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  1. Who would have thought that in each concertina, the tunes are pre- programmed - this one is going to have to be sent to a Swedish Musician I guess
  2. Hello, Please, if anyone knows anglo player Jim Penny, could they get him to contact me? Many thanks, and happy squeezing, John
  3. Now that you all have your 2019 diaries up and running - time to make a note that Emmanuel Pariselle and Richard Burgess will be holding an afternoon workshop and evening concert at The Old Road Tavern in Chippenham on Sunday May 19th 2019. They are coming calling into Chippenham, on their way from Lewes to Halsway Manor. Rosalie says there will be more information in late March... Please let anyone you think might be interested know.
  4. John Dipper

    For Armistice Day

    Anyone know why The attachment is no longer viewable?
  5. John Dipper

    For Armistice Day

    We found this in the archives concertina_copy.pdf
  6. John Dipper

    Concertina Playgroup - Softplay

    It consists of a fully padded, soft play area with ball park, slides, rope swings and areial runways. Warning, some grown-ups may get stuck. Oops, wrong thread. No, more of a crèche for long suffering better halves to drop their errant partners off at, for some tunes and comraderie
  7. Just a quick message from Rosalie, lesoncontinu at Chateau d’Ars July 12 - 15 2018 All known or suspected concertina players are most cordially invited to join us for a Concertina Playgroup - probably at 3pm on Friday 13. Enquire chez Pierrot Accordeons for more information Don't forget your instrument! All systems and abilities welcome
  8. John Dipper

    Where is A-natural in Ab/Eb miniature anglo?

    Hello Satomi, do get in touch with us. Best wishes, John
  9. John Dipper

    Perfecting a setup

    You could always phone us
  10. John Dipper

    Wheatstone 81 Button Mccann Duet

    Hello everyone, I have been asked by a friend of dear (and much missed) Vernon Barrett, to post this, as he has no internet access. I am not taking any commission or any money for posting this, but I hope that this beautiful instrument can find a new home and continue to make music. Vernon Barrett bought this very nice Wheatstone & Co McCann Duet in reasonable condition but in old philharmonic pitch and needing replacement bellows. As he wanted a wooden ended instrument, we made new ends finished in beautiful Amboyna wood with hand cut fretwork and with new boxwood button stems with genuine Wheatstone gold plated button caps( new from Harry Minting's Wheatstone parts stock). New bellows in dark green goatskin were made by Rosalie Dipper. The instrument is now tuned in modern A=440 Hz pitch. The instrument has been very carefully looked after by Vernon for the last thirteen years or so and is in "as-new" condition. The Amboyna veneers used were the largest and only veneers we have ever had like this, and so the instrument really is one of a kind. Realistically, if we were to make an exact copy of this instrument then I can't really see that we could break even on costs if we charged much under £10,000. (I heard on the radio today, that you could only just afford a bottle of single malt whisky for the same price - I know what I would chose!) Sadly, there is not that much demand for Duets, so I guess the price will be less than that. If you are interested, please contact me. Best wishes to all, and happy squeezing, John
  11. We are confused, as we don't set up instruments with a 'heavy' action. The brass springs we use in Jeffries concertinas are actually lighter than the originals. As always, we would ask you to contact us if there is an issue - maybe your friend could contact us directly, with a photo of the springs in question and we will be only too happy to help in any way we can. (If they are old springs, then it is best not to adjust them, but if they are new springs, we can instruct you on how to change their pressure).
  12. Select results from this season: Gigbag Strap Failure 4 - Your beautiful concertina 0 Fretwork Confetti 3 - Concert Appearance 0 Oh, I thought it would be safe 0 - Trashed Ends 2 Bent Buttons 1 - Gig Bag Happy 0 Total Rebuild 2 - Distresed Owner 0 Cut 'n Shut Superglue Bodge 0 - Gig Bag Complacency 2 Please, please, please don't, DON'T put your multi-thousand pound instrument in a picnic bag with a fancy badge and ideas above its station. Always use a proper, fitted case with blockings. Remember, proper case forgetty: fretwork end confetti
  13. We've just been looking at our archives... Instrument No.117 has Paduk ends and was originally made for Captain George Sally. I remember that I got the day off school to travel up to London with mum and dad to deliver it in person while his Galleon, "The Godspeed" was at St Katherine's Dock. Hope this is of use. Very best wishes, John
  14. John Dipper

    Dipper Concertinas Website

    Hello, Just to let you know, the first few details of performers are now up on my site www.johndipper.co.uk if you would like to be added then please PM me, or send me an e-mail via my site. Very best wishes and happy to squeezing to all, John
  15. Seasons greetings to one and all. I am in the process of making a website, and am hoping to do a page showing people who play our concertinas. If you play a Dipper concertina, we would be delighted and very grateful if you could send us a photo of you playing it, and also a short paragraph about you and your music. Wishing everyone a superb 2016 - I'd better get back to reed making - there might even be a whole hour off for lunch on Friday if the boss allows