Special Guest Chanteur - Pablo Zyberglait
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