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Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number


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Could you please help date my 32 key, metal-ended, metal button Anglo? The serial is 176651.


There is written in pencil on both ends - S.A. , 2674 , G.T. , 27-8-47. I presume this points to previous Salvation Army ownership.  And instrument has subsequently been retuned to G/D at some point.


Thank you

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Hi Andy,

We would estimate anglo 176651 as circa 1905.


I'd be interested to know if the 'Lachenal' label hole in your metal end is circular or oval, as it seems to have a Salvation Army pedigree. We've seen that wooden ended SA instruments of a similar age had a circular hole and different Lachenal label (see here) so it would be helpful to know if yours was the same.

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Thanks Wes


The label hole is oval and was lacking a label when I bought it in the 80s.


I can upload pics of the ends and the internal pencil marks if they would be useful.

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Please, I'd be grateful if someone more knowledgable can offer an opinion on the date of a Lachenal treble EC, serial number 53886? It has raised wooden ends and steel reeds; photo's of the ends attached. Many thanks.




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When I bought my concertina it was listed as serial number 8282 but I can't find that number anywhere. It's an Angelo 30 button Bb/F that looks like it was rosewood that's been stained or painted black.


Pic of the only numbers I could find below.


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