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  1. I had a look at it. It was originally advertised as "probably a C/G" instrument (this note was removed late yesterday) but it is actually a G/D. In very good condition and a surprisingly soft sounding/quiet sounding concertina. It was owned by a Steven Samwell who played in bands around the New Forrest, now sadly departed RIP.
  2. This photo shows the space under the wrist strap with no sign of a long screw to secure the end. I should have mentioned earlier that it is a Duet. Also, when you look through the fretwork with a light, the 2 posts are not directly under the wrist handle, suggesting that there isn't a screw lurking underneath.
  3. Thanks Mitch, I will take a photo. This instrument has a wrist strap and not a thumb strap & finger rest arrangement.
  4. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day. I am looking for advice on how to remove the metal end plate from the right hand side of a Wheatsone Aeola. The left has 2 screws at the bottom of the pad board that screw into two wooden pillars on the other side and removing these allows thee chamber to separate. The right side has no such arrangement and I cannot see how to remove the pad board from the end plate arrangement. In such a case I would typically look to see if there is a screw concealed under the handle but it looks like, as there is a pin under the strap heading into the instrument, that the handle does not remove this way. I have removed all the handle hardware and cannot see how the handle might be removed. Any suggestions would be very welcomed
  5. Hi Mark. Can I ask what identified this beauty as a R Carr instrument? I have what appears to be a converted duet with a similar layout to the one you posted. Mine does not have any markings that I can see and am interested if yours had any markings. Many thanks in advance, John
  6. Hi John. Your pdf was very interesting and useful. I have a 50 button concertina that has a 100% identical button/note layout to your pdf and I am trying to understand more about my original maker and converter (if indeed it was a duet). My concertina has no makers name. Do you have any pictures or the concertina end or reed pans etc? Was there a makers name etched? I am interested in establishing any links between the one you own/owned and mine. I'd appreciate any help with my research. Thanks, John
  7. Peter, can you send me your email address and I will forward on more pictures. Thanks, John
  8. Quality Anglo Concertina (C/G), 51 metal buttons, metal ends and modern hard case. I acquired this to have it serviced and get it back to top flight condition, but alas I have too many projects on the go and also need to thin my collection. No makers name badge showing that I can see. A concertina player I know opened it for me and said it has steel reeds, riveted action, 7 fold (airtight) bellows, 160mm across ends. Needs a service (valves/bush service and small repair to veneer etc). I asked him to take a photo of the insides while he had the ends off – see attached. This instrument needs a bit of work but should be a real beauty when finished. I am happy to send more photos if you PM me, I could only upload one. I am asking £2,500 GBP and I am happy to make a donation to this site if successful.
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