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  1. David Robertson has one on his web-site: https://www.concertina-restoration.co.uk/for-sale-now
  2. Could it be Caslon? I don't have a Lachenal image to compare against, but Caslon was a very common font in the UK before TR. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caslon
  3. See near the bottom of this old article: https://www.concertina.net/gs_stagirepair.html
  4. It seems to me that "in this post-Trump environment" we need a Health and Safety Department.
  5. Perhaps someone who has access to one of the new Stagi Haydens could post true end-on photos of both the left and right hand sides, even better with some dimensions indicated (button to button distances and distances from the hand rail).
  6. I wonder if that is why they first coat the reed with a thin layer of wax, let it set and then blow (hard) on the reed to get the tongue to break through the wax. Perhaps this reduces the clearance.
  7. and the same furniture destroying studs. I would buy one of these if they would just fix those two problems.
  8. Interesting. In the video, he talks about the reeds being made by hand by cutting from metal from very old Chinese gongs. I wonder if it would be possible to make a usable flat reed like this using spring steel and a laser cutter.
  9. The sound font, which should still be in my sig below, is in SF2 format which was the standard midi format for many years and should still be accepted by a midi player. (The SF2 format has been superceded by the SFZ format which gives more human sound music). There is one problem with this sound font in that it gets confused with very high notes and plays a note a fifth higher than played, but I have never found to be a problem with music that I want to play. If you play concertina and use Musescore then this font works very nicely in Musescore.
  10. Yes! Another big advantage of this approach is that if you use the concertina sound font linked to in my signature below then Musescore will give you a nice sounding play-along where you can do things like play the LHS separately from the RHS. Plus there are tools for transcription, changing speed, adding a metronome, looping, changing 'swing' settings, and so on. You also get a really good looking printable score, especially with the latest 3.6 version. It might sound counter-intuitive, but Musescore is a good tool for learning a tune by ear. I gave up using things like Easy
  11. Gary uses the 'line' notation for the LHS of the tune, but he does not for the RHS where he relies on the standard musical notation to show the duration of notes. One way out of the missing line dilemma would be to use a separate staff for the LHS and simply put the tab number notation below the notes. This would have the added advantage that the score would be useful to instruments other than the Anglo concertina.
  12. Is there any reason why you could not just use a small rotary cutter for making a few valves for your own instruments?
  13. Well, that has not been my personal experience here in Canada, which, I believe, is one of the more benigh western countries. I was importing a boat from the US to Canada and pulled into the customs dock to make my declaration and pay taxes and duties. I had two notarized statements declaring what I had paid for the boat (one from the New York State where I bought the boat and one from Connecticut where the seller lived). I had a receipt from my bank for the money transfer. When my wife and I presented at the customs house the officer simpy refused to beleive that we had paid s
  14. As a satisfied (Transfer)Wise user I want to point out that Wise does not know what you purchase through its service, it only knows about the person that you are dealing with via the bank account that they registered when they signed up to use Wise. All of the above other data, AFAICT, only applies to your activities on Wise and not, for example, your general browsing data. It is also worth pointing out that your government already has ready access to your banking records and all of your activities on the web should they want to access it.
  15. That is a very neat trick you pull at the end to give you a tremolo.
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