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  1. Here's another concertina this time from an antique seller in England. No makers name, but she think's it's from Germany. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. here's the best pic i have of it
  3. Well, it's not much, but this is what I know. A man in Australia has an old anglo concertina, says "Made in England", and "by C. Staff", but there is no 'brand' like Lachenal or Wheastone to be found. The fretwork, from what I can tell, looks like a Lachenal, but the pictures are at an angle. I've asked him for a face-on picture of the fretwork. Does that give someone any idea?
  4. G'day everyone, New member here, Just trying to figure out who the maker Mr. C. Staff might be? Perhaps with Lachenal? I really dont' know, but hope someone here can help me. Thanks!
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