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  1. Wolf please elaborate on what you are using, it sounds good. I enjoyed this very much but you have exchanged your fiddle sound for trumpet and organ!
  2. No, and I doubt very much that the US-Canada border will re-open this year.
  3. Can you find out what they mean by "Import Fees"? If it is Canadian HST ( a VAT-like sales tax and not an import duty) then you will probably have no choice but to pay. If they claim it is duty then tell them that this is a "Musical Istrument - Small Accordion (wind)" with a "Harmonized System Code of 9205.90.10.90" and that is duty free (but not HST-free). If it is some bullshit handling fee that they want to add then you have to decide how much you want to fight it with lawyers. Added later: Sorry, I misread your post (my fault) as you were trying to import the concertina into Canada when you are actually trying to import it in to California. The information I posted above is irrelevant and only applies to imports into Canada. So not HST and probably not duty either.
  4. Their web-site does not say that they do a full tune-up on a used concertina, I would call them and check first. Also, the Button Box used to rent Rochelles by the month and at least some of the rental fee could later be applied against a purchase. They are good folks to deal with. My Stagi LN-15 was only a little bit smaller than a Rochelle. That could be the case but in any case I would strongly recommend buying a Stagi from a reputable dealer who would stand behind the purchase rather than an online site that may be (quiite a bit) cheaper.
  5. I owned a W-15 LN for a while. I liked its sound, but it was not a typical concertina reeded sound. The bellows were stiff and did not improve over time, the button action ('the new, improved action') while better than the original Stagi action in that the buttons did not actually fall off inside the concertina, but it was made of soft aluminium that wore away quite quickly and felt a bit clunky. I really did not like the bellows. I eventually gave it away. If you can stretch your budget to a Concertina Connection Minstrel then I think that would make you much happier. If not, then a Concertina Connection Rochelle is better and cheaper than a Stagi - a better action and a somewhat better bellows - plus it has a trade-in value. It is not as pretty as the Stagi. Also, there have been recent postings here about very poor after sales service from whoever owns the Stagi brand these days so beware! Since you live in New England then you should contact the Button Box either to buy a Stagi or a Concertina Connection concertina. Please be sure to read their comments about what they do to a new Stagi before selling it. https://www.buttonbox.com and https://www.buttonbox.com/stagi-enhancements.html
  6. A Concertina Connection Elise on deployment in Kabul: I should add that the Elise is the Hayden duet version of the Rochelle - same mechanics, different layout.
  7. I was the recipient of one of these Fedex postings and I fully concur with Springhub. We also used Transferwise for the payment and that worked out very well too.
  8. How odd? I don't think that many players venture much beyond 1 or 2 flats and maybe 3-4 sharps. The notes are there on ECs and duets but they become increasingly difficult/awkward to play. I suspect that for really odd key song accompaniment then a large EC would be your best bet - a tenor-treble or larger if you can find one.
  9. Both are really good, but I prefer the morning version (the first one linked) which, I am guessing, is based upon the Japanese version. Anyone know who the Mary that is the namesake of this tune? The Virgin Mary?
  10. Just to be clear, Polanski has a lot to answer for but not this sound track. "Images from Roman Polanski's "Tess" (1979) - featuring Nastassja Kinski & Peter Firth - based on the novel "Tess of the d'Urbervilles" by Thomas Hardy. Song performed by The Libertines, from their 2002 album "Up the Bracket"
  11. Jimmy Shand was top of the pop charts for weeks in the late '50s with this tune:
  12. The Button Box makes two baritone ECs, the 37 key Albion and the 45 key Geordie. Both accordion reeded, but the BB boxes sound pretty good to me.
  13. You could monitor the humidity level with a small humidistat.
  14. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/tools/workshop/tool-maintenance/53828-silica-gel-dehumidifiers
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