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  1. I recently had a parcel delivered by the US Post Office to the wrong address Granted it's value was only $100, but a claim led nowhere. Fortunately, my neighbor could read the label and delivered it to my door.
  2. That is the reason I used YYYY/MM/DD when scripting at work. Easier to sort-by-date and find the newest or oldest occurances of whatever you're looking at. I still use yyyy/mm/dd today when saving receipts and such.
  3. My wife and I saw this movie the other day, curiously titled "The Personal History of David Copperfield" in the US. We greatly enjoyed the film, as well as Mr Capaldi's "playing".
  4. Erik, could you post some more pictures please?
  5. That looks lovely, Isel. Alex has done a very good job on it. Is the slant opposite Inventor's description?
  6. I don't remember Desi playing a concertina with the band, prop, you think?
  7. Concgratulations. Before to long you may end up with a dozen!
  8. Odd, I get NUL If the owner of this video has granted you access, please sign in.
  9. 575 shows up in the Wheatstone ledgers in 1843. If it is a Wheatstone.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks the Holmwood fretwork looks like Trilobite fossils? I mean this in the best way, of course.
  11. I too have a Hohner D40, and before the ins and outs got the best of me, I noticed that the Hohners have one difference as compared to the Wheatstone button layout, at least the images I could locate. on the left hand, on the G row, button 1 is g / d, as opposed to b / a (push / pull).
  12. Today, watching Wagon Train, "The Abel Weatherly story", an actor "plays" an Anglo on ship. Grainy screenshot below.
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