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    Uilleann Pipes (Playing & Making), Fiddle, ITM and now... Concertina!
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  1. Mike Hulme

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    My copy arrived this morning. Ive had a quick skim through it and I am very impressed. Nicely laid out and easy to read. Mike
  2. Mike Hulme

    A Garden of Dainty Delights by Adrian Brown

    Nice one, Adrian and Gary! Just ordered one from Amazon UK Should be here by next week andI'm really looking forward to getting to grips with it. Mike
  3. Mike Hulme

    Lachenal Date Help

    Thanks for the info. There are no internal markings on the pans, which were cleaned when the bellows were replaced. It is in remarkably good condition for a 140 year old instrument. Mike
  4. Mike Hulme

    Lachenal Date Help

    Any idea when this Lachenal 30 key anglo was made please? Serial No: 50477 Rosewood ends, steel reeds, bone buttons. Thanks, Mike
  5. Mike Hulme

    Concertina care

    Mathhag, If you are worried about the effects of heat on your instruments then turn your central heating down to around 60 degrees Fahrenheit and put a bowl of water under your radiators. I keep a stock of stringed instruments awaiting repair/restoration out of their cases under these conditions and have never had problems. (Michael Darnton may want to comment on this?) Cheers, Mike
  6. I've released bound in woodscrews by holding a soldering iron to the screw for a few seconds. It also helps to tighten the screw sharply before trying to unscrew it.
  7. Mike Hulme

    Belle qui tiens ma vie

    Hi Adrian, Chestnut, or no, its one of the pieces I played as a beginning guitarist 50 years ago, Lovely playing! When will the text be published, or are you waiting to record all the pieces therein before publication? Cheers, Mike
  8. Mike Hulme

    Turning End Bolts

    I could use a set of these and the taps. Please check your PMs Cheers, Mike
  9. Mike Hulme

    Cleaning Bone Buttons

    Thanks! I'd forgotten about the search function. On looking at the photos in the other threads my buttons are not too bad at all, but I will clean them anyway. Mike
  10. I've just acquired a Dawkins badged 26 key Anglo with bone buttons which are heavily discoloured. What is the recommended method of cleaning them? Thanks, Mike
  11. Mike Hulme

    Wheatstone Maccann Duet

    OCD, Not sure about the action yet - I haven't opened it to see but, whichever type it is, it works well. Theo, it only looks heavy, the aluminium frames must help quite a lot in that respect. The only difficulty is that it is somewhat awkward to play and reach the higher notes on both sides. A decent set of straps will help here, I am sure. Mike
  12. This just arrived from South Africa; an 80 key Wheatstone Maccann Duet. Virtually unmarked condition, and good to go straight out of the case. It has the Chidley keyboard layout which needs a little getting used to, but sounds really good. The interior looks brand new, and the reeds are in perfect condition. It is in tune at modern concert pitch, and the action is fast and responsive, The lower end notes on the left hand end are very, very rich and the highr right hand notes are clear and sonorous. Aluminium reed frames with steel reeds. I am very pleased with this. Mike
  13. Mike Hulme

    46 Key Jeffries C/g Anglo For Sale

    Here you go: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jeffries-46-Key-Anglo-Concertina-in-C-G/253593581516?hash=item3b0b5af7cc:g:2D4AAOSwIM9a5u67 Mike
  14. Mike Hulme

    Wheatstone Maccaan Duets For Sale

    Sadly, Rose only has the 56 key Maccann left or sale. I'm buying other two! Ben, thanks for the info, I can't wait to get them. PM on its way. Mike
  15. Mike Hulme

    Purchasing A New Stagi Hayden In Europe

    Just for interest, there is a stagi Hayden on ebay.uk at the moment. Not me by the way. Mike