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  1. Did you not look at any of Didie's videos?
  2. Piers is back and there will be a production version of Didie's Striso duet available soon! See: https://www.striso.org/the-striso-duet/ and: https://www.striso.org/shop/striso-duet/ Here is a playlist of Didie playing his Striso duet: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiG41qUja1Fus_dY7mDmTKqQgvMbAxOr3&si=w9geSNjHtiWBI_o_ (I have no affiliation with Piers the maker of the Striso).
  3. The Striso board already does most of what you say, but it has been out of production for some months, but it is now available again. Also!!!! A Striso duet is available for pre-order now: https://www.striso.org/shop/striso-duet/
  4. I have sent you a private message.
  5. Has anybody measured the differential air pressure inside the bellows at full volume? There are air pressure sensors available but knowing the range of pressures to be measured would be useful.
  6. FWIW. I don't have any way to test latency but I did set up a test where I transmitted two different notes a few milliseconds apart. I changed this delay time down until I could not detect the first note sounding before the second note. For me, and it is probably different for different people, I found that once the delay was 25 ms, or less, then I could not hear the first note separately from the second note. My guess is that this is the amount of latency that I can detect so if I press a button and think that I hear a sound immediately then I think that the latency is less 25 ms. I know that my experiment is riddled with unfounded assumptions but I do not have anything better to go on. In any case, I do feel that BLE midi between an ESP32 and an Android phone is quite workable. I could just connect an ESP32 S3 to the phone with a USB cable and use midi over USB, but so far I have not been able to get the ESP32 Arduino USB midi library (TinyUSB by Adafruit) to work reliably. I am using a Windows PC for development and have found that USB midi on Windows has a noticeable latency and I have been completely unable to get BLE midi working at all on Windows.
  7. I have been experimenting with an ESP32 microcontroller sending midi messages over BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to an Android phone running the Fluidynth app loaded with Phil Taylor's concertina sound font. I can't confirm that the latency is as low as 10 ms but I think it is less than 25ms, I cannot sense any latency, "Traditional' midi audio has a very large latency because it has to compress and decompress the audio for transmission. This also reduces the quality of the audio. BLE midi only transmits simple commands to the receiver (e.g. turn note 56 on at volume 42) which do not need to be compressed and are quick to transmit. Audio quality depends only on the receivers capabilities.
  8. Well, if the midi concertina uses a load cell for bellows sensing then it already has a built-in Wheatstone bridge!
  9. I wonder if anyone told Charles Wheatstone that he was wasting his time inventing a concertina when a violin could be used for any of the music that he wanted to play and that a violin player was able to change the pitch of notes as they are played which is not possible on a concertina.
  10. This ad appeared today in Kijiji which is a bit like Craig's List in Canada: https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?utm_term=822597424&adId=1692644761&utm_campaign=PR077_SCB24_Kijiji_Search_Alerts_EN&utm_medium=email&siteLocale=en_CA&utm_source=alerts It is an EC that looks like a Lachenal Tutor model to me but the seller says: "Vintage. Concertina ! In working order ! Approx ! 85 years old made in Germany by Machenal&Trent Germany" I had never heard of Machenal & Trent before, maybe they were just sellers in Germany in 1939?
  11. I get numbness in my hands when playing the concertina and when riding my bike. This is alleviated by avoiding craning or bending my neck as much as possible. This meant learning not to look at the buttons when playing the concertina and raising the handlebars on my bike as high as possible. I use a handlebar stem extension to further elevate the handlebars.
  12. Charlie Chaplin was a much more controversial figure in Britain and was considered to be a draft dodger by the UK (gutter) press during WWI.
  13. I regularly (morning and evening) do some simple neck stretch exercises that help to relieve neck ache and numbness in my hand. They are called the 'McKenzie' exercises after the New Zealand physiotherapist that developed them many years ago. There is a book by Robin McKenzie called 'Treat Your Own Neck' which describes the exercises and explains the theory behind them. There are also many web-sites and YouTube videos that cover these exercises. If you try these exercises then be patient waiting for results. It takes a few days before things start to improve, and, as always with physiotherapy exercises, if it hurts then stop doing it. Added later: If you wear glasses then are you craning your neck forward to read a computer screen or a music score? If so, then talk to your optometrist about getting some glasses that focus at the right distance for you. I have bifocal glasses but I use a pair of 'computer' glasses to read a computer screen without craning my neck.
  14. I agree with Sean but, as a buyer, I have had the inverse experience a couple of times. Something for sale a decent distance away is advertised at a certain price so I phone the seller and agree to see the item. When I get there, the seller ups his price figuring that since I spent a day driving to see his stuff then he can get me to pay more than the original asking price! I just turn around and leave. At least Sean did not to have drive 6 hours for a buyer to low-ball him.
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