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  1. Doug Barr

    Carroll C#/G# Anglo concertina (small model)

    Why would anyone pay more for a 3 year old instrument than you can buy it new? Are you banking(pun) on someone not wanting to wait?
  2. Doug Barr

    B to C#

    Almost always do it that way with a Jeffries set up. Wheatstone you are forced to do it the other way so as to not use the same finger twice in a row with a finger jump.
  3. Doug Barr

    tuning choice for an anglo

    F and Gmin are not a problem on the C/G in fact they sound quite nice.
  4. Doug Barr

    tuning choice for an anglo

    For Irish so you can play in sessions the C/G is the one to get.
  5. Doug Barr

    Help naming (and finding) 2 songs

    Liberty Bell March and Yakety Sax
  6. Doug Barr

    The Ballad of the Button Box

  7. Doug Barr

    No Concertina Christmas Tree???

    Nice work. Once again you have not disappointed us! Merry Christmas.
  8. Doug Barr

    No Concertina Christmas Tree???

    My little Charlie Brown tree (compared to Greg's) Merry Christmas to all!
  9. Doug Barr

    No Concertina Christmas Tree???

    Keep them coming!
  10. Doug Barr

    No Concertina Christmas Tree???

    Stop fishing and setup the tree!
  11. Doug Barr

    Jeffries Bros 31 button C/G for sale

    Hi Allison, Sent you a private message. Doug Barr
  12. The Anglo, of course, is the more superior instrument.😉
  13. Doug Barr

    starting anglo concertina

    I have to disagree: The Levy and Coover books are not really set up for playing in the "Irish" style but more toward the "English" I am not familiar with the "Concertina Diaries" but did look over the free pages and disagree with some of the fingering choices but those choices can be a very personable thing. . The Online Academy of music is a good start and if you could attend a Noel Hill class or workshop that would get you going in the right direction.