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  1. I am thinking about selling an instrument on line and would appreciate advice about the process. Specifically I would like advice about how to collect a safe payment prior to shipping the instrument. Thanks for your suggestions!
  2. I love this CD! Wonderful sets of tunes and a beautiful, rhythmic, relaxed pace of play. I encourage yo to add it to your music collections!
  3. Just had a week of classes with Caitlin Nic Gabghann and Brenda Castles. Of course both are excellent players (check out Brenda's new CD ) but I also found them to be supportive, patient, understanding teachers. Both were able to clearly describe and demonstrate ornamentation. They also made the classes a fun learning experience. Thanks to Caitlin & Brenda!
  4. I consider myself an intermediate concertina player and have taken a couple of classes at CIAW. A major problem for me is that all the advanced players take both the intermediate class and advanced class in order to have classes with a well known player (i.e. Edel Fox, Caitlin NicGabhann). That means there are > 20 people in the class which requires the instructor to basically lecture and play tunes to record for later practice. It does not allow for the instructor to give any individual feedback or spend time demonstrating ornaments,etc or other items that would be helpful for an intermedi
  5. The Amazing Slowdowner did the trick! I was able to slow down the rolls played by Edel Fox and Dympna O'Sullivan and finally figured out what they were doing and how it should sound. Thanks!
  6. Great playing by Junior Stevens. Really hoping to see something that says "These are the notes played for a B roll) then someone demonstrating it slowly!
  7. Is anyone aware of any audio recordings of rolls done slowly? I have used the OAIM lessons but the rolls are not explained or played slowly enough for a beginner/intermediate. Unfortunately there are no instructors or concertina players where I live in the USA. Thanks for any help!
  8. I'm thinking it's my finger speed that is at fault - not the instrument's buttons!
  9. I have been playing an Edgley concertina for several years and am feeling it might be time to move up to a concertina with faster action for playing ornaments. Many people have suggested getting a Suttner but the ones I have heard sound really loud! What other concertinas (in the same price range of a Suttner) would people recommend and why?
  10. Dr. O'hAllmhurain is listed as teaching classes in Intermediate and advanced anglo concertina at Catskills Irish Arts week July 2016. Anyone have any experience with him as a teacher? Thanks!
  11. For those who are interested in hearing the music of Fr. Charlie Coen I recommend his new CD "Around the turf fire at Coen's". It was just released at Catskills Irish Arts week in July 2015 and it is a treasure!
  12. Some of the tunes from this new CD have been played recently on Clare FM and it is fantastic. Love her style of playing!
  13. I think ceemonster has it right from what I've heard. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions!
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