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  1. This morning I was watching Rawhide, Season 5 Episode 12 - "Incident at Quivira". Royal Dano walks into camp 'playing' an Anglo. Can't find a clip.
  2. Hi H__ If you like Gary Coover's Easy Anglo 123, you might appreciate Civil War Concertina. Many (most?) of the tunes are for 20 key Anglos.
  3. I don't know how it would ship, but in South America the is a tree named Ipe, the wood of which must be pre-drilled even for nails. The wood is known to Ben nails otherwise. A company called Woodworkers Source sells it, but I'm sure other outlets sell Ipe as well.
  4. I can confirm the powercfg results; a different "device" (HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_0288&SUBSYS_10EC0191&REV_1000\4&dcc60be&0&0001) An audio stream is currently in use, but the same result. I don't Sleep, so can't verify that.
  5. I think your primary choice in concertina system (ie EC Anglo Duet) would be a good option.
  6. The Musical Instrument Museum in N Phoenix has one on display in the Mechanical Music Room. Along with music boxes, player pianos and the like.
  7. If you search for Honri using the forum Search box you will find much information about Mr Honri.
  8. That must have been interesting. Mr Pearson, in the second video, looks like Bill Paxton.
  9. Have you visited The Button Box in Sunderland, MA, along the Connecticut river? Their concertina room has quite a selection.
  10. Is a CD required? An mp3 album would still need releases, etc, but the costs of CD creation could be avoided.
  11. I too have had tinnitus for a long time, but so far is not debilitating. Visit https://www.tinnitustalk.com/ There are many, varied discussions there that may help you.
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