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  1. This is my ancient and venerable Lachenal. I dont nearly do it justice playing it, but I have fun.
  2. Howdy It's the standard Wheatstone layout. -=Bob
  3. Hi Folks After long deliberation, I've decided to sell my Marcus Anglo C/G. I had listed it here many years ago, but a few back-channel emails convinced me to at least hold on to it, and see if I would play it more than I had. I actually like my Lachenal English better, and, to me, seems more 'natural' to play. So, I have a Marcus Deluxe model Anglo C/G for sale. It is in like-new condition, has fancy papers, silver ends, etc. I've only noodled with it a bit, never any serious playing. I bought it new in 2001, played with it a bit, boxed it up and shelved it. Comes with a nice metal-edged case. I can take more pictures if desired. Asking $2250. -=Bob
  4. Hi Folks I hate to do this, but I should sell my Marcus C/G. I bought it new about 3 years ago, played it about 2 months, and its been sitting in its case in a closet ever since. Its a beautiful instrument, but Id rather it go to someone that will play it, than just sit neglected here. Its a C/G "Deluxe" model, with etched metal ends, fancy papers, all the bells and whistles. It has a beautiful sound, quite sharp, and Im sure it will only get better over time. Currently Marcus lists it for L1395 (about $2800), plus the hardshell case. Id like to get $2600 (plus shipping) for it. I'm in the US, and would prefer to sell to someone in the US. Pictures at: http://zbd.com/photos/PictureGallery.asp?p...rtina%2FMarcus/ -=Bob McCown
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