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  1. Yes getting lots of problems with my wrists .I think I used my Bike to much which puts pressure on the wrists .I wear hand supports often while playing ,especially in the cold outside. I don't really want surgery to fuse the joints but the wrists are often painful . Bob
  2. Can you tell me if any of you play with fused wrists joints ?
  3. What in a few words made you Choose to play a Concertina . Here is mine .= Played Clarinet and Sax at school but could not sing at the same time .My Daughters new boy friend lent me an Anglo in 2004 and I was hooked.
  4. When I first started playing I found John Kirkpatricks Chord Chart i. Its free on his site . .Bob
  5. I have 36 key Anglo and if necessary can play it like its an English concertina .To get an ( Anglo sound ) I am trying to play some pieces more like the suck blow sound of a harmonica which you can easily do playing in rows .I have noticed in some arrangements players form for instance a chord using say two buttons anywhere on the keyboard that can immediately be reversed to form the next chord .This requires a well practised knowlage of the whole keyboard .I love my Anglo concertinas and do not want to play any other system I just want to study other methods of playing .Bob
  6. I have been playing more than 10 years now and play Across Rows .Trying to improve my sound I notice some of my mentors reverse bellows playing in the same row .I think its what the Anglo is good for . It sometimes means playing two notes instead of three eg F to C cord by reversing the bellows .So often now I play in Row to achieve the effect.Ps hope you can understand what I am trying to convey and would be interested in your comments .Bob
  7. Thanks for all that .One other question . If I write a tune with words say, how do you get copyright
  8. Looks lovely .Its a great felling having a New instrument so well made. I know my concertinas when I had them new really made an improvement to my playing .I hope it gives you many happy hours of enjoyment Bob,
  9. I learnt to play first Irish stile across rows .Then wanted to play Harmony .I used the online instruction on Johns site for eg showing push cords and pull chords in the Whitehaven volunteers I play the first Full Bar pull and the second bar push for three notes then pull the D Also Where the chord symbol appears I am not sure if to play a full chord or just a single note to accompany the melody. I am booked into Johns workshop later in the year ,If any of you can add any guidance I would be grateful .PS I am trying to play with a metronome .Thanks bob
  10. I should have added that I wish to Record me Singing and playing , if that makes any difference .Should I record both together or maybe buy extra equipment ,get technical and record separate tracts for Music and Song, then add them together.Bob
  11. Although I have been on this site for a number of years I have never posted a recording of my efforts .I have tried recording on my phone and on my PC it sounds awful .I play live in Folk Clubs and have been told that my sound is good ,so I hope its not just me .Can any one suggest what equipment I should use to get a better result .Thanks Bob
  12. I started playing Anglo 2004 and the first instruction I got for Harmony play was from Johns blog How to Play Anglo on his his website .Later on I attended one of his workshops at Kilve and when I play the tunes in the English Choice book I tend to play Um pa style keeping the Um as low down on the L/H side as possible .So I hope that's right .Do any of you play it differently ? Also I try to play all the tunes in the book although some are specifically for Anglo . Bob
  13. Listening to Sir John Kirkpatrick playing how does he get his rhythm and punch in his tunes his chords seem to have an almost ( explosive build up ) I cant find other words to describe it .There also seems to be an underlying almost constant tone and I am not talking abut the Guitar accompaniment .I wonder if its because I am unable at the moment to play the tunes at full speed .I am presently going through Johns Brilliant English Choice book I also have the CD , I have had them for several years but only now got around to reading and playing .PS I have been waiting over one year to attend one of Johns workshops but Covid has delayed it all . Thanks Bob
  14. What a Brilliant Topic Although I have been playing for a few years there is always something more to learn when you go back to basics .That's what I have been doing through Lockdown .Thanks bob
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