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  1. Check out my bands new website: www.dcambiance.com
  2. Randy Stein

    Padam Padam

    Here is my performance of Edith Piaf's Padam Padam*. Performed at the Saturday evening concert at this years Northeast Squeeze-in. *Padam, padam..." is a song originally released in 1951 by Édith Piaf. It was written for her by Henri Contet (lyrics) and Norbert Glanzberg (music)
  3. Randy Stein

    NESI 2018 at Chimney Corners

    Thought I'd post a photo of the weekend. Great time
  4. Randy Stein

    DC Ambiance - An Evening of Gypsy Jazz

    Hoping to have an EP by March
  5. Randy Stein

    Pubs in Ireland

    Thank you Don. That is quite helpful. r
  6. Randy Stein

    Pubs in Ireland

    Thanks for input. I'll check elsewhere
  7. Randy Stein

    Pubs in Ireland

    Looking for pubs with good music and beer in Cork and/or Killarney
  8. Randy Stein

    Top octave on English

    Work on arpeggios. Major, minor, and augmented to start. This will help with fingering and you'll get used to using 3rds and 5ths in the root triade. Once you develop a little muscle memory, add another set of arpeggios adding the 7th to the triade. I.e. C- E-G-Bb If you get real agressive try diminished thirds.
  9. Randy Stein

    Dc Ambiance Performing Sweet Sue

    DC Ambiance Performing Live at FSGW Music Festival Feb 3, 2018 "Sweet Sue, Just You" Song Published 1928 composed by Victor Young. Performed by the Gypsy Jazz Group, DC Ambiance: Guitars: Buco Cavar & Bill Parmentier Clarinet: Suzanne Gekker Bass: Cyndy Elliott English Concertina: Randy Stein https://soundcloud.com/user827948939/sweet-sue-just-you
  10. I am part of a new five piece band, DC Ambiance. We play gypsy jazz in the style of Django Reinhardt. Here is a recent recording from a rehearsal. The piece is Jardin D'Hiver https://soundcloud.com/user827948939/jardin-dhiver-1 We will have our first gig at Haydee's Restaurant in DC on Jan 5th. Come if you're in the area.
  11. Randy Stein, Music for Solo English Concertina at the Caboose Cafe Thursday Sept 14th 6:30-8:30 PM 2419 Mt Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22301 French, Italian, Tangos, American Standards and more... This is my last performance at the Cafe which has been sold. Come enjoy
  12. At my gig last night a 5 year old boy walked up to me and pointed at my concertina: "You get some good music out of that thing. Looks like a caterpillar with buttons". I told him the name and to repeat it. He did and then said "I like caterpillars better but you can call it what you want."
  13. Randy Stein

    Brandenburg Concerto #3

    that was cool. Thanks