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  1. Tracy - Don't assume I'm against this because my reply wasn't peppered with Emojis šŸ˜. The ICA were documenting (and celebrating) that they were founded in 1953 from at least 1984, until the correct date was established around 20 years ago, so Colin won't take a little reminder about another important 2022 concertina anniversary wrongly.
  2. Assuming Bumbling Boris & Co don't find a way of stopping it? And what about the 70 year anniversary of the foundation of the ICA in July/August of 2022?
  3. Based on previous replies by Dowright (33598 ~1896, 36733 ~1898), 34122 would be circa 1897. The English system series maximum seems to be a bit above 60,000.
  4. Boomerang! The picture originally came from the museum section on this site, posted by Tony Kell. And yes, No 3 is a miniature.
  5. Today I saw a TV programme - 'Heir Hunters' Series 9 Episode 10 on More 4 about 'Reed and Delroy'. Their name rang a bell in connection with concertinas, so I watched it twice! Its streaming here but probably UK only. For those outside the UK the subtitles are available here . Both played concertina and accordion. Their real names were Arthur and Muriel (nee Marshall) Gill who had formed the act as teenagers, and married in 1952. Muriel (born 1929 in Rawtenstall, Lancashire) was known professionally as 'Rita Delroy' and had continued to perform after Arthur retired. They were based
  6. If the number is correct its probably a model 6A 40 key anglo in C-G made in late 1966 (see the Wheatstone ledgers and catalogue ). They normally came with wooden ends, but metal ends were optional.
  7. Maybe not, as Don's earlier comments mention commercially available switches. I'm just pointing out that electronic instrument keyboards have been made for many decades using simple wire switches. Perhaps you can still buy this type of wire if you search for it, as I found it available ~20 years ago.
  8. I suspect Dave was looking for 'Tidder' (Takayuki YAGI +1) which Stephen Chambers came up with around 2005 as the probable manufacturer for some unidentified instruments with large bellows gussets. Those threads are still in place. But pre-2003 concertina.net content can sometimes be found on The Wayback Machine
  9. Brave man to try to use magnetics! All of the electronic musical keyboards (organs, synthesisers, etc)I've worked on use wire contacts (often gold plated) for switches. These have stood the test of time, and can be easily made and replaced rather like lever springs.
  10. Just to be pedantic - zener diodes definitely aren't required, just plain ordinary diodes šŸ˜
  11. Thanks Stephen, Merry Garden appears to be in High Ham, a small village in the Langport district. Your mention of him as an Army Pensioner brings up something that has puzzled me. In the advert below from July 1950, he prominently features the abbreviation C.D.G which I thought might be 'Croix De Guerre' . Anybody have any ideas?
  12. On the first page, and at the end of this thread I gave a little bit more information about James Travers, a concertina player, tuner and repairer, along with a photo. Today I borrowed my wife's Ancestry account and found him on the first try! I've messaged a lady who appears to be his grand-daughter, so this may lead to a proper article with more details. But here's a summary: Born James Arthur TREVERSH (which is why many searches never worked!), on 19 Mar 1890 at Clapham, London. By 1901 he is living in Battersea, and by 1908 he is with the East Surrey Regiment. At the end of WW1
  13. googe - the patent number 4752 applies to all Maccann system instruments. The serial number 4035 dates this instrument to circa 1923. A fuller description of the instrument (number of buttons, etc) would be useful to us.
  14. Michelle - 127594 was made circa 1892 Mike Miller (Triplem) If the first figure was an 'L' as Stephen suggests above - which means you got it from the inside of the instrument - 32475 would be circa 1874.
  15. To catch up with date requests since last November: English Syncopepper: 29161 circa 1889 tealeaf: 36736 circa 1898, 10104 circa 1865 Duet Mike Hulme 4455 circa 1926 Anglo Triplem: L32475 (probably 132475?) circa 1893 robert ballard: 121609 circa 1892 Donny Duck: 42070 circa 1876
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