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  1. Your budget is close to the price of a new G/D Marcos or Jay, excluding the various costs getting it to the US.
  2. Nice design, Bill. Was it your own pattern? It solves a couple of the issues I have with the leather Anglo case I made!! What weight leather did you use? Cheers:)
  3. Where in the world are you located Alan? That would help people to advise you on local dealers or other sources of concertina knowledge. If you are in the UK, then I'd advise contacting Barleycorn Concertinas.
  4. I've often wondered what could be achieved with combinations of effects pedals with a diatonic instrument such as an anglo or melodeon. Wow, now I know! I think it is a testament to the high quality of his Suttners that they last 2 years!
  5. A pair of DPA 4061 are way out of my price range for the occasional use they'd get. What else are people using to close mic an anglo concertina at a more accessible price? Many of the earlier recommendations in this thread are no longer available e.g. Microvox. Does anyone have any experience of the Myers Feather-2 mics?
  6. When I've tried different instruments at a dealers, music shop, festival stand, I have found the highest price tag isn't necessarily attached to the one I like playing the best, once you move above a certain level of instrument. Two seemingly identical instruments can feel different, and so I'll probably have a preference. I prefer metal ended concertinas with metal buttons because that is what I'm most used to playing. And of the instruments at home, I'm most comfortable playing the one I spend most time with. When that has changed for whatever reason, then allegiances can drift as well!
  7. It is definitely worth telling Chris at Barleycorn what you are looking for, and your budget. They are buying and selling lots of concertinas every week, so the website is always incomplete. Brass vs steel reeds? I'd go with a tatty steel reed instrument rather than a pretty brass reed one as I prefer the sound of them, and looks are a secondary consideration when budgets are limited.
  8. Hi Tom If that were my case and in regular use, then I'd do the following. - The handle looks beyond repair and needs to be replaced. - Reinforce the hinge by glueing and then sewing a strip of thin leather over the existing hinge. I suspect the box probably has a mid-layer of 'card' to give it shape and rigidity, in the same way that Adrian's earlier one had a wooden mid-layer. So it might be slightly more complicated. If you don't have the skills yourself, I suggest you reach out to your local leatherworker community where I'm sure someone would be happy to revitalise that case. Leatherworker.net is a good place online to start or visit your local Tandy Leather store, I'm guessing you are in the US. Best of luck.
  9. Great work, Luke. It is really helping me as I explore left hand chord options for my GD 32 button Lachenal. Next step is to make a custom layout for it. Couple of observations - - It would be nice if there was a way to toggle the sound on and off. I don't need it chiming whenever I click anything, just when I want to hear something specific. - Currently chord button selection is tied to the octave of the root note selected. It would be nice to have the option to highlight all the note options for a selected chord across both hands, irrespective of octave. This would make chord inversions and harmonising partial chords more 'visible'. E.g. selecting any C on the piano would highlight every C, E and G for the Maj chord. BTW I'm using Chrome on Win 10.
  10. Is there a way to display the posts within a thread in reverse chronological order i.e. newest posts at the top? I find this helpful, particularly when older multi-page threads get revived. It is a user setting in some forum s/w but I can't find it for concertina.net
  11. I'm looking for one or two Microvox M400 mics to use with my Lachenal anglo . Perhaps you have some old Microvox kit gathering dust in a drawer? If so, please get in touch. Microvox have stopped trading so the mics are not available new.I already use Microvox mics etc on my melodeon, and would prefer not to invest in brand new mic kit for my anglo at this stage.
  12. Thanks Gail, I'll get your contact details from Richard and pass them on to Peter. He's a MMM member but seldom dances now. Thanks, Andy
  13. A friend has been struggling to teach himself to play English concertina, and has decided he would really benefit from some face-to-face lessons. He lives on the Wirral on Merseyside. I did suggest online lessons might be an option, but he said he struggles with technology. If anyone has any suggestions of tutors in his area who might be able to assist, I will pass their details on to him to then make contact. Thanks, Andy
  14. This concertina has now been sold privately.
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