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  1. Does that mean that they do or do not have to charge VAT on exported items?
  2. That is what would happen in Canada if I imported one of your instruments, although the duty rate might be 0% because what you make is a wind instrument. You need to fugure out the Harmonized System Code for your instruments.
  3. What I say here may not be relevant, but I have imported concertinas from the UK to Canada and this is what I have learned. Canada has a similar tax to VAT called HST, in addition Canada impose duties on most imports of any significant value - they do not bother with small purchases although they could do so. There is no way to dodge paying HST (=VAT) on imports but I did find a way to avoid duties on top of that. For each country there is (or should be) a massive online tome that details the customs duties payable for every item that they can think of. Each item is c
  4. I digitally subscribe to a number of magazines that publish both a print and a PDF edition. These folks are in it to make money and have come to terms with this issue. I really do not think that many, if any, folks are going to 'share' their copy of an ICA publication, and I especially doubt that the ICA would lose any revenue because of pirated copies of the journal. You might actually gain some members!
  5. More likely stuck in customs hell. Have you checked the tracking number against the Canada Post tracking site: https://www.canadapost.ca/trackweb/en#/home Lee Valley have their own shipping locations in the US.
  6. I just let my membership lapse - sorry, but I will renew if the ICA ever gets around to issuing digital journals. I looked at the stacks of old magasins and journals in my book cases and decided that they all had to go as I felt it showed evidence of hoarding. Plus I doubt that I could ever find anything in them that I might be looking for. Please publish the journal as a PDF - it will save you money and trees.
  7. I think that David meant an Elise, not a Rochelle.
  8. You did not say what sort of accordion. If it was a button accordion then the Anglo version of the concertina might be the place to start, but if it was a piano accordion then either an English concertina or a duet might suit you better. It also depends upon what sort of music you want to play and listen to avidly. If that is (ITM) Irish Traditional Music then you pretty much have to at least start off with an Anglo in C/G. David's advice about the Button Box is spot on. Hopefully they still have a rental program where you can cycle through all of the basic optio
  9. Here is a completely off-the-wall/blue-sky suggestion: use your cell-phone as a personal concertina amplifier. I do not know about iPhones but for Android phones, Google has an app called Sound Amplifier. You can use your phone as a microphone and hear the result in a pair of wired (not Bluetooth) headphones. You would probably need a an extension cord for your headphones and maybe a mic stand for the cell phone. BTW. Vint Cerf, the spokesperson in this video is no ordinary schill ... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vint_Cerf
  10. It is easy to safely take a Rochelle out of its bag by unzipping the top, putting your hand through the strap and then inverting everything so that the hand in the strap is at the bottom. Then simply pull the bag up and off the concertina. The bag is loose enough that the bellows are not stretched out when you remove the bag.
  11. You can make your own simple bellows strap out of a length of webbing about 2cm wide and some velcro sewn into each end.
  12. How do you do that? I have often wanted to PM a Youtuber but never found a way to do it.
  13. My experience in mixing 316L and 304 in a marine application is that they will indeed gall together. I used a product called Tefgel which worked for me: https://www.tefgel.com/contain.php?param=tefgel_infor
  14. Basically, get your audiologist to make it mimic one of the old analog hearing aids! Only it costs maybe 10x as much.
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