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  1. This concertina has now been sold privately.
  2. I'm still looking for a buyer for my C/G Crabb Anglo, so I am reducing the price to £1750. Although the Crabb is living in the UK at the moment, transatlantic enquiries are most welcome. Andy
  3. My Crabb concertina has been listed for sale for a while onTheo's The Box Place website at £2450. I am keen that it moves on to a good home to get played, and have decided to help the process by significantly reducing the price down to £2000. The history of this concertina was discussed here in a thread a number of years ago with definitive input from Geoffrey Crabb. He confirmed it was one of a batch of ten made in 1960 by his father and brother. I purchased the concertina a few decades later from Chris Algar. Since then, Theo has undertaken some restorative work on it in
  4. Brilliant! Thanks Geoff, that's great. I couldn't have wished for more Best regards, Andy PS Must remember to come here again - nice people!!!
  5. Hi, My first post on the forum, as I tend to frequent the 'other' one, so hi to Melnet friends I'm looking for information on history of my C/G Crabb Anglo, purchased many many years ago from Chris Algar who had obviously done some restoration work on it - new bellows, straps etc. I've looked at the various items and images about Crabbs on the site, and touched some beautiful ones. But this one looks more like a 'Ford' than a 'Bentley'. On LH, it is stamped Crabb 14141 Made in England . On the RH, H Crabb & Son Makers London N1 I've attached a couple of images - cou
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