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  1. Just wondering who will be there this year from this group. See you in a few days! Doug
  2. Doug Barr

    Lachenal 20B C/G

    Instrument has been sold and a donation to Concertina.net has been made. Thanks Doug
  3. Doug Barr

    Lachenal 20B C/G

    Lachenal 20B C/G This instrument has been fully restored and nothing to do on it but play some tunes! Beautiful looking and sounding instrument. Mahogany has been refinished. New Endbolts and nuts. Chamois repaired. New handstraps, thumbscrews and inserts. Buttons bushed. New 6 fold bellows and papers. New pads and valves. Brass reeds Tuned but Greg Jowaisas. Soft case included. #84276 made around 1895 $650 + shipping Donation to Concertina.net if sold here.
  4. Hi Patrick,


    I have recently come back from 6 weeks living in east Clare (Tulla) and studying concertina with Mary MacNamara.  I am a retired music teacher that has come late to Irish trad but am now deeply involved in it.


     I  have never really done any research but currently am obsessed with the influence of the concertina player from Feakle, John Naughton.  As you know he was a big influence on musicians such as Mary MacNamara, Martin Hayes and Christy MacNamara.   


    It is amazing to me that this man, who really had no commercial recording or "original" tune has had such an impact on music of this area. You find many tunes recorded with just the name John Naughton as the title.


    I am currently searching out recordings of his and any information about the man on the internet but am finding it difficult.  I have been transcribing some of the recordings I have found.


    I went to the local Arts counsel to discuss possible grants that might help with my research.


    You sound like the man to help me out.  any ideas or suggestions will help.



    Doug Barr

    1. Mark Davies

      Mark Davies

      Gerald O'Halloran,the well known Clare Concertina player now based in Canada fully researched John Naughton in his superb doctoral thesis which covered Concertina playing throughout County Clare.I obtained a copy of the thesis from the British Library but I understand it has now been withdrawn and is not available.His research was carried out in the 1980's. Thus it appears any research you carried out would be covering ground already fully dealt with.

    2. Doug Barr

      Doug Barr

      Hi Mark,  I happen to have this document.  From what I can figure out, most of Gearoid"s writing is based on an interview with John done in Dublin in 1986.  In 15 pages there are scarcely 3 paragraphs about his instrument(at the time) and his style/technique. Apparently John switched to playing an English concertina.  I am more interested in his earlier playing which would have been on a 20B instrument along the rows.  This is the music he would have been playing in and around Feakle with Bill Malley and Joe Bane.  This is the music that Martin Hayes and Mary MacNamara would have been exposed to in their formative years.

  5. Doug Barr

    Kate McNamara

    Sounds like it is time for a new CD from her!
  6. Doug Barr

    George Jones 20 buttons in G/C, sweet sound

    Sent you a PM
  7. Doug Barr

    position while playing effecting tuning

    If she was playing quiet it is more likely that the box would be sharp.
  8. Doug Barr

    Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

  9. Doug Barr

    Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

    Yes C/G and mahogany ends thanks Wolf for the corrections. Doug
  10. Doug Barr

    Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

    HI Dowright How about a date on a 20B Anglo C/C brass reeds # 84276 with a Lachenal & Co. label. BTW would love to see you research paper when done. Thanks Doug
  11. Doug Barr

    Carroll C#/G# Anglo concertina (small model)

    Why would anyone pay more for a 3 year old instrument than you can buy it new? Are you banking(pun) on someone not wanting to wait?
  12. Doug Barr

    B to C#

    Almost always do it that way with a Jeffries set up. Wheatstone you are forced to do it the other way so as to not use the same finger twice in a row with a finger jump.
  13. Doug Barr

    tuning choice for an anglo

    F and Gmin are not a problem on the C/G in fact they sound quite nice.
  14. Doug Barr

    tuning choice for an anglo

    For Irish so you can play in sessions the C/G is the one to get.