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  1. In a later post, Michael has provided a clarification about the use of MIDI numbers above 128. I want to point out that the problem arises from the MIDI spec and the definition of the GM instument list which handcuffs any implementor to use only the preferred GM instruments. Needless to say, this list does not include many traditional instruments. By way of an explanation of the problem for the technically inclined, I will leave some of my orginal text here, most folks should probably skip ahead to Michael's post. Warning! Geekiness ahead... The MIDI specs say that any message byte with the top bit set is a status byte that is basically used to specify a command for the following data byte(s) - see: https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~music/cmsip/readings/MIDI tutorial for programmers.html, in particular: This means that a MIDI instrument number cannot be specified as more than 127 (for programmers who count from 0) or 128 if you are a musician who counts from 1.
  2. Facebook has destroyed every other forum that I used to frequent and the resulting mish-mash replacement on Facebook is just an unorganized stream of consciousness set of posts.
  3. These are (cheap Chinese) accordion reeds held in with accordion wax. Since you live in Italy, take it to an accordion repair shop and explain what you want. They will almost certainly have a spare reed that will work for you, wax it back in and then fine tune it in place. Dave Elliott's repair manual does not cover accordion reeds. BTW. your Elise also has accordion reeds but these are held in with screws instead of wax.
  4. Don Taylor

    Tune query

    I realy like this! I cannot answer your question but you could try contacting 'The Goodwills' directly at: https://www.thegoodwills.com/ Can you provide a link to the French Song/Welly Boots?
  5. Who makes midi concertinas for sale?
  6. Hmm... I think I prefer the girls with hankies in the NY Times article rather than men with sticks.
  7. I am sorry to read this as I do not use Facebook. May I suggest that you use the abcusers group which is dedicated just to the abc notation and is not owned by Mark Zuckerberg.
  8. Feature or a bug in Sheet Music Scanner? We are not usually in a position to edit a score inside a pdf file before scanning it with Sheet Music Scanner.
  9. That plug-in relied on an Internet connection in 3.x (and before) and stopped working some time ago. I think that the originator's web server shut down. I have been using this replacement that works locally: https://musescore.org/en/project/abc-importexport This does not need an Internet connection for Musescore 3.x and has worked relaibly for me. I do not know if it still works in Musescore 4.x.
  10. Yes, it does work with that pdf file and here is the abc resulting from putting it through Michael's app: X:1 T:A Bruxa (Bm) (a) %%score 1 2 L:1/8 Q:1/4=193 M:3/4 I:linebreak $ K:D V:1 treble nm="Violin" V:2 treble nm="Violin" V:1 |: fd cB cd | f2 d2 Be | dc G2 d2 | c6 | %4 fd cB cd | f2 d2 Be | dc G2 c2 |1 B6 :|2 %8 B6 |: Bc d2 e2 | f6 | gf e2 b2 |1 %12 f6 :|2 f6 |: ag fe fg | f2 d2 B2 | %16 fe dc de | d2 B2 G2 | ed cB cd | c2 G2 F2 | %20 GF G2 ^A2 |1 B2 d2 f2 :|2 B6 |] %23 V:2 |: B2 FG AB | dc B2 F2 | B,2 E4 | F2 ^A3 e | %4 dB F2 EF/E/ | D>C B,4 | E3 A3 |1 EF B,2 DF :|2 %8 GF ED B,C |: DE FA cA | d3 A F2 | E2 GF GA |1 %12 B2 D2 B,2 :|2 ^A2 c2 ed |: cB AG AB- | Bc BA GF | %16 AG FE FG- | GF ED B,A, | B,2 EG AB | A3 E DB, | %20 C2- CD EC |1 DB, DF Bd :|2 D2 B,4 |] %23 The choice of tempo (193) and instrument (violin) came from my settings in Music Score Scanner and they can be changed before exporting the XML. I don't understand why alternate endings were not recognized in Glorishears but that they were in this scan. Still no chord recognition.
  11. A quick test. I used Sheet Music Scanner on Android to convert the attached pdf of Glorishears that I recently downloaded from David Hansen. I saved the output as XML and then imported that into Michael's app. This is the abc that resulted: X:1 T:Glorishears L:1/8 Q:1/4=193 M:6/8 I:linebreak $ K:F V:1 treble nm="Violin" V:1 c/B/ |: A>GF FEF | G>AG C2 E | G>AG GcB | %4 A>GA FGA | B>cd cAB | c>de f2 e | d>cB ABG | %8 F3- F2 c/B/ :| F3- F2 B/c/ |: d2 c cGA | B>cB B2 A | %12 B>cd dcB | G>AG E>DC | F2 f f>ef | F2 f f2 e | %16 d>cB ABG | F3- F2 B/c/ :| F3- F2 z |] %19 Observations: Michael's converter produced exactly same result as was shown in Sheet Music Scanner and it plays the same. So that is all good. (The %4, %8, etc at the end of each line are just comments that number the previous measure). This example does demonstrate a couple of shortcomings in Sheet Music Scanner: It does not recognise alternate endings for sections - annoying but easy to fix in Michael's app. It does not recognise chord notation at all so you would have to add this in by hand which would be fixable in Michael's app, but rather tedious. On the other hand, it did a decent job on recognising the notes. Glorishears.pdf
  12. Probably the sound files that Musehub manages. I did not like the smell of Musescore 4+Musehub so I have stayed on Musescore 3. However, Michael Eskin's webapp looks more and more enticing. Musescore now seems to have some sort of relationship with Ultimate Guitar (aka. the Muse Group ...) which is a for-profit company that seems to be trying to buy open source music apps (including Audacity) and using them as entries to their subscription services. I understand that Ultimate Guitar is headquartered in Russia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultimate_Guitar
  13. Music Scanner, the app on Android and iOS, works reasonably well for most modern typeset scores. Yes, you will need to do some tidying up and sometimes it misses something crucial that messes up the result completely. This discussion has me thinking that I would really like to be able to quickly correct Music Scanner's result in Music Scanner itself and not have to post process the result in something else. I will contact David Zemsky to see what he thinks.
  14. I built a 'constant' pressure pump out of an old a/c hand-held vacuum cleaner and about 12' of shop-vac hose. I controlled the pressure by using a router power tool controller to control the power to the vacuum cleaner. All stuff that I already had on hand. Plus duct tape - of course! I needed a long length of hose so that I could run the vacuum cleaner in a separate room as the constant noise was very annoying. The controller I kept on the bench with a long power cord back to the vacuum cleaner - I could then dial the pressure up or down as needed.
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