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    All forms of Concertina playing, but also Repair and Restoration. like to provide help & assistance as needed.

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  1. I had long discussions with Doug at BB, he will advise, sell you tools that don't require de-waxing etc. I seem to remember he had a video clip too. Talk to Doug, or email him at the BB
  2. d.elliott

    Perfecting a setup

    If the instrument has been sat, un-played for 20 odd years, the valves will have probably hardened and if it was stored in a box/ bag that stood the instalment with the bellows axis vertical then some of the valves will have probably curled as well as hardened, I would look at a full re- valve as a matter of principle. Dave
  3. d.elliott

    Top octave on English

    Sometimes it's a bit like tuning baking foil, especially on piccolo concertinas
  4. I am not aware of anyone making or selling these caps, I would suggest you make some wooden bits just to get you going. Delrin/ Nylon I don't think will glue very well.
  5. d.elliott

    May Fair EC vs Scholer EC

    You will spot that the reeds are clamped into place so that reeds were removable for ease of maintenance. At the time the may fair was being developed virtually all concertinas had access to reeds on bellows pull and push, the waxed construction does not permit this. The extended chamois on chamber walls and indeed the extra chambers would indicate that the jigging was probably intended to be versatile, different numbers of keys & layouts etc. Dave
  6. d.elliott

    Top octave on English

    Might also be a good idea to check the tuning on the upper notes. I have repeatedly found that when instruments were re-pitched from old to modern concert pitch, some tuners either ignored the upper octave or so or only rough tuned them. They can sound really odd and would make life difficult for you.
  7. d.elliott

    Bellows Buckle

    If corners are collapsed/ collapsing then please check the condition of the inner bellows hinges, if they are split you may have a bigger problem. If they are repaired then you have an explanation, split hinges are easy to repair, but to consequential damage may be less so.
  8. d.elliott

    Harsh Reed Work Around

    could be a basic leather baffle would do the job, but probably at the cost of the projection from all the other reeds. I would try the following: move the reed to a different position to see if the harshness migrates (as suggested above) if the tone moves with the reed, check the reed set or replace the reed. if the problem is the location then check the the length of the chamber, try fitting a temporary chamber end stop, to shorten the chamber, or removing the end stop and fitting another on a bit further from the reed tip
  9. don't forget to clean the bellows out after or in a fast session I can see rice seeds bouncing off the walls
  10. d.elliott

    Pop Up Ads

    If I get unsavoury pop up adds I would probably be saying goodbye to all the rest of you.
  11. Be warned, I worked a lot in the rosewoods at one time, especially Indian rosewood, you need a dust mask, preferably extraction. Some dusts are carcinogenic.
  12. d.elliott

    Amazing What A Good Tech Can Do

    Well said Jim, I have nothing but respect for Greg, even if I cannot pronounce his surname.
  13. d.elliott

    Routine Maintenance

    Thanks Paul.# $54 a copy, I wish.....!
  14. d.elliott

    Gum Arabic

    I have been using it for years for valves and also chamois gaskets. If you use impact adhesives or some others then it is difficult to remove when next servicing is required.