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  1. Sorry - My initial reply was meant to say that anything in the range 172,000 to 172,999 would be estimated as c.1902.
  2. I can't find any threads on Henry Harley (the concertina maker) on our current forum, but maybe they are now on the Wayback machine. There's a little on my site here . I've just come across his death in the 1892 Era Almanack, page 54 in the Obituary Section List, and it seems that he was also a performer too: HARLEY, Henry, Concertina Player, April 7. The 1881 census has him as married, aged 49, and born in Saxmundham, Suffolk so he died around the age of 60. Here are my listings extracted from various trade directories: 1865 - No Entry 1869 - Harley Henry,20 Castle st Finsbury EC 1874 - HY. HARLEY, CONC. MAKER, 22 BRUNSWICK PL, CITY RD 1880, 1881, 1882, 1884, 1886, 1888 - as above 1890 - No Entry
  3. I've been searching around and found this in the advertisers pages of The Era Almanack for 1892. I think it shows how much the Prof rated himself after his 1890/91 American tour, although 'established 1860' is pushing things a bit. Anybody like to suggest what R.S.O.I. might stand for?
  4. Since 2004 I've had a chance to read about and see images of some of these German made concertinas via the Horniman or Neil Wayne's Museum site. They are very difficult to identify, but I now always have their existence at the back of my mind - as will you now, Dave .
  5. I've updated his Wikipedia entry with a fuller discography to replace the two items that were listed, a photograph, and his DOB/DOD?. I'm very tempted to add a 'Personal Life' section, based on what has been revealed in earlier researches and in this thread, as Bob Gaskins isn't publishing it (I would link this thread via the archive.org wayback machine) . Anybody have any thoughts?
  6. Stephen - I just posted the same link on Butty Woman's other thread. But the link she was enquiring about was to a post on this site, although it's no longer available because of changes to the system bulletin board.
  7. You'll find more info on Monro Clarke (and even a photo of him) in the article on page 15 here .
  8. You must have done a lot work to convert that Edeophone duet to a six-sided anglo. Apart from the reeds, everything else looks new. Excellent job!
  9. Around midday I replied to Dirge's "The Name 'Maccan'. A Story" thread. The site seemed to sieze up and I couldn't get it to add my reply. Eventually I got the reply to load, but something strange has happened. The Concertina History page shows Dirge as the last poster, and if I open the thread my post is there, but is marked as unread. No real problem, but thought I ought to let you know. Edit - Stephen Chambers has now replied on that thread. When I first opened it both my post and his were marked as unread posts. Opening the thread again appears to have set things to rights.
  10. Thanks RAc, Bob must have posted on the ICA forum too! Most (if not all) the documents he mentions are available on the concertina.com site.
  11. I hope Dirge won't mind a little thread creep. In all the leaflets the Prof. self published, and most other references pre-1900, he spells his name Maccann. We had a thread on c.net circa 2004 started by Bob Gaskins about how Maccann was spelt which was titled 'McCann, Macann, or Maccann?'. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it on the Wayback Machine. But there are lots of the Prof.'s publications and other relevant things at http://www.concertina.com/maccann-duet/index.htm .
  12. Dirge has dropped his original price by a couple of hundred, so be quick!
  13. And guess who bought the beast 😁. It'll be a bit too big for standing up playing after my usual 46 Maccann and Jeffries and Lachenal Anglos 😆. So c'mon all you folks who want a Maccann, the 56 is a very good starter that you can do a lot on!
  14. Look what you've missed in your absence: http://www.concertinas.org.uk/DuetAudio.htm
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