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  1. I recognize the tune , don't now from where !
  2. I have watched a lot of videos by Karen Ramirez on music Theory and practice She has taught me a lot .Applying Keyboard to Concertina is challenging but I think her idea of practicing Arpeggios with grace notes works for me.Here is the series of Videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmAA7-WeLiw ).Bob
  3. Thanks for that Stephen .A first for me but I do like it would love to play it with whistle and fiddle accompaniment.Bob
  4. I play my C/G for morris and will continue the same .I play the melody line with cords as most of the band are rhythm instruments .The c/G carries the tune well especially outside I only use the G/D sometimes for Morris at practice .Thanks for reminding me I am going to play all my tunes in the same key on both instruments.You missed my comment about being a note reader .I suppose I will just have to revert to playing the scales and speaking the note value .Playing by Ear is easier but I like sometimes to play off sheet music as well .So on with a load more practice ! Bob
  5. I have in the last two months got my new G/D Anglo .I have had G/Ds before and just played it using the same fingerings as the C/G or just played by ear .Being a note reader and playing Harmony I find I need now to remember the name of the cords and notes I am playing (not just the pattern based on a C/G).The 34 Key Dipper G/D I have is such a lovey sound that I want to play it more and more I find myself looking regularly at a keyboard layout to produce the notes required .I do practice daily .Any tips from G/D players would be welcome .I have explained myself the best I can .Thanks Bob
  6. Sad loss this week of my friend Dave Leggett ,concertina player .maker and contributor to this site. Who last saturday lost his battle with cancer Bob .
  7. Yes let's have some more its much better than a metronome.Bob
  8. Being the owner of a nice new G/D I look forward to any tuition advice .I particularly like Jody's style of playing .and may in the future take some lessons if the exchange rate improves and I will purchase the Hardcore English compendium book and CD .Thanks for the info .Bob
  9. Regarding your comment Jim ( If I had more use for an F/C ) I had a F/C box but didn't use it much as it involved carrying a extra concertina .I play in F a lot as it suits my voice but this is done using my 36 key C/G I have extra Bb and F buttons .I so envy my fellow guitarists who just Capo to change their keys .How do the rest of you get on using F .Bob
  10. As with a previous Blog I am trying to play along with Musicians singing various songs .Several times recently I have been asked to ,"fill In" with music between their verses .Fiddle players ,.Whistle Players and others seem to do this fairly easily .I would love to do this .I know which key the music is in .Do any of you have any tips that would help me improve ? For example .Do I just make up a tune that matches? How do you know what to play? Thanks Bob
  11. Cant see your PDF or MP3 Bob
  12. So much rain and devastation since we were there.Bob
  13. The C/G is good for ITM and also for Morris (playing outside) a G/D does not have the same punch as the C/G . It has a better range than the G/D because from C you can play up two Sharps or down two flats .The C/G becomes a bit limited when harmony playing in D but then its a concertina not a piano accordion .Most players (look on this site ) find ways to produce fantastic music by perseverance and not everyone has more than one instrument to play. I am presently playing melody in F and Bb its challenging on the C/G. If you want to play in rows get more boxes . Bob
  14. I think the Concertina was made by "Hovis" "Hovis" The maker of Sliced Brown Bread.
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