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  1. I used to love Ian Dury's music. Alas, I don't think he played a concertina.
  2. Pythagoras, do you know about https://thesession.org/ ?
  3. The big question is why did it pull loose? Was it already damaged, or did you rip it out?
  4. Those look like wood screws. You could fill the hole with a sawdust and glue mixture, then redrill and rescrew.
  5. Dang! I was going to bid on that (but I forgot).
  6. This page at concertina.com, http://www.concertina.com/english/#butler-the-concertina-tutor has lots of good info, including Frank Butler's good English tutor. Search youtube for English concertina. You will find several good players there.
  7. I found this at abcnotation.com: % Generated more or less automatically by swtoabc by Erich Rickheit KSC X:1 T:David's Lamentation M:2/4 L:1/8 K:F D2 DE| F2E-D| F2 EF|G-E CA,| D2 DE| F2 EE|F-D CD| D2 A2|G-FE-D| A2- Ad|\ c-B A2| d4| f2 e2| d4| A2G-A| D2 DE| F2 ED| C2 DE| F2 ED| C2 D2| A,2 D2|\ DE F2| E2 D2|C-D D2|
  8. This may not help, but I saw a video today of two young guys doing pushups. One guy did a bunch of pushups every day, the other guy did a bunch of pushups every other day, resting on the off days. At the end the guy who rested on off days was able to do more pushups. Perhaps you could design a similar regimen in your playing?
  9. Let us not forget CNet's own Musik Bohmer playing old blues in a new way.
  10. In space no one can hear you scream, and, as there is no air in space, no one can hear your concertina either!
  11. Alan, I have to ask. Why the yellow dot on the right side?
  12. Have you ever watched "Name That Tune" and see someone get the tune one one note?
  13. A question for Jody, might E.H. be recording your sessions?
  14. There is a Windows version on Timidity++ (top link here:) http://timidity.s11.xrea.com/index.en.html#down
  15. Beware, though, that the Button Box will be closing its retail store at the end of March, so if you are looking, look now.
  16. Is it just me? The top row looks a long way from the hand rest.
  17. I just visited the Button Box website, as I occasionally do, and noticed this. Shop now!
  18. I have a CD made by Stefan. Unusual for concertina perhaps, but the music is familiar to this American's ears. Well done, Stefan.
  19. One minor comment: The date in the URL and shown under World Concertina Day International Concert is January 6, 2022. It looks, to me, to be a mis-print, or that I've already missed it. Big deal? Certainly not, but I noticed it. Someone else may and walk away thinking they'd missed it. Maybe? Or just me?
  20. I believe Stephan Bohmer will play during World Concertina Day
  21. I just discovered what your attachments are. Perhaps you could replace with jpgs?
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