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  1. Thank you, Michael, for this and the other concertina apps you've made. When I had an iPad I had l three concertina apps, and used them.
  2. Any chance for a Windows version?
  3. The Action board is where all the pads and levers and buttons are located.
  4. JimR

    Wheatstone EC on Shop Goodwill

    I was able to find an address: 3410 White Oak Rd, London, ON N6E 2Z9, Canada
  5. While checking shopgoodwill.com this evening, I saw a Wheatstone EC, #18875. The Wheatstone Ledgers show this as a Baritone. It appears to be in good condition, and is located in Ontario Canada. I'll be out of the country when the auction ends, but perhaps someone here would be interested.
  6. Your book arrived today and arghh it looks fine.  Thanks!!


    1. FraDL


      Mine as well, thanks Gary! I am ready to sail arrrh

  7. JimR

    Is it just me?

    Thanks, Paul! To answer the question of how I was able to post my question; my phone had the credentials saved.
  8. JimR

    Is it just me?

    Yes, it's the only way I've ever logged in. And have logged in most days, so no updates on my side, except Firefox 60 (but all browsers are affected.)
  9. I've just attempted to log in to Cnet using Firefox, Edge, Vivaldi, and Opera. All have reacted the same. I started from the forum list using my saved password ( and Display name) that I have always used. This doesn't work. It sends me to the Sign In page. Re-entering credentials does nothing, and I am returned to the Sign In page I will try another computer, but is it just me?
  10. JimR

    "A Festival of Free Reeds"

    A festival indeed! Thanks for posting that.
  11. Which seems odd for a movie prop. I'd guess someone on set plays that Edephone.
  12. I watched part of Prometheus last enough. Enough to spot this. A cup is in the way, unfortunately.
  13. At least Bob Hope is putting on a good show of playing his anglo.
  14. I don't normally watch "Bonanza", the popular (in its time) TV Western. I'm glad I did today. Today's episode was titled "Three Brides for Hoss"; midway through, someone is shown playing, in the TV sense, a concertina of unknown type, though said instrument had a wrist strap.
  15. JimR

    Sea Of Thieves Sighting

    Great story!