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  1. I just visited the Button Box website, as I occasionally do, and noticed this. Shop now!
  2. I have a CD made by Stefan. Unusual for concertina perhaps, but the music is familiar to this American's ears. Well done, Stefan.
  3. One minor comment: The date in the URL and shown under World Concertina Day International Concert is January 6, 2022. It looks, to me, to be a mis-print, or that I've already missed it. Big deal? Certainly not, but I noticed it. Someone else may and walk away thinking they'd missed it. Maybe? Or just me?
  4. I believe Stephan Bohmer will play during World Concertina Day
  5. I just discovered what your attachments are. Perhaps you could replace with jpgs?
  6. Mike, what type of files are those? My Windows PC doesn't know.
  7. I understand there is a wait, but look here: https://www.flyingduckconcertinas.co.uk/ducklings.html CNet's own Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne reviewed one and found it a good instrument.
  8. Check out Flying Duck concertinas - https://www.flyingduckconcertinas.co.uk/ducklings.html There is a wait, but the quality is good.
  9. Fanie, I think the term you are looking for is Hybrid Concertina. The newer Hohner branded concertinas are not very reliable, but they are still concertinas. I have one too.
  10. The Button Box in Mass (buttonbox.com) has two used Jackie's, and the maker, Concertina Connection (concertinaconnection.com) lists the Jackie, and its lower-range brother, the Jack. I don't know of any other sub-thousand-dollar English concertinas in the US. You could watch ebay, there was a Rock Chidley 48 button English listed last week for the price of a Jackie. I know because I missed it!
  11. The post office has a number to call in these cases. File a claim and wait. Your neighbor may deliver it to you - it happened to me!
  12. Thanks, papawemba. Can't say that looked at your location. Oops.
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