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  1. Yes, many thanks for that, this is great practise for me, I did try to learn counterpoint years ago on guitar, but it seriously confounded me on that instrument to even get further than first part.. This music gives me tonight's and many other nights practise
  2. On a 1-row 4-stop instrument you can indeed obtain different sound effects through the stop combinations, and it's nice to play around with that for a while, but speaking personally the novelty soon wears off. The main feature of the 1R 4S is its glorious richness of sound when all four stops are selected. There's nothing quite like it! By all means try a one row, if you can get hold of one relatively cheaply; they are fun. But be aware that you may find the restricted range and lack of a complete diatonic scale at the low pitched end frustrating, which is where a 2-row instrument scores. Having said all that, I actually have a Hohner 1-row 4-stop in G which is surplus to requirements and which I would be willing to sell for around £350. It's in excellent condition, tuning is good, bellows are sound with hardly any wear. Contact me by Private Message if you are interested. Steve I would have to sell one of my classical guitars first,but you have me tempted to buy that from you since G is my favourite guitar key!
  3. Your are definitely right - start it on the lower octave on your left hand. Generally I play everything in this lower register calling the C on the middle row third button -middle C. If you have a 30 buttton it can all be done cross row starting on the opening G on but ton 4. If you are playing the 20 button or prefer to play on the single row , you will be on the lower G row. Even so you can still alternate with the first two buttons on the C row on the right hand for phrases like DED CB to have them be smooth in contrast to the introductory theme in the first measure. Hope that helps Bertram G thanks. I did at first try to move the melody up an octve but ugh it just sounded terribly shrill.
  4. I was trying to learn the tune uncle bernards polka, on the G row as I do tend to stay and play in C row so much. The thing is it just sounded so shrill to my ears getting on to those right hand high F# and G notes in the tenth bar, is it feasible to start the tune lower on the left hand ? at least it would sound more easy on my ears there and have a more pleasing bassy tone. this is the sheet I was looking at. Any ideas on how to approach this.? thx
  5. Hi halimium, I have a B/C box you can have a look at if you're anywhere near Birmingham. I don't use it these days since I went over to a CBA. Thanks but Brum's a bit far from me right now since I have no wheels right now, just for info though my mum comes from Brum What really intrigues me about the single row is the four stops & the ability to fiddle about with them for different sound affects, also its often just me playing by myself or with a guitar playing friend.
  6. Hi, I've not been playing anglo long compared to other instruments, but I'm close to north London (South Herts) and I feel like the only concertinist in my town.. If I can help you learn anything I have learned ask away. Thanks for the offer. I need more technical help initially...any advice would be much appreciated. I feel like I'm the only one in London at the moment! I would say get Alan Day's tuition mp3's and pdf's.. his lessons have helped me more than any books I've got from my library. http://www.etanbenami.com/Anglo%20Concertina%20Tutor/
  7. After playing concertina for a while I seem to have got the free reed bug now and was maybe thinking of getting a melodeon as well... I quite like the idea of learning on a single row to play trad English music on. How hard is it to crossover between concertina and melodeon? The cheapest new I have seen so far is a hohner for £588.44 ... http://www.themusicroom-online.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=645 I could just about afford it, but I'm not sure I want to pay that much. Or made in China scarlatti cajun for £249 I like cajun but don't necessarily want to play cajun music http://www.amazon.co.uk/Scarlatti-Cajun-C-Melodeon-Accordion/dp/B000VPDRCC Could that be used to play English or is it wrongly tuned and would just sound 'off'? and with it being Chinese quality build. So any ideas for other good new or s/h brands or places to look for them? thx
  8. Hi, I've not been playing anglo long compared to other instruments, but I'm close to north London (South Herts) and I feel like the only concertinist in my town.. If I can help you learn anything I have learned ask away.
  9. I have no keyboard skills at all! Quite cheap keyboards from Yamaha, for example, allow you to set up rhythm patterns and chord sequences for you to accompany on the keyboard. I was wondering if it would be worth while using a keyboard set up like this and playing the accompaniment on the concertina instead. I suspect that you could do the same thing with software packages such as 'Garage Band' or 'Band in a Box'. Trouble is, these packages cost more than a mid-range keyboard! Maybe I should have posted a much more general question: What do you do if you want to learn to play along with others and you are either not yet good enough to inflict yourself upon them (check) or live in the middle of concertina nowhere (check). Don. Yeah why not.! If you can get a metronome that will really help with your musical timing. Some basics for keyboard chords, find the note C, miss a key, play next key along going upwards, miss next key, play next key along. ( I*I*I - it will look roughly like this on a keyboard ) This will give you a C chord and that one basic chord shape moved up and down will give you the whole key of C from its root notes
  10. I have recorded myself playing guitar to jam with 'tina over. My keyboard skills are not strong enough to do the same.
  11. So many pubs have already closed now.. bans on smoking, bans on music.. I'm surprised they never managed to ban drinking in pubs too I walked past a pub earlier, its been there since 1521 and its now closed and empty.
  12. Oh thank you, that's quite cheap a reed fitted for a fiver! How much would a shop charge though? Hi halimium, I apologise if I have missed it but what make is your concertina? This could determine if it is indeed possible to change the D to A due to the construction of the instrument. Geoffrey Hi, its only a little 20 button stagi. By the way I see you're in Bishops Stortford, that's not so far from me! (Potters Bar)
  13. He has been for years one of my favourite authors. I was rereading The Moon and Sixpence the other day & as I came near to the end this paragraph stood out. Mrs. Strickland and Mrs. Ronaldson looked down with a slightly pious expression which indicated, I felt sure, that they thought the quotation was from Holy Writ. Indeed, I was unconvinced that Robert Strickland did not share their illusion. I do not know why I suddenly thought of Strickland's son by Ata. They had told me he was a merry, light-hearted youth. I saw him, with my mind's eye, on the schooner on which he worked, wearing nothing but a pair of dungarees; and at night, when the boat sailed along easily before a light breeze, and the sailors were gathered on the upper deck, while the captain and the supercargo lolled in deck-chairs, smoking their pipes, I saw him dance with another lad, dance wildly, to the wheezy music of the concertina. Above was the blue sky, and the stars, and all about the desert of the Pacific Ocean. Its funny how you notice these things, when other times I would have barely noticed it at all..
  14. Oh thank you, that's quite cheap a reed fitted for a fiver! How much would a shop charge though?
  15. I am learning Congo from your tutor. Its a happy tune to play
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