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  1. Don Taylor

    Name of this tune from the Hebrides?

    Yes, that sounds right to me, or maybe "Variations on a Theme of ..." Don.
  2. Don Taylor

    Introducing Alex Holden's #3: A Crane!

    Very nice! How big is it across the flats and what are the button assignments?
  3. Don Taylor

    Gap filling.....

    If you do use an epoxy paste like Milliput then you can get a nice finish to it by smoothing it over with a wet finger before it sets up. Mix the paste wearing those thin gloves (nitrile or similar) both to protect your skin and to keep your fingers clean so that when you work it into the gap you don't make a mess with the residue stuck on your fingers. Having said this about epoxy, I like Steve's proposal to use hide glue and slivers of veneer.
  4. Don Taylor

    Gap filling.....

    What sort of epoxy do you have in mind? Liquid epoxy can be thinned with acetone but I doubt you would want to do that as the stuff is very runny in the first place. If it is epoxy paste then you could try thinning it with acetone, but experiment first. If you want a black epoxy then West Systems have a graphite filler that you can add to liguid epoxy: https://www.westsystem.com/423-graphite-powder-2/ You would buy this at a marine store. Wear a mask when handling this stuff, you do not want to breath it in. There is black epoxy paste called Milliput Black that is touted for repairing antiques. I have never tried it.
  5. Don Taylor

    A tune what I wrote: Bright Winter's Morning

    Is this Dorian mode based off Gmaj?
  6. I would be happy with a handheld audio cell-phone recording of just Sandra's session. If I were to go to a session like this then I would want to capture the audio (with permission) anyway so if somebody does attend and grabs the audio then there seems to be a few of us around the world who would appreciate a copy. Just sayin' Don.
  7. Don Taylor

    A Cautionary Tale...

    See https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/20737-for-sale-1919-wheatstone-linota-gd-anglo-concertina-rosewood-ends-fully-restored/&tab=comments#comment-192943
  8. I would happily pay for a video copy of the morning teaching session.
  9. Don Taylor

    Name of this tune from the Hebrides?

    Didie Obviously you really want to name this tune so here are a few options to try: If you have, or can write out, the first few bars of the tune in abc notation then try putting that into abc tune finder: http://trillian.mit.edu/~jc/cgi/abc/tunefind You could post your question on the Session web site. I know it says it is for Irish music, but there are often non-Irish topics discussed there. https://thesession.org Another good site to post your question would be the Mudcat Cafe: https://mudcat.org There other traditional music sites out there, but these two have lots of active members, a lot more than on concertina.net. Finally, Jack Campin is probably the online authority on Scottish traditional music, his email address is the bottom of this long web page: http://www.campin.me.uk Let us know if you solve the mystery. Don.
  10. Don Taylor

    Does this case need work

    Try the Joann Fabric and Craft store in Waterville, ME.
  11. Don Taylor

    Wanted! Wheatstone metal badge

    Surely the GPO has caught up with mail posted in the 1820's by now? If not, then the stamps might be worth keeping.
  12. Wally Carroll uses craft foam for a baffle - see about 1:10s in on this video.
  13. Also check that the reed pan is not warped because that would need fixing first.
  14. Don Taylor

    What our concertinas look like?

    If the red buttons indicate C notes then I think that the buttons on the LHS are in the wrong holes? Hopefully, this just involves button swaps.
  15. Don Taylor

    PDF Reader for Android

    Roger I mis-spoke. It is the X-plore file manager that includes a simple and fast pdf reader - X-plore PDF, not ES-File Explorer as I said in my first post. I prefer using ES-File Explorer to find files and it will fire up X-Plore PDF just fine - which, given the similarity of the two names - I just assumed was part of ES-File Explorer. Don.