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  1. Thanks, everyone. RESOLVED! Guess I just needed to be shamed into taking this into my own hands. And the article about the Stagis (with photos) helped me understand exactly what I needed to take apart. I took it apart and as you probably already have guessed, it took me all of 30 seconds to diagnose and tweak. (And I've conquered the fear of opening the concertina beyond the end cap.) I'll try to keep the dumb questions to a minimum from this point forward.
  2. Thanks, Richard. Good to know about the (lack of) options in our area. I'm betting that it *is* a very minor thing that I could tweak myself. I'll just have to work on building up my courage!
  3. Hi Everyone, Apologies in advance if this is not the best area in the forum for this query. (I'm a TOTAL newbie. I'll learn!) I just purchased a secondhand Stagi 48 button EC (built back in the 80s, I believe) and am thrilled to have it (even though I can only play a C major scale at this point. ) I've noticed that the LH B (above middle C) button sticks intermittently. It feels like it needs to be adjusted. It looks slightly askew and I can feel it hitting something ever so slightly when I press it. (Tone not affected.) To investigate I only went so far as to remove the end cover; once I opened it up I was not comfortable with trying to dislodge the piece with the buttons and reeds. So I need a repairperson. I'm in the SF Bay Area. Can anyone recommend someone? Thanks in advance, -Amy
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