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  1. Dowright

    W J Thomas 2 row

    To the best of my knowledge, W. J. Thomas was a music instructor and possibly a choral director. But you may run across a quote in Fintan Vallely, A Companion to Irish Traditional Music (New York University Press, 1999), page 142: " 'Folk' music, song and dance are derived from the term "folklore" first proposed by British antiquarian W. J. Thomas in 1846." But the originator of 'folklore" was writer William James Thoms (not Thomas)--1803-1885.
  2. Dowright

    Lachenal 48 key English Concertina for sale

    I would date it to circa 1893. Receipts for 32620 and 32621 show 1894 and 1895, respectively.
  3. Dowright

    W J Thomas 2 row

    Circa 1868. Sure looks like replacement bellows and bellows papers. Incidentally, I had not heard of a W J Thomas label. The three Thomas in labels seen by me--many labels--have been given names--Thomas Prowse and Thomas Dawkins, of London, and Thomas S. Guest of Exeter.
  4. Dowright

    Lachenal English Concertina, 48 key for sale

    Serial number?
  5. Dowright

    When was my Lachenal made?

    Made circa 1892. Wood or metal fretwork? Bone or metal buttons? Steel or brass reeds? 5- fold or 6-fold Bellows?
  6. Dowright

    FS Lachenal 32b C/G Anglo

    Your concertina No 111028 was made in about 1890--not circa 1910. Yes, I am sure.
  7. Dowright

    Pierced Metal Sides

    My data on Lachenals (of which 3359 Anglos) does not contain any with side-fretted metal ends. However, there is one with side -fretted wood ends--No 84741; 30 key ; bone buttons, steel reeds; 6-fold bellows. I held a similar one in 2002, but did not get the serial number. I know that it was 2002, beacause I saw it at the home of the host for a Charles Wheatstone 200th birthday celebration.
  8. Dowright

    FS Lachenal 32b C/G Anglo

    Serial number?
  9. Dowright

    Lachenal Date Help

    I estimate that it was made circa 1878. The closest "marker" that I have is No 46951, a 20 key Anglo with handwritten "Bought at Wallis Warehouse, 1 Jan 1878". Lachenal was making about 5200 Anglos per year in that period.
  10. Dowright

    Probably a Lachenal

    I guess that we can tell from the third photo, through the bellows, that it has steel reeds.
  11. Dowright

    Probably a Lachenal

    Yes. it was made by Lachenal (about 1870). It undoubtedly has 5-fold bellows, but we are not told if it has brass or steel reeds.
  12. Dowright

    Concertina Bow Arm

    Comparing bellows action to violin bowing goes back to the 19th century, thanks to Signor Alsepti. In fact, his part in the creation of "bowing valves" was inspired by the analogy. See attachment.
  13. Dowright

    For sale: Wheatstone Miniature Maccann Duet Concertina

    You may have seen my article on miniature concertinas in the Papers of the International Concertina Association (now defunct but back issues archived in the PICA section of concertina.org). In the course of writing the article, I acquired a collection of miniature concertinas. I am currently in the process of having them appraised. I will be selling most of them--English, Anglo, and duets made by Wheatstone, Crabb, Lachenal et al--in the near future. I will be selling them here at concerrina.net and elsewhere.
  14. Dowright

    Imhof & Mukle

    I have seen the following labels of dealers (not including Lachenal itself): Labels of 11 separate dealers on 28 duet Lachenals Labels of 69 separate dealers on 221 English Lachenals Labels of 73 dealers on 333 Anglo Lachenals Of course, some dealers are in both or all three dealer lists. But I have never seen an Imhof & Mukle label before.
  15. Dowright

    Lachenal Anglo Date of Manufactor

    The best I can do is "circa 1880."