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  1. I wouldn't like to advise on materials; however I have myself seen in a DIY shop [near to me in York UK] packs full of felt circles [ on a card] that to me look sufficient to replace concertina pad parts [ that cover the holes ] to block off sound when lever is down; to put it non technically. But that is my own curiosity for future reference [ they seem same size as those put on when manufactured, and same felt type too] But please note; this is just my own observation. Sometimes you can [in my opinion ] find alternatives to the usual furnishings. Another example [of my own] is purchase of a fine length of aluminium core, exactly same as my buttons on concertina, and light enough for me [if need be] to cut my own replacement buttons if ever needed. Keep looking, wherever you are, and see what you can make of what you find. I have a music book somewhere which shows a photo of a man playing a sort of guitar he made from a wooden box [ and yet it played, apparently quite well!].
  2. I believe I have seen [as the topic of size goes] when the free reed mania was underway in last century, table top reed organ instruments, between accordion in design and reed organ in illustrations.
  3. THE GREEN PARROT.. This piece was written a short while back and is inspired by the image on a painting; of a Green coloured Parrot. The picture is painted in watercolour, with body colour, and also has metallic iridescent effects on its composition. The parrot in the picture is imaginary, however the artist [my mother Betty Gabrielow].. always recalled how in her earlier years her Gran, owned a parakeet she called Laura, which I believe was green coloured, so maybe this went into the idea. Whatever, the tune [ in G major] in 6/8 time .. is cheerful and rhythmical, and is moderately fast [not overly fast in tempo] .. and perhaps a Parrot could well have sung part of the tune itself? The Green Parrot - Written [May 2022] by Simon Gabrielow
  4. I wonder if that happened, if leather cleaning wipes ( readily available) could prevent such an issue ?
  5. There is a lovely cameo appearance from Laurel and Hardy in a review type film [title approx; with the stars] where Oliver hardy plays an increasingly smaller mouth organ until eventually he almost swallows a very tiny mouth organ, and yet can still play it; pulling the most hilarious faces as he does!
  6. Here is variation number 7 from [ Goldberg Variations].. I copied it into my collection many years ago; and only really use it for a practice piece. It works quite nicely on Concertina [I believe] with its lilting rhythm; and is technically manageable, and also nice to play. I find simple chords to add as I go along, which are straightforward and easy to find. Overall, therefore, the music is a nice piece for any collection.
  7. Another thing occurred to me, reading about our humidity worries, is that it may be beyond the interior setting storage that could affect wood; it's the general environment. My example is one extreme.. a small property swamped by thickly grown garden, full with bushes, and trees, and grass; often criticised by the errant opportunist passing so called "tree surgeon" ( wanting to chop trees down)! But there again, it is a 'micro climate'.. as the saying goes; cooler in summer, and partly insulated I. Winter; consequently the interior is often shaded from extremes. This would keep all objects stored inside more balanced in terms of humidity an the like. I am not saying you should buy your concertina a plant as a friend, ( in terms of a house plant), only that total environment can contribute to the 'health' of both man, and instrument!
  8. Is there more problems in this way, in terms of humidity, or excessive heat, maybe on the wood in different parts of the world? In US must have different climate effect on your instruments; whereas over here UK. ( And North of country).. could be longer periods of moisture in air. All effect timbers in some way.
  9. That was great; such vitality and passionate feeling in that performance.. You may only use left hand chords, ( on instrument) ..but your voice takes the other part ..( for right side).. which is fine as it is.
  10. The only downside to having no central heating, and therefore no dry atmosphere, so more cooling moisture can be, and this goes for all woodwork; Woodworm! Hopefully would not affect certain woods.. and extreme case usually on furniture, thicker woods etc.. I know because I have treated it several times myself.
  11. Yes, I have often see people playing really big accordions; with long casing and loads of buttons or keys.. and their head and chin is nearly tucked beneath! almost literally peeping out awkwardly; and I likewise think they would be better placed on a table top or bench and played more as reed organ [when excessively big].
  12. I feel like an imposter on this subject; playing Anglo system as it is. But maybe students can sometime feel a little intimidated by too much technical theory, at the early stages, of which can maybe worry them, or put them off enjoying the process of learning; and can be encouraged, after the academic stuff, to find out by also 'letting go' and playing about on the keyboard, to also hear what does or does not work in a more free way as well. I found [as outsider in approach admittedly].. that looking through music books with all the parts included [the main instrument and all accompanying instruments ] and seeing what is used in chords often a good hint as to chords that are used.
  13. I would say wise advice; although I am lucky compared, having a few gas fires, no central heating, and knowing about woodwork through doing wood carving, and the like; so I have heard about problems with central heating on wood generally. Some people claim that by placing bowl of water in a room it helps to stave off that dry atmosphere ( but cannot vouch for this myself). I have rooms full of wooden items, and they are fine because there is no central heating at all. Of course in colder weather you notice more, but your woodwork is kept more stable as result of there being less dry air circulating.
  14. Perhaps, if action of instrument is still stiff, there is need for 'grownup' adult person to free the instrument for a while by playing or adjusting it as much as possible, before then handing over to younger ones; in this way everything will be easier to use later on. Thought; then they can watch and learn from a 'master' or great performer how to play as well!!! As you use it! 😁😁😁
  15. There must, I imagine, be a physical limit to the size versus usability.. when instrument becomes too big to fit normal hands, or, on other hand, too much like a melodeon in scale to be figured to even be a concertina?
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