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  1. Harbour Lights by Hugh Williams. 1937 (same year my Wheatsone was made).
  2. I am very fortunate to have studied with both Boris and Sergei Matueswitch. The method that Boris used to teach is invaluable and I use the same method and materials he did to teach. It stands the test of time and my students can offer testimony to it. That said, all of his music was hand written. Many of my students have a lot of difficulty with the hand written music. So recently I've been using the program MuseScore and notating his music in a printed format. I've primarily focused on music for my students and a few for some more advanced players I know that appreciate the challenge. I've attached one of the tunes for beginners. His music, hand written, is available to all. MACK THE KNIFE noted version.pdf
  3. This isn't my regular band. There was a weekly Monday night gypsy jazz jam in a church in Bethesda MD. We haven't played together in probably 5-6 months. My regular band mates were unavailable so I called these guys. I made a set list from the Django Fakebook and some tunes we all know and we just jammed. I know it's odd for an EC in this genre but man do I love to swing! Thanks for your comments.
  4. Gypsy Jazz Jam Porch Concert on Aug 30th. Excuse the misspelling on YouTube. Auto spell.
  5. That's a very cool story. One more then though I can't top this one David. I was playing in Brooklyn Heights when a guy asked if I could play some sea shanties and hornpipes. I played a few and he asked for my contact info. A few weeks later he called and we recorded music for an off Broadway play called Sea Scape (I think). Didn't pay much but seemed like Kizmet at the time.
  6. I've had several. Recitals at Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center. Playing onstage for the Broadway show Carmelina. My 15 minute moment is recording with John Lennon and Yoko Ono for their LP Double Fantasy. Spending 2 hours in the recording studio Fantasy Factory with John and Yoko and his producer Jack Douglas. Yoko and young Shaun used to come hear me play at Cafe Trilussa in the Village in NYC in the 80s.
  7. Gypsy Jazz Jam Porch Concert When: Sunday August 30th 3:00 - 4:30 Where: 1109 Crestwood Drive, Alexandria,VA James Key and James "Bo" Boberg - Guitars Stephen Barrett - Upright Bass Randy Stein - English Concertina Seating is limited so bring your portable chairs. Mask wearing and social distancing apply and required. This concert is free to the public
  8. There is great diversity of musical traditions on this list serve. If you were advising a new comer to your genre of music, what 2 or 3 tunes would you say is must for them to know for sessions or dances?
  9. Paul, I'd say start with Suzuki and also some simple violin etude studies.
  10. At the insistence of my good friend Jim Besser, after a hiatus of some 30 years, I've started teaching the the English Concertina again. I was fortunate to have both Boris and Sergei Matueswitch as my mentors and their method for teaching and learning was and still is invaluable and for me, proven. I've started with a handful of students who are part of the Northeast Squeeze-In and consist of some new players and some who are more advanced. All are enthusiastic. A couple of observations, I've noticed some habits I find slow their playing. First is how one holds the instrument. The thumbs and pinky should be perpendicular and elbows in. So many let the Concertina lean forward or just rest on the knee with open bellows which puts strain on the wrists and arms. Not to mention a strain on the bellows. It also effects bellow movement which is the next issue. Proper holding of the instrument (balance) and posture should be maintained allowing one to play relaxed and make sure you're breathing (also essential). This allows bellow movent to happen naturally without pushing and pulling with the arms. It also allows for better bellow control for phrasing in playing regardless of the type of music played. I'm sure there has been a lot of previous discussion and forums on this but I know what I know and what has proven successful for students and teachers alike. Onward...
  11. This was recently sent to me by a close friend who is decluttering. I believe it's from one of my early classical recitals. I shared the program with my very talented accompanist, Sarah Renberg. The Webster Apartments were a swanky established westside building with a large room for parties, concerts, recitals etc held for the tenants and their guests. I remember it had a beautiful Steinway Grand piano in the room. It's been years since I've performed classical concerts and recitals. But I enjoyed working on and playing this repertoire. first recital program.pdf
  12. Please understand that these recordings are rehearsals. This is not studio quality.
  13. Jim and I have been playing together for more than ten years. It took some stops and starts to find a good meld and repertoire. I am also lucky that Jim is a master Anglo player and can adapt to my style of playing easier than I can to his. Still hoping he can play in Eb one day.
  14. 2Many Buttons consists of Jim Besser on Anglo Concertina and Randy Stein on English Concertina. This is from a virus compliant distance rehearsal today in my condo complex.
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