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  1. Kelteglow

    Fun Tunes. What's your favorite C/G anglo

    Are there any tunes people like to play on the C/G with a good harmony ? Bob
  2. Kelteglow

    What our concertinas look like?

    Hi Gary Nice looking concertina .How do you find the sound compared to the C/G you usually play .I guess its not handmade reeds you have .Bob
  3. shared a.docxshared 25 August at 15:40 · Jankoen de Haan 21 August at 01:31 My bandoneon got stolen As many eyes needed to try to find it back On 20 august 2018 at 23:17 my bandoneon was brutally stolen at Toulouse airport, France. I’m hoping to find it back with the help, eyes and ears of my facebook friends and connections. Its a matte black chromatic instrument build by bandonionfabrik.de and is branded “AA". It is about 10 years old. The instrument can easily be recognised by the blanc tape used to fix the valve to the valve wire (not shown on picture). Please let me know if you see it somewhere, in real or online, if someone offers you an instrument like the one pictured. It was stolen in a black bandoneon bag, with a shoulder strap and backpack straps branded “Percufund". Any help is greatly appreciated. I know its not a Concertina but its theft of a similar instrument if we can help . I don't have an address but I can contact him on Facebook Bob
  4. I am travelling on Ryan air with just cabin baggage Will they allow me to take my concertina .I would rather ask here than the Airline as they are so funny about extras.Bob
  5. Kelteglow

    Sea of Thieves - Grogg Mayles

    Wow that was good and only 3 months in !
  6. Kelteglow

    Which Mic

    Can anyone tell me which microphone to get to enable me to record music to put on this site .ie( a mic for my PC ) Bob
  7. Kelteglow

    Pubs in Ireland

    For what its worth I will say this ." Many pubs offer live music but many times it is a singer with a guitar ." If as in my case you are looking for (sessions to join in )its best to ask locals or look on line .Bob
  8. Kelteglow

    Beginner articulation question

    For now I would leave the button pressed and just change the bellows direction .Later see the different effect you get when pressing and releasing the button for each note.Good luck you have picked a brilliant instrument .I hope you have lots of fun .Bob
  9. Kelteglow

    Playing By Ear

    I think you have the jist of what I was trying to convey.Another example is a good choral singer will be able from a start note to go up , a forth ,a seventh and so on .I was thinking could one recognise the distance between the notes before playing them .As I said I can do this on an arpeggio an octave and adjacent note adjacent .I suppose it all comes down to practice.
  10. Kelteglow

    Playing By Ear

    I have just read through the topic (Whats the point of Learning Scales) .I can read music or play by ear .What I am not totally good at is predicting the sound I will get from pressing any one button. For example before pressing Sing the note you expect the button will produce .Then repeat pressing another button an odd distance away .Its easy when its an arpeggio or the next note of the scale..Another example is sing three odd notes and then try to play exactly the same notes .Can any of you do this or is it a step to far .I am not the fastest at learning new tunes ,however I can manage in the long run..Bob
  11. Kelteglow

    G/d Wanted

    30 Button G/D wheatstone layout Concertina Reeds please PM me if you know of anything suitable thanks .Bob
  12. Their are many more Anglo C/Gs than G/Ds .For instance the two boxes that I have owned have been of similar size and weight .I know that some of the G/D reeds are bigger but are the chambers of similar size ?and why is it that concertina makers only offer to make (concertina reeded) C/Gs ?
  13. Kelteglow

    Anglo Right Hand Cords

    Bringing the subject back to cords.I have started to learn the patterns necessary to produce R/H cords .Using these patterns ( 30 button layout ) also help with complimentary notes to the L/H cords .Also through setting them down on paper ( AS well as the main row C/Dm & G/D7 )I have now noticed that some of the same 3 notes pull give (as with the L/H ) one cord and then push gives another .So far R/H 2,6&7 Push = D . Pull = Em . 2a,1&2 pull =G Push = E 2,6&7 pull =D . Push =Am .Of course I like these because I only have to remember one pattern for two cords .Can you see any more ?
  14. Kelteglow

    Anglo Right Hand Cords

    I have done a similar thing drawn out the R/H to show what buttons are available for each of the cords that I use .Like the guitar players I don't necessary remember the notes of the cord but the patterns they form..I have not been playing my concertina for many years but I am surprised that every time I try something new I learn more ways to use the keyboard.I will need two more lifetimes to play all that I want to play ..
  15. Kelteglow

    Anglo Right Hand Cords

    I was thinking more of playing a block cord R/H ( Up to three notes together) and then other various notes of the cord L/H .I was hoping to use this for song accompaniment not necessarily using the melody which I will sing .I have not yet learnt many R/H cords.I am just trying to find other means of accompaniment..