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  1. I just visited the Button Box website, as I occasionally do, and noticed this. Shop now!
  2. I have a CD made by Stefan. Unusual for concertina perhaps, but the music is familiar to this American's ears. Well done, Stefan.
  3. One minor comment: The date in the URL and shown under World Concertina Day International Concert is January 6, 2022. It looks, to me, to be a mis-print, or that I've already missed it. Big deal? Certainly not, but I noticed it. Someone else may and walk away thinking they'd missed it. Maybe? Or just me?
  4. I believe Stephan Bohmer will play during World Concertina Day
  5. I just discovered what your attachments are. Perhaps you could replace with jpgs?
  6. Mike, what type of files are those? My Windows PC doesn't know.
  7. I understand there is a wait, but look here: https://www.flyingduckconcertinas.co.uk/ducklings.html CNet's own Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne reviewed one and found it a good instrument.
  8. Check out Flying Duck concertinas - https://www.flyingduckconcertinas.co.uk/ducklings.html There is a wait, but the quality is good.
  9. Fanie, I think the term you are looking for is Hybrid Concertina. The newer Hohner branded concertinas are not very reliable, but they are still concertinas. I have one too.
  10. The Button Box in Mass (buttonbox.com) has two used Jackie's, and the maker, Concertina Connection (concertinaconnection.com) lists the Jackie, and its lower-range brother, the Jack. I don't know of any other sub-thousand-dollar English concertinas in the US. You could watch ebay, there was a Rock Chidley 48 button English listed last week for the price of a Jackie. I know because I missed it!
  11. The post office has a number to call in these cases. File a claim and wait. Your neighbor may deliver it to you - it happened to me!
  12. Thanks, papawemba. Can't say that looked at your location. Oops.
  13. Have your tried Concertina Connection or the Button box?
  14. Dear RAc, I would like to purchase the house at -your address-. Please reply "I'm Interested" for a commitment-free quote today! Does that help?
  15. I tried to bid in the last seconds, but I was too late. And too low.
  16. One hour left! It's gotten beyond my reach, so if you have a shopgoodwill.com account sign in. It looks pretty nice.
  17. Erik, Unless you already know how to play the Hayden layout, I'd have a look at the available tutors for Hayden / Wiki. There's not a lot.
  18. I recently purchased a camera lens; not really expensive, but not cheap, either. Vendor chose USPS, I chose the tracking texts to phone and followed the package to my house. When I got the delivery notice I went to the door (why don't delivery drivers knock anymore?) No package. It had been only a minute, so I doubted it was a porch thief. I started a claim, a couple days later a postal employee reported that the package was mis-delivered and was un-recoverable. They said to file a claim with the seller and they would pay. The next day it showed up on my doorstep. My neighbor delivered it.
  19. Try an older Gen Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets. Wide screen format, and older versions can be found pretty cheap.
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