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  1. I’ll be giving you a call early next week I have 4 wonderful Wheatstones I am going to part with begrudgingly becacsuse of neurological vestibular issues. And I don’t have time to play all of them and I have 5 1of which I’m going to keep. i’ll be posting the detail on this site in the next few days. Stephentx
  2. We are fortunate to have some in the talented people I hope we have some young folk taking up the trade
  3. Hi where are you located in Texas? Have you tried Greg Jowaisas.? He is excellent but that’s all good concertina specialist does have a waiting he is located in Kentucky.
  4. If I were going to buy I’d would want the work done prior to buying. I guess a lot of it depends upon your level of sophistication and understanding what the issue is, trust in the individual you’re buying it etc
  5. David when you work for the organization that I do speech recognition is essential and the amount of communications we do JCAHO 😊
  6. Me neither??? Thanks for your help and being able to find people on the website I don’t know where that gibberish came fromThanks for your help and being able to find people on the website I don’t know where that gibberish came from
  7. Thank you David I can’t tell you how in different ways hydride thank you
  8. I am trying to get in touch with Greg Jowaisas And haven’t been able to on his email address although he may be fishing but I am concerned as it’s been a while. Has anyone been in touch with him lately and I can’t see that he’s been active on the site thank you Stephen Tx
  9. Good for you baritones are hard to come by. Were you able to get it for your price pointWere you able to get it for your price point
  10. Email me sknoll@prodigy.net Stephen
  11. Aloha, So good to hear from you my best friends are from Waikoloa. How long have you lived in Hawaii? I love seeing Hawaii them in music with my concertina my favorite are you a musician my background? Did you take lessons from online I also started online.Stephen. I’m glad you connected with Gary he is very knowledgeable. I consider Hawaii my home a Keki o Ka aina. Where do you live on the Big Island?
  12. Aloha no Margaret, I am from Hawaii and currently live in Texas. For 25 years I was at The Queens Medical Center. anyway I was quite pleased to hear there was somebody from Hawaii picking it up and I have been meaning to write you that there is another player which I assume he is the one that you connected with who is very involved and even published some concerts in the music. I currently live in Texas and he moved to Hawaii sometime after 2012. His name is Gary Coover A member of I hconcertina.net. If he’s not the one you connected with and you can’t find him on the site let me know and I’ll send you his email address he is very helpful and very much into education. Aloha and Congratulations I’m sure you’ll have much enjoyment. Srephen Knoll
  13. Simon You are more than welcome. I would be very interested in following up on David Barnett’s post with regards to how you hold the concertina and what’s your favorite technique is would love to see a video of you explain And demonstrating this stephentx
  14. Wow Thank you. You are the crene de la creme. I’ve been hanging around for nearly 10 years and your performance says in the songs you played as well as your theater It was extremely beautiful to hear And entertainingyou play the English Concertina to the degree and skills you have. I can’t believe how fast your fingers I work in the buttons. What is the make and model of the concept you’re playing absolutely gorgeous Stephentx
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