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  1. Hi Peter your G/D seems to be a Jefferis System .I have a Wheatstone 34 button G/D and have worked out every Chord for the left hand(I doubt I will ever use them all ) . You may be able to adapt these chord charts to your concertina .any two buttons make a chord that includes the melody note you may be using for the tune . PS the forth picture includes chords I missed .Bob
  2. Seeing the Double Concertina case for sale reminded me to tell you about my purchase From Currys PC World UK .When I go out to play especially if I am in a parade .I carry my two concertinas C/G & G/D in this a Camera Bag its a Sanstrom Canvas Backpack cost £29.99 .It has room for two concertinas and lots of pockets for music ect. Although its shower proof , I would cover it if it was raining .I dont keep my concertinas in this bag at home I have another stronger case .I have reduced two pictures below. Bob
  3. I found the site and booked up .Just hope now that travel restrictions and contact are lifted in time.Bob
  4. I Have joined Zoom but I am not the cleverest when it comes to computers .I would welcome any further tips on how to use it .Thanks bob
  5. Here in Cornwall its the same with lots of empty shelves in the super markets.I have tried playing my concertina but without the need to practice prior to a performance seams to make it harder .I am sure I will get used to it . There are many musicians stuck at home and when the weather improves we are going to meet two meters apart in the local park for a session .Unless its banned.
  6. Are you coming to the UK for 2020 and do you have a programme ? Bob
  7. Yes been there done that.Its not obvious what to do so I have sent him an E Mail
  8. Where can I find more info about the October Anglo class advertised on this site .Clicking on the add gets me nowhere.Thanks Bob
  9. I agree with that Richard .I play to accompany my song and often break rhythm to emphasis certain parts of the song .You can do this if you play on your own of have practised it with others before hand .Its difficult if you do it in a session but then if I start the song others just have to follow !Bob
  10. I recognize the tune , don't now from where !
  11. I have watched a lot of videos by Karen Ramirez on music Theory and practice She has taught me a lot .Applying Keyboard to Concertina is challenging but I think her idea of practicing Arpeggios with grace notes works for me.Here is the series of Videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmAA7-WeLiw ).Bob
  12. Thanks for that Stephen .A first for me but I do like it would love to play it with whistle and fiddle accompaniment.Bob
  13. I play my C/G for morris and will continue the same .I play the melody line with cords as most of the band are rhythm instruments .The c/G carries the tune well especially outside I only use the G/D sometimes for Morris at practice .Thanks for reminding me I am going to play all my tunes in the same key on both instruments.You missed my comment about being a note reader .I suppose I will just have to revert to playing the scales and speaking the note value .Playing by Ear is easier but I like sometimes to play off sheet music as well .So on with a load more practice ! Bob
  14. I have in the last two months got my new G/D Anglo .I have had G/Ds before and just played it using the same fingerings as the C/G or just played by ear .Being a note reader and playing Harmony I find I need now to remember the name of the cords and notes I am playing (not just the pattern based on a C/G).The 34 Key Dipper G/D I have is such a lovey sound that I want to play it more and more I find myself looking regularly at a keyboard layout to produce the notes required .I do practice daily .Any tips from G/D players would be welcome .I have explained myself the best I can .Thanks Bob
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