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  1. I have an experimental version of an ABC tune book with over 5000 tunes in C or G. I have tabbed these using an along-the-row strategy and as far as I can see, most of them are playable on a single row. The numbering used in the tabs is that used by the ABT system, not Gary Coover's system. You are welcome to a copy (I would try to post here in the first instance, but the file is large-ish - 6.2Mb unzipped, 1.4Mb zipped)...
  2. All of that is extremely helpful! Thank you - I can get a feel for the different sound quality off those recordings. The final clip is magic - apart from the quality of the sound, an added bonus is that I now know I'm not making a complete hash of The Burning of the Piper's Hut...🙂
  3. Thanks! That gives me a much better qualitative understanding of what's happening. I did wonder about the relevance of a comparison between a 'phone camera and a 'proper' camera...🙂 Me too. Never really been tempted to try producing video clips myself...🙂 Thanks again!
  4. Interesting indeed - very! As is the rest of this thread. I have 'problems' with many video/sound clips (not just music-related clips). The volume is often way too low. What I'm picking up here is that this may be due to the difference between just using a 'phone (low volume?), and using a more complicated set-up with decent dedicated kit such as external microphones, etc. (acceptable volume?). Is that 'right'?
  5. In this old thread there was some discussion (a side-bar to the main topic) about what mechanism to use to insert tablature (tabs, note-names, ABC-names) to a score. At the time I said that my preferred option was to use text annotations to do this. Fairly soon after this, I changed my mind, and started using lyrics (w:) lines as the vehicle for carrying the tablature, and have done so for some time now. I also wondered if symbol (s:) lines were a viable third option but didn't do anything about it. As a result of recent discussions, I finally got my act together and tried this. It seems to work, although there are up-sides and down-sides to this. Here's an example of what it looks like (not very good quality, I'm afraid): This is the only practical presentation as far as I can see. The accompaniment chords and s: lines seem to be tied together, they both use the same font, and moving them below the staff results in the accompaniment chords and tabs becoming mis-aligned, so it's limited - It looks 'better than I thought it did at first', though Question: Has anyone else here tried using ABC symbol (s:) lines as a way of adding tablature to a score? How d'ye think it looks? Ta. (Moderators, please move to more appropriate forum if necessary - I couldn't decide...) ______________________________ At present, I haven't actually modified my program(s) to do this, but am using an edit 'macro' to convert a file using lyrics (w:) lines to a a file using symbol (s:) lines... 1,2,3,4.abc
  6. I was generalising a little because audiences were mentioned earlier, but I fully appreciate your point about 20-button instruments working in the context of a session. I didn't want to be too specific - maybe I should have been...
  7. <Puts on 'Member of Audience' hat> Back in the day, before I started playing the concertina (badly!), I was always a 'member of the audience', but at the same time was reasonably awake enough to spot when a band was playing a familiar tune 'differently'. I must say that usually, my reaction was not 'They're playing it wrong.', but 'Hey, they're playing it differently - that's clever!'. Long may it continue - Vive la difference! <Takes off 'Member of Audience' hat>
  8. I asked the same question when I bought my Traveller, and got the same answer...
  9. Spot on! I tried it first with %%pos gchord below which didn't work, which was what prompted my question in the first place. %%gchord below does work! I guess this is because abcjs hasn't implemented the most recent form of this functionality using %%pos? (In any case, it's a moot point - all of this stuff seems to be based on 'unratified' extensions to the language spec'). It's a bit of a rat's nest - fun though...🙂
  10. 1) I suspected this was the answer. It's no big deal - I was just curious... 2)Not reely - that's why I said not to be implemented...🙂 Thanks!
  11. Neat! That happens to be the way around which I prefer (chords above, tab below), but is it possible to reverse the relative positions of the chords and the tab? I couldn't see that option, but it's something I sometimes wish to do. If it's not there, it's not there, and I'm not suggesting that it be implemented, just satisfying my curiosity... Thanks.
  12. I can confirm that this is the case. I tried to get these concertina plugins to work satisfactorily when MuseScore 4 hit the streets - having tried (and failed) three times prior to this (once with MS2, twice with MS3). I very quickly gave up on MS4, and won't be bothering with MS again. I've deleted it from 2 of my 3 machines and am only keeping the 3rd copy for 'reference'... To get at GC-style tablature, the route suggested by Michael Eskin is probably your best option (though I haven't tried it myself)...
  13. I just looked at about 10 minutes of this block-buster/epic - I'm now waiting for the usherette to come around with the choc-ices and 'flavour of the month' ice lollies...🙂 It's well impressive - thank you! I hope I'll find time over the next few days to look at some more... Only other comment - sometimes the volume seems a little low, but I wonder if that's the 'sound system' on the machine I'm currently using...
  14. I'm using A Windoze 10 machine... I'm using for various reasons, but I was unable to load that XML file, even using that slightly out of date version. First time I've tried to import XML Maybe I'm doing something extremely dumb - it wouldn't be the first time... I've attached a screenshot of the 'error box' I got when I tried it...
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