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  1. I'm watching Murdoch Mysteries now, Season 7 Episode 8, called Republic of Murdoch (Allan Hawco appears). One scene includes a band, and a concertina, which appears to really be played.
  2. Nice image, and collection, Gary. Have you seen the youtube video of "Chickens in the Garden"? You had a nice voice too! (Probably still do)
  3. Your link points to this thread, not the youtube video.
  4. Many (most?) cheap instruments have hollow button bottoms into which a tube of man made material is placed, then slit for the lever to slide through. The tubing degrades over time and allows the button to move more than it should.
  5. Another advantage to the Rochelle is it's more traditional riveted action as opposed to the rubber tube used by most entry-level 'tinas.
  6. Very good list, Gary. I noticed that most / every link that lands at the end of a sentence includes the period, invalidating the link. I appreciate good grammar as much as the next guy, but I think just delete the periods.
  7. I like the Olympic Rings of shapes, though I am unable to read anything. My HS German was some, some time ago.
  8. Could you post an image of the other (left) side please?
  9. It is my understanding that Github hosts open source projects. Open source implies contribution from others. Your project may not see any code contribution from others, and who knows perhaps Github allows for 'locking' a project to only one user account, I don't know, I'm only a retire scripter!
  10. GitHub is the new SourceForge, I have read. If, of course, you are willing to accept changes to your program.
  11. I recently had a parcel delivered by the US Post Office to the wrong address Granted it's value was only $100, but a claim led nowhere. Fortunately, my neighbor could read the label and delivered it to my door.
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