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  1. Kelteglow

    Lessons Perth WA

    Jody Kruskal does it online .www.jodykruskal.com.
  2. Kelteglow

    iPad music score apps

    I am using old technology which after 10 years of use still works well .Its a filofax which I call my JOG book (to jog my memory ) I print all my songs and arrangements in Word then print them up to the edge of 6x4 "with an index .I often print them in A4 when I am playing them for the first time .I haven't fully got to grips with with modern technology .Bob
  3. Any one travelling from the Bristol area to the Squeeze weekend who would like to share a lift .PM me Thanks Bob
  4. Kelteglow

    Ear training

    Thanks Don I didn't know about these pitch training videos. I have tried them and there is room for me to improve .
  5. Well don't we think alike .I live to far away for this workshop but what a good idea .Yes I would also pay if necessary for a video .Perhaps if enough of us were to make the request it might even happen.Bob
  6. Kelteglow

    Shepherds Hea Modulation

    Thanks for that I play Sheperds Hea for the Morris Dance ,"Not for Bob",and I am trying to find different ways of playing it .Bob
  7. Kelteglow

    Shepherds Hea Modulation

    Thanks Ken for correcting my mistake.I am not glued to my PC so this is my earliest attempt to reply. Thanks Howard yes I play a C/G anglo .and as I said in my title I wish to modulate the tune whilst keeping time for the dancers .I think I can with a little more effort do most on my C/G that can be done on my D/G and the sound carries better outside .The A7 cord does the job .I think I was trying to hard to make a progression to the next key like say like a ladder of cords or notes but it is obviously difficult when the dance is in motion .Also is it E7 to move from D to A ? Its getting trickier so more practice called for.Bob
  8. Kelteglow

    Shepherds Hea Modulation

    Hi Mike What I mean is moving from G to D .Bob
  9. Kelteglow

    Concertina Chords In Excel File

    Thanks Jacques nice reminder of which notes are available in each key.bob
  10. Kelteglow

    Shepherds Hea Modulation

    How can I, in not to technical terms, move the playing of "Shepherds Hea", from G to D.The last cord of play is the G.
  11. Kelteglow

    Shepherds Hea Modulation

    Moved to Teaching and Learning [from Tunes and Songs - Ken]
  12. Kelteglow

    In praise of a good hard case

    Pelican/Hardigg Storm iM2075 Case with foam presently £83 on E Bay UK
  13. Kelteglow

    Tips & Tricks for Contra

    I am interested in Reading Jeff' Bigler's article but can not open the site in here the UK .Is their another way I can see it Thanks Bob
  14. Kelteglow

    TITANIUM REEDS (a cautionary tale?)

    I hope you will bring it with you for a demonstration Well done Dave
  15. Kelteglow

    Two finger rolls video

    Thanks Simon .I have been practicing on and off since Christmas this technique and I am not very good at it .I play Anglo so what I have to do is re-learn the route my fingers take across the keys .I use the rolls mostly on the G buttons push and pull and occasionally on others .Two tunes i have applied this to is ,"Bear Dance "and "Irish Washer Woman" of course only playing the melody .How have other Anglo players got on with it ? Bob