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  1. Doug Barr

    ITM Teacher in Portland OR area

    jdms, you are correct! didn't read the fine print. lol
  2. Doug Barr

    ITM Teacher in Portland OR area

    I think Chris (Junior) Stevens lives up around there. Do a google search to find him. Excellent teacher!
  3. Doug Barr

    The Man - Greg Jowaisas

    Hi Wolf, Greg is in the states and so is Mike so no issues as far as customs goes.
  4. Once again Greg tweaked up my Suttner. I'm pretty picky and Greg worked with me to resolve the small issues that were bothering me. I'm in love with my instrument again. If you need your instrument worked on there is no better craftsman then Greg. Doug
  5. Oh Dan it is probably to far gone, but I will take it off your hand for $100....no more troubles!
  6. Doug Barr

    Bad Habits

    You live in Ireland! Get some help right away. It should be easy to find someone that will get you going in the right direction.
  7. Doug Barr

    30B C/g Wheatstone For Sale

    Are these reed just held down flat on the reed pan, no dovetail slots?
  8. Doug Barr

    Wanted: Old Leather Concertina Case

    Track down Brenda Castles....she had some beautiful cases made which are pictured on her CD cover.
  9. Doug Barr

    Bass Anglo Concertina

    2 octaves wow!
  10. Doug Barr

    Such Joy

    Welcome to the club
  11. Doug Barr

    Using My Little Finger

    I agree with Jody......don't do it....don't shy away from something that seems hard right now.....I know you want to progress fast but you must realize it takes a long time. Progress will be slow(it is for all of us) but do it correctly! You will thank yourself later. What tune are you trying to play that is giving you trouble. I find that most adult try to play tunes to hard for them. If this is so, put it aside and come back to it a year from now to see how it goes. Some tune just don't work on the anglo. Have fun! Doug
  12. Doug Barr

    New Bellows

    I got a set of bellows off ebay and the were perfect for my 20b Lachenal. I would go for quality bellows if they are going on a high end instrument.
  13. Doug Barr

    Leather Case For My Wheatstone Anglo

    The case should have some blocking to hold the concertina securely so it does not rattle around.
  14. Doug Barr

    Jeffries On Ebay

    It is a Bb/F some of the notes are not working....it needs a tuning. I don't know if it just out or in some old pitch. Owner said he tried to open but could not part the wooden parts and was afraid to go any further and cause damage. It is at $5200+ USD. with 5 hours to go. To rich for my blood.