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  1. Those are two, beautiful concertinas! If only I lived, well, over there, and had a bit more, you know, on hand. Sigh...
  2. Somewhere in the 4000H+ range is when a tone generator gets lost in my noise. *Edited twice for clarity.
  3. What do you make of this out of focus hole? Thumbscrew?
  4. That music is probably copyrighted, so play it only for yourself.
  5. The Button Box closed retail operations, but Bob Snope still does repair work. Check the ButtonBox web site. CNet's own Greg Jowaisis also performs repairs, I believe.
  6. It is also helpful to let us know what type of music you'd like to play.
  7. EasyABC will export to pdf, if you have Ghostscript and EasyABC configured to use it.
  8. Agreed, Soundcloud would be better.
  9. DDF, where was that last image taken? Wow
  10. Jackly/helmbelly (you should use only one) I would choose the CC over Trinity College any day.
  11. Jody, your second juxtaposition perfectly explains "concertina face".
  12. This pdf shows all the Crane layouts. Saguaro's Crane should match. Remember, YMMV. http://www.concertina.com/crane-duet/Wilton-Bulstrode-Crane-Tutor.pdf
  13. Which sales site was that? Curiosity hasn't Hurt this cat - yet!
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