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  1. I have a 40B Anglo and she is beautiful. Ledger shows she was built in 1921. Next summer she gets to have a 100 years old birthday!
  2. Thank you. BTW when is your research going to be published?
  3. Hi Dowright, How about a 30B piccolo, rosewood, steel reeds, 5 7/8" across the flats, #122941 Thanks Doug
  4. I have watched the first 3 segments. Wonderful! I think there are 3 more segments.
  5. Hi David, I had that book too. I was just being lazy and hoping someone would put it all into treble clef for different instruments Bass, Baritone and 2 standard C/G concertinas.
  6. Gary, Would this new book include Bach Chorales? How about a separate book? Doug
  7. Hi Sean, The advantage of a Jeffries system is having a push and draw C#. The "Pure" Jeffries system has a draw C# on the first button and a push c# on the second button. The reason for the hybrid layout is that it has a C# on the push and draw on the first button and also a C# push on the second button. I think it makes it easier to play for someone that has learned on a Wheatstone set-up (push C# on the first button). The disadvantage is you are losing Eb's which may or may not be important to you. I would think that once you are playing on a Jeffries layout you would not choose to go back or change to a Wheatstone layout. I started on a Wheatstone Layout but have switched to a Jeffries layout without a problem. I also own concertinas that are in a Wheatstone set-up and have no problem going back and forth between the two. Doug
  8. I agree with you Jim. I had a chance to play this instrument at NESI and it is very nice. I too would buy it if I had the need for a F/C
  9. Just wondering who will be there this year from this group. See you in a few days! Doug
  10. Instrument has been sold and a donation to Concertina.net has been made. Thanks Doug
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