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  1. It looks like an Anglo concertina with a loooooong bellows.
  2. Major Carter must have had forearms like Popeye!
  3. Are you considering the beginner market, Alex? I'd be interested. :)
  4. If you didn't get your Rochelle new, the answers are similar, the Clover from ConcertinaConnection, the Ceili from the ButtonBox, or a vintage 'tina.
  5. If you got your new Rochelle from Concertina Connection or The Button Box, you could trade up to the next (or higher) lever concertina from CC.
  6. Has anyone tried the Rochelle 2?
  7. You could see what screws are used on the other end, then visit your local Ace Hardware store's bolt bins to replace the missing screws.
  8. TheSession.org has Green Grows the Rushes. Looks the same.
  9. Late last year, the Musical Instrument Museum (mim.org) had a test concert of a local Blues player, Hans Olson. MIM chose the seats for ticketholders beforehand, and alternate rows of seats were blocked off. I enjoyed that show. The MIM has since put on several but not many additional shows, similarly spaced. I will attend more. If you find yourself with a free day in the Phoenix area of Arizona, visit the MIM. It is an incredible place.
  10. I wonder if there will be an Elise-2 or Jack(ie)-2?
  11. Do you have any pictures of this concertina?
  12. Is wine a possibility for EasyABC (or a programming language developed in my adopted home of Arizona )?
  13. John, why don't you start a new thread, with some pictures too.
  14. In particular, look at this page, http://www.concertina.com/crane-duet/index.htm#wilston-bulstrode-crane-tutor.
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