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  1. Somebody has taken up this offer today. The tutorial will be in the mail as soon as I roll downhill.
  2. Here are some earlier observations on half-step and chromatic retunings. Re-tuning C/c# Layout Of 20 Button Anglo
  3. While you're building your courage, Amy, you may find helpful information in this article. Concertina repair is a useful skill and concertinas seldom fail to give you repair practice.
  4. Barry, you may be interested in these articles about sea-going concertinas by Dan Worrall.
  5. An "a mano" reed is not aka TAM (Tipo a mano), at least according to the Voci Armoniche description under "The Grinder" heading here. "A mano" reeds are cut in batches of two, so the selection and processing of them would seem to be slightly more focused. The two reed types are separated on the Voci Armoniche website. The material processing differs slightly but the text descriptions under "Workmanship" here and here are identical.
  6. Here are a couple of Melbourne, Australia references to Charles Staff. A concertina. A drastic outcome for a musical instrument dealer.
  7. The bellows can be operated with the right hand. left hand, both hands or someone else's hands regardless of which notes are being played. Logic is your enemy.
  8. There's quite a bit of information on Arnold Concertinas to be found by entering "arno arnold concertina" in a Google search box. Here's a link to a blog that not only mentions the Arnold family but also has a link to a concertina association that specializes in your type of concertina, marilyn.
  9. I've clicked on the "Insert Image" icon in the post toolbar then uploaded them from my desktop successfully, John.
  10. To support Perry's view of this sale, a concertina listing with exactly the same text heading but including "Original Case" after the "In" was sold on ebay (scroll down ~3 entries) for over £3000 in December 2011, so this is almost certain to be a scam perpetrated by someone with sloppy copy-and-paste skill.
  11. You'd be the first person I'd call if the calliope on my merry-go-round burns out at peak season.
  12. Have you already reviewed Henrik Müller's work, Geoff?
  13. I think most of those videos are still on the Comhaltas site, Dick, arranged according to the year posted.
  14. Here is another page showing typical Wheatstone and Jeffries layouts, beryl.
  15. The Anglo portion of Jim's "duet" system looks well adapted for toecattas.
  16. Bob, Is the button layout Wheatstone or Jeffries?
  17. I play some Irish, some Finnish and some Québécois tunes, Stephen.
  18. Ignore all this, Boney. Just go with the phloem.
  19. Are symptoms in this thread similar, Eric? Changes in weather can precipitate such a condition.
  20. For the record , Natalie Haas, not "McMasters", is the cellist on this recording and the youtube video.
  21. Here is a link to an Edeophone with a 58000 series number being sold by well-respected dealer in the USA, Andy, for comparison. Scroll down to the English Concertina section. Edited to drive away phantom tenor-trebles.
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