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  1. I searched for concertina on eBay in the Musical Instruments and Gear category. the listing above was on the last page (page 8).
  2. JimR

    Ear training

    I have used, sparingly, I'm afraid, a program called Functional Ear Trainer. There are other Solfege progs around too. My HS Chemistry teacher used to say Hear it, Write it, Say it, Remember it.
  3. I'd be happy to give it a try on my Surface Pro 3. You may contact me at sriverpkwy AT yahoo....
  4. JimR

    SOLD - Wheatstone 48 button Crane Duet

    If only I had $1100. You wouldn't even have to ship it.
  5. JimR

    Holmwood 56b Tenor Treble english

    That's a nice looking instrument. The piercings look like fossils.
  6. Can you move the button so that the 'peg' fits correctly? Does it stay?
  7. Someone in Bonanza's production company liked concertinas. In "First Love", a young woman plays. Not visible in this screen grab, the sides are pierced with round holes.
  8. JimR

    Reed gone flat

    I still have nightmares.
  9. JimR

    For Armistice Day

    Just worked for me - and makes a nice Windows wallpaper too!
  10. JimR

    Current makes of concertina

    That is the number I see as well.
  11. JimR

    Cowboy Concertina - New Book?

    Congrats, Gary! I really like the rope font. I'm from Arizona, I see this font regularly.
  12. Another player I like and available at portableapps.com is Media Player Classic. MPC has been around since 2006. Almost as long as vlc.
  13. You don't need to install VLC or Pot Player. Both can be found at www.portableapps.com. Don't like either? Delete the folder you "install" (really it's just an extraction) to.
  14. JimR

    Who made this one?

    That looks like a Stagi. I see them on eBay from time to time. Labeled La Concertina.