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  1. Thank you all for your replies and emails, I'll get back to you Monday. Cheers A
  2. Hello Everyone, I've come here to hopefully get some advice regarding selling the concertina shown below. I know very little about these instruments. It belonged to my wife's father, how long he had it before it was left in storage for the last 40ish years!, we don't know. She took it to a couple of specialist musical instrument shops last week and they both said it was in excellent condition, as it is now and dated it around 1900/10, it's numbered 60388. It appears to be in full working order, no splits in the bellows or fretwork, 2 or 3 keys are slightly sticky and apparently played fine. When she asked about value, they both said around the £3000 mark, as is. Now, I appreciate it would need a few £100 spending on it to bring it up to top condition and tune. How realistic is this value? We'd prefer to sell it through this site (not ebay!), so if anyone is interested, please get in touch. I can take as many more full size pictures and post them up as you would like to see. We're in Manchester (UK) if anyone wants to have a proper look and try it out. Thanks Andy
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