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  1. DDF, where was that last image taken? Wow
  2. Jackly/helmbelly (you should use only one) I would choose the CC over Trinity College any day.
  3. Jody, your second juxtaposition perfectly explains "concertina face".
  4. This pdf shows all the Crane layouts. Saguaro's Crane should match. Remember, YMMV. http://www.concertina.com/crane-duet/Wilton-Bulstrode-Crane-Tutor.pdf
  5. Which sales site was that? Curiosity hasn't Hurt this cat - yet!
  6. I have one just like, I believe it is a D40, as there are 40 reeds. I can't make anything but noise either!
  7. Serial number 36795 dates to March 25, 1964. Above left is listed New York, could this have been a Matusewich instrument?
  8. Given the size of the ears, I would say that elephant is an African elephant, from the Bronze Age.
  9. Looks to be a Maccan, and if memory serves, the English Made crossed by Trade Mark makes it a Lachenal Maccan. Someone will correct my error, be there any.
  10. Maybe you should cover your instrument with rice? Kidding.
  11. Please don't forget Gary Coover's playing for all his books on Youtube.
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