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  1. rar27 No 172103 Circa 1902 Paul Draper No 149617 Circa 1896 Hewene No 164988 Circa 1898 Len2307 No 152698 Circa 1896
  2. Yes, I obviously was in too much of a hurry. It is No. 32801 circa 1894. And No 32621--not 32821 or 32921. No 32621 is a 56 key Excelsior with glass buttons. . No 32620 is a 48 key Excelsior. .
  3. Bazza12, No 58176 circa 1922 (No 58870 has 19 December 1922 bill of sale) No 35035 circa 1896
  4. Paul, No 3281 circa 1894 (No 32620 has 1894 bill of sale; No 32621 has March 1895 bill of sale)
  5. Does anyone have an idea of why I cannot attach 2 or 3 photos of less than 200k each?
  6. Jones No. 15690 (circa 1895) 6 1/4 inch ends. Wood fretwork. Bone Buttons. Steel Reeds, 5-fold bellows It is no secret among professional players that Bb/F is a fine key combination for an Anglo concertina. Highly recommended for Irish tunes, hymns, and Christmas carols. No hard case. Soft gigbag included. For sale at $1200. I will pay shipping and insurance in the US. Add $100 for overseas shiping/insurance. Payment by personal check or bank draft in the US; by bank draft from overseas. (I do not use PayPal.) If interested, please send me a persona
  7. Lachenal No. 106712 (circa 1889) Piccolo Range in C/G is a little quieter than a standard octave C/G Lachenal Anglo 5 7/8 inch hexagonal with wood fretwork. Bone Buttons. Steel Reeds.5-fold bellows. Deluxe hard shell case. Requests for quieter instruments have appeared. (Don't wake the baby!) Selling for $1500. I will pay shipping and insurance within the US. Add $100 for shipment overseas. Payment by bank draft or personal check in the US; bank draft for overseas. (I do not use PayPal.) The ends appear to have unmatching colors for the ends. But the co
  8. Michael Harris, Somehow I missed your inquiry. No. 76319 Circa 1883.
  9. On June 20, 2020, I posted an advertisement for a 20-key C/G Lachenal Semi-Miniature. I titled the posting as "Lachenal Anglo Semi-Miniature - Discount Price." I should have said "Overpriced" instead of "Discount Price." I quoted a selling price of $1500 plus $100 for shipping and insurance. I am now cutting the price in half, asking US$750 and I will pay for the shipping and insurance. If interested, please read all about it and see the images at my June 20th posting. If further interested, please send me a personal message.
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