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  1. ...ohhh, I like that a lot.....wish she was closer and could do one of me....
  2. .....nevertheless, you can see the "family resemblance"..... Never try to compete with Greg Jowaisas....
  3. uummmm, I'm thinking that "tube" map might make a nice quilt .....?? oh, different hobby....sorry.....
  4. ....don't forget, Peter Dunk, continues to challenge us with "...something for the weekend".....these tunes are always fun, often very challenging, and stretch fingerings.... thanks Peter!!
  5. >I think it is the fanciest concertina I have ever handled. ...yikes, I think that is saying A LOT......!!! Now we will all have to be watching you listings?
  6. That image of Shaun the Sheep with concertina is great--it even has the expression of intense concentration that we all seem to exhibit.....!
  7. .....OMG Shaun the Sheep has his own full length movie. I'm sure it was someone here that got me started watching his "shorts" on Tube.....
  8. Wow, Jim; I really appreciate the research you do to give us examples of proposed tunes! Much less finding the tunes themselves. Bravo!
  9. I just relistened to Randy Stein's interpretation of " 'Round Midnight"--Thelonius Monk (this month's TOTM). That is just ...... RIDICULOUS (don't you just sit with your mouth hanging open? ) So, I thought I would go back into UTube and hear other interpretations. There are hundreds, on all sorts of instrumentation. Which then brought up the question: if you recognize the source of a tune that you work around your instrument, do you pay royalities? Did all those musicians do such? or is just the acknowledgement enough?
  10. Dear "Jenny"-H Boyd, I hope you will not be discouraged if this concertina does not have any takers the first time introduced. I think most players have to ruminate a little about these significant purchases. And if the fit is right--said concertina images dance in their brains until they can't stand it any more and they cave and start scrapping funds together (things like: selling first born, homes, autos) I believe a lot of concertina sales take beyond a year to complete. I would also suggest it does not hurt to re-list here in these forums periodically just to remind members that it is still available. What someone was not interested in 2 years ago, might now, today, make perfect sense..... Just some encouraging thoughts...
  11. ...I agree: it almost makes me sad that I do not play anglo! This is a beautiful instrument.
  12. ...and call Greg Jowaisas, a member on these forums. He always has a good inventory of all sorts of instruments, usually any number of "beginner", is always very fair when you want to trade-up, --and does astonishing repairs and rebuilds. He is mid-USA, down across the river from Cincinnati--into Kentucky. I think, an 8-9 hour drive from WI. I am here in SE Wi also, but play English concertina. No one to "play" with.....
  13. Thanks Folks. Not being very "techie", I was trying to avoid the extra step of recording and then uploading. I have done it in the past but not with satisfactory sound results. I realized part of the "not satisfactory" was due to inadequete mics on desktop and IPad. I even went so far as to buy an inexpensive mic--which was just as unsatisfactory. I do have notes somewhere for "blue snowball" mic that was discussed here? But for the amount of recording I would be doing I was not sure I wanted to spend that sort of $. I'll futz some more with my IPad apps and see if I can configure my way with garage band. It just seems to take a lot of steps in that preloaded app. It is not very "intuitive". And I forget from one recording to the next all the steps; so it takes another hour of time to retrain myself. I also have a Mac--pretty new on this system. Did I look up Audacity and it is not written for Mac....? that seems to tickle in the back of my brain. Can you tell: none techie suffering..... I will analyze some more today. later: I am wrong. Audacity is available for Mac. I guess that will be my next step. Thanks!
  14. OK Folks, maybe someone would walk me through SoundCloud. I've had an account forever so I could listen to TOTM. I thought I would try to participate but am not being successful with the "REC" button. I updated adobe flash, I got the SoundCloud app for my desktop, still no joy. All hints will be taken into consideration (pleasepleaseplease).
  15. Hey David, thanks for attaching the review / explanation, and the picture. The pic is wonderful! Jody looks great in costume--and an attentive character.
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