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  1. I paid £1450 for it. I did ring Chris Algar for a reminder as I'd forgotten the final price. I let it slip that I was putting it on the forum here and he made no offer to buy it back from me; in fact he sounded offended, so I am assuming that that is not an option, and I'm not interested in another concertina.
  2. Hi, I double checked just now and it does indeed end with a (very high) A. I wonder why the range goes so far up- I'd think there would be enough range in the first two octaves to play pretty much anything. As for the air button, the pattern of notes is so fiddly up that end of the keyboard it's hard to tell exactly what I'm hitting. Chris Algar included a note with the concertina when it first arrived that mentioned which reeds had been removed, but I seem to have misplaced it.
  3. Hi, I can confirm the note range is extended upwards. I believe it goes two octaves beyond the normal range, though admittedly I know very little about the technical side of these instruments.
  4. It's mostly to do with the arrangement of notes in the English system, yes. I find that many tunes I play nowadays require quite complex fingering patterns and quite a bit of thinking about which finger has to end up where in order to play the next phrase. It reminds me of struggling with the piano accordion. I have to admit that after playing an anglo concertina for a while, and comparing the two systems, I much prefer the anglo for ease of access to all notes without having to contort my hand into odd positions to play passages on the lower part of the scale. The concertina itself plays beautifully well. It was refurbished quite recently and handles like a dream. It's the most responsive instrument of its kind that I've ever played. I love it, but I hardly use it at all, and would like it to go to a good home.
  5. Hi, it seems the file sharing site I was using is having issues displaying the album properly. I've gone ahead and added some pictures here.
  6. Price now reduced to £1200 I bought this from Barleycorn Concertinas a month ago and after careful consideration have decided to put it up for sale. I went back to the English concertina after not having played one for about four years, and I found that, while it plays certain tunes very well, it’s less-well suited to the many Scottish and Irish tunes I’ve since added to my repertoire. It is a fantastic instrument and plays very well with a fast response, smooth action, and mellow tone. Sadly now all it does is collect dust and I'd like it to go to someone who can get plenty of use out of it. Please be aware that the highest note on the left side has had the reeds removed to allow it to function as an air button. I have added pictures to this ad owing to some issues with the file sharing site I was using not displaying the pictures I'd posted. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have about this instrument. Now also advertised on ebay. Buyer welcome to collect in person. Happy to send via courier, but with adequate protection, the cost is just over £85.