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  1. Don Taylor

    C# within 20 button CG Anglo.

    Is this because one example is from a single reed per note concertina and the other is from a dual or triple reeds per note concertina?
  2. Don Taylor

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    Chris I think that all of the old posts (but not the articles) are still there, but they are a lot harder to find on the new version of the software which seems to encourage a much more ephemeral view of the posts. I have found that using Google is effective at finding old stuff, use a site specific search like this: site:concertina.net Chris Timson stroke Don.
  3. Don Taylor

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    Another pretty tune played beautifully. But I have to ask about the Renaissance bass guitar hanging on the wall - sometimes with it's 16th century cord plugged in, and sometimes with no cord. Obviously in regular use. Adrian's secret life as a heavy metal bass player? Or maybe Adrian lives in a world full of temporal anomalies like the racing car (Bentley Le Mans?) on the cover of a book of 'Olden Times Tunes' for Anglo concertina. Police boxes and sonic scredrivers anyone?
  4. You can connect this (Musix) to Thumbjam which will give you a lot more instruments including Michael Eskin's concertina sound font.
  5. Don Taylor

    Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook

    Paul Has anyone made a Musescore version of your Tunebook available? It has been discussed on the Musescore forums but before I re-tread this path I thought I would ask you. Thx. Don
  6. That looks bad, really really bad but did you try to clean them up? Rust occupies about 9x the volume of its constituent steel so maybe they are not as bad as they look.
  7. Don Taylor

    Who made this one?

  8. Don Taylor

    Bolivian players

    Thanks for this. Am I the only person thinking that some of the scenes might be a Morris dance from a different universe.
  9. Don Taylor

    South American tunes

    You could upload them to Youtube and post links here without consuming your allocation. I did find an impressive Bolivian video of a guy playing an Anglo (a Bastari):
  10. Don Taylor

    South American tunes

    I just looked at the other videos - nice looking Aeola in one of them! Two fingers mostly playing thirds on each end? Do they have their own tuning conventions for their instruments - it has a distinctive, tart sound? Cf. Cajun tuning for their button accordions where they tune to perfect thirds, but here is quite a different sound to the Cajun style. Or the tuning used by the Zulu players in SA. I also noticed some of the players using the Doppler effect to get some interesting dynamics. As a Canadian, I have often wondered what the Inuit concertina sound was like. There are old photographs like this one, but no recordings. http://www.arcticdefenders.ca/sites/default/files/a179001-v6.jpg We are certainly not in Potters Bar, Dorothy. Yes please, a longer piece on the Bolivian style would be very interesting.
  11. Don Taylor

    South American tunes

    He is playing an EC in a chordal style. I vaguely remember reading that the EC is the concertina of choice in Bolivia and that a two finger chordal style (well four fingers altogether) is the norm. I would love to hear more of this stuff and to hear how this happened, this style of playing is not what Charles Wheatstone envisaged - and it is so exciting.
  12. Don Taylor

    Wanted to buy: 40-key anglo concertina

    I can vouch for Ben. Ben brings instruments from South Africa where the 40 button is very popular. Plus I think that you would be disappointed in a Stagi after an Edgley. Worth waiting for the right instrument to show up.
  13. Don Taylor

    Turning End Bolts

    S!otted screws are the work of the devil.
  14. Don Taylor

    Da Slockit Light in winter and summer

    Yes, quite an 'ear opener'. Like everybody else I liked the winter version better but I wondered if that was because I was familiar with that arrangement and knew the background to the tune. I played both of Didie's recordings for my wife, who does not know the tune or about Tom Anderson's reason for writing it, and asked her which she liked the best. Emphatically, the summer version with its happy, danceable tempo. Both versions are played beautifully.
  15. Also Doggerland: http://richard-burgess-fpbg.squarespace.com/doggerland/