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  1. Great to see you encouraging young musicians who can carry on the tradition of Concertina .Wish I had started when I was younger. Music has brought me so many friends. Bob
  2. Can someone more clever than me tell me in his U tube video. What notes Tim Edey is playing on his Melodeon run down the keyboard .It sound Brilliant. Bob
  3. When I play at a Folk Club I like to play standing up if possible with a step or chair close by in case I tire .It helps I feel , that the audience see the concertina as well as hear my Anglo Concertina . When playing for Morris I always stand and use a folding step ( like guitarist use they are about £10 to buy) .Often with our Pensans Morris we play while walking in a procession .I then use plastic ratchet straps which I put all the way around the wooden ends of my concertina with a key ring attached to clip a shoulder strap to. When I had my new34 Key G/D made by Colin Dipper I asked for
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All of you .I hope we can return to some sort of normal in 2021. Back to the subject .I have bought almost every tune and instruction book going Keeping Gary in Gin and Tonics. I play as much as I can using the suggested tablature .Left and right finger positions .In the end I just end up singing my song and finding the best accompaniment that I am able to produce. I wish I had Jodie's skills but I am going to need another lifetime to get there .So in the meantime I will just have to use the skills I have acquired so far and do my best . I can sing better
  5. Lovely Music from you both . I do like the bellows reversal which I must do more often in my playing .Have a great Christmas and New Year ,Hoping your trip to UK is on for next year. Bob
  6. Can you tell us more about your Maritime Music eg Do you play along with Chanties etc .Stay Safe , Bob
  7. With Festival s and Workshops all Cancelled .Up and to the start of the latest lockdown I have had the Pensans Morris players Max of 6 in my conservatory ,We all miss performing and this is the next best thing .I have also tried using Zoom but I don't get the same buzz from it . In the latest England 4 week lockdown ( no gathering allowed ) , I have pulled out my numerous song and instruction books as every time I look through them I find something new to practice. Hoping we all pull through safely . What music have the rest of you been doing /practicing ?. Bob
  8. Hi Gary Nice book it arrived Yesterday .I am already realising that I have been playing for a long time without taking full advantage of the right hand G row for the melody There are some interesting combinations of Harmony notes .One thing you say is John Watcham uses his little finger to play a (walking base line) .Which tunes in your opinion display this best . Thanks Bob
  9. Nice tune it reminded me of s Barrel organ playing so many notes from one instrument .What equipment do you use to record ?
  10. In a session I am ok if I start a tune .If someone else starts the tune even one I know I have difficulty playing along with it sometimes.
  11. Wondering why it is that I find it easier to Lead a Tune than follow a person playing even a tune I know.Am I no good at listening or what ?
  12. I play Anglo . Are you playing with other Bb instruments .If you are trying to accompany your singing you may be best to look for another version of the song eg https://chordu.com/chords-tabs-the-coast-of-high-barbary-id_0Zs-Zr95aw8 There are many other possibilites if you Googal the title. Bob
  13. Hi Peter your G/D seems to be a Jefferis System .I have a Wheatstone 34 button G/D and have worked out every Chord for the left hand(I doubt I will ever use them all ) . You may be able to adapt these chord charts to your concertina .any two buttons make a chord that includes the melody note you may be using for the tune . PS the forth picture includes chords I missed .Bob
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