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  1. Thanks to advice from many of you I was able to go to the Button Box and try several concertinas with a little more information under my belt. I tried the 30 button Rochelle Anglo, 30 key Jackie English and 34 key Elise duet. The Duet buttons were too confusing to me as a pure novice. I do not like the thumb strap and metal finger rest for the pinkey on the English at all! So, I'm sure I want a 30 button Anglo. Also, after almost settling on the 30 button Rochelle, I tryed the Stagi W-15 LN. I like the way it sounded and the fell of the buttons better , even though my fingers are not really that long but again a pure novice when it comes to concertina and don't know how practical it would be to purchase this model.. If I can strech my budget and if I do decide on the Satgi I would also have to decide on geting it as C/G or G/D and don't really know which is best for me or which keys work better . Purhapse I can find a local musician with a piano to help me out. Barry
  2. I am looking to purchase my first concertina. It all started a few monthgs ago when I developed this interest in sea chanteys. I would like to learn what ever I can about sea chanteys. Also, this past week got a concertina in my hands during the intermission at a folk concert ( a 30 buttom Anglo) and after playing with it a bit decided "I got to have one of these and learn to play it"! So keep in mind the following: 1) I am not a musician 2) my main interest in the coming months would be to accompany myself as I learn some sea chanteys 3) I am interested in other types of folk music 4) my finamcial resources are quite limited (($395 to an absolute max of $550) Three different people gave me three different piceses of advice: get a 30 button Anglo, traditionally used for sea chanteys; get a 30 key English since they can play songs in several different keys (not just two): get a 34 key duet to be able to play chords and melody. Should I consider more versitility for other types of music or not worry about it now? Any further advice would be appreciated. Barry Brewster, NY
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