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  1. Regarding your comment Jim ( If I had more use for an F/C ) I had a F/C box but didn't use it much as it involved carrying a extra concertina .I play in F a lot as it suits my voice but this is done using my 36 key C/G I have extra Bb and F buttons .I so envy my fellow guitarists who just Capo to change their keys .How do the rest of you get on using F .Bob
  2. As with a previous Blog I am trying to play along with Musicians singing various songs .Several times recently I have been asked to ,"fill In" with music between their verses .Fiddle players ,.Whistle Players and others seem to do this fairly easily .I would love to do this .I know which key the music is in .Do any of you have any tips that would help me improve ? For example .Do I just make up a tune that matches? How do you know what to play? Thanks Bob
  3. Cant see your PDF or MP3 Bob
  4. So much rain and devastation since we were there.Bob
  5. The C/G is good for ITM and also for Morris (playing outside) a G/D does not have the same punch as the C/G . It has a better range than the G/D because from C you can play up two Sharps or down two flats .The C/G becomes a bit limited when harmony playing in D but then its a concertina not a piano accordion .Most players (look on this site ) find ways to produce fantastic music by perseverance and not everyone has more than one instrument to play. I am presently playing melody in F and Bb its challenging on the C/G. If you want to play in rows get more boxes . Bob
  6. I think the Concertina was made by "Hovis" "Hovis" The maker of Sliced Brown Bread.
  7. Why is it so many people have to play at Break Neck Speed .
  8. These hand supports are provided by the NHS to give my Thumbs support and they are excellent for keeping your hands warm when playing my Anglo.There is still room for the hand strap .Must have been designed by an Anglo player ! Bob
  9. I have arthritis in my hands due to a lifetime of practical work.Thumb joints of the left hand are the worst although I am right handed I don't know about the vibrations but my Anglo gives me gentle exercise of my fingers . I still sometimes get pains in my Thumb joints and not quite sure if its playing my Anglo standing for Morris or other causes I wear hand protectors mostly to keep my hands warm so that they move better. I try not to play outside in winter. I do also believe that music keeps me occupied and happy.Which is so important for my over all peace of mind.Bob
  10. Kelteglow

    G/D Wanted

    Small G/D wheatstone wanted up to 30 to 36 buttons but no bigger than 6 inch across flats.Would prefer hand made reeds but may consider a good Hybrid.
  11. Yes I don't think I could play that way near my ears especially indoors .Where I think I still have to use some form of footrest if standing ,.in order to give my wrists a rest.. Even though I wear hearing aids it was ok outside where the music tends to disappear into thin air .Bob
  12. My wrists have had a hard life and now are not so strong as they used to be .I love to play standing it allows me to direct the sound better than sitting .For the Morris I always stand and for a while used a foldable Guitar type step to allow me for short periods to rest the concertina on my knee.We have just returned from *Trevithick Day in Camborne the step just got in the way .For the first time ever I managed to play with my fore arms vertical so the concertina was level with my face no strain on the wrists and because it was a noisy festival ,the sound carried really well. I am going to practice using this position more often. How do others cope? * (Richard Trevithick the first Steam Engineer)
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