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    I've been primarily a Hayden duet player for over 20 years.
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  1. I own two Wakkers, W-1 and W-2 Hayden duets, and am very pleased with them. They are as good as they look and well worth the $.
  2. Rochelle Anglo for sale. 30 buttons. Good beginner concertina. Bought new about 4 years ago. Little played. Like new. $300 postpaid in the U.S. Includes soft case and tutor. PM me for more information.
  3. I have tried to call and write him recently. No success.
  4. Stagi was sloppy in building these instruments with the different row angles between sides and asymmetrically staggered button rows. The only practical solution is to move on and get an instrument without the slant. Even with a slant, the instruments work and are manageable, but I'm convinced they work better without the slant.
  5. I tried taking the slant out of a Stagi Hayden over 10 years ago. The problem is that taking the slant out of the handrails throws the instrument out of balance and makes it more awkward to play and rest flat on the knee.
  6. I have a little used Rochelle bought new by me ~6 years ago that I'd like to sell for $350 plus postage. With tutor and soft case. Excellent condition.
  7. I'm willing to part with my two Bastari 46 key Haydens. One is playable and I've been keeping the other for parts. If you're interested, send me a personal message.
  8. I own two of these instruments and played them for maybe 12 years before I could acquire higher quality Haydens. One of them is still playable and I keep the other for parts. .
  9. Apparently the upper A on the left is the air button.
  10. IMO, if a thumb can reach the buttons, the hand rest is too close to the buttons. I've never been able to reach more than one button on each side with thumbs on a slanted keyboard, and have never felt any need to use thumbs for playing. Thumbs give stability to a player's hold on the hand rest. .
  11. Hi. I just discovered this thread and appreciate everybody's comments. I'll say that the 46-key Wakker Hayden is a W-1 with 3 reeds placed in the center of the reed pans. I now also have a 65 key WW-2 and hope to get around to some more uploads.
  12. You're right, Jim. That's a sculpture of a Native American dancer, though, from a distance, it does look somewhat like the devil down below. The behemoth on the right is my 82-key Wheatstone Hayden. I also like the gender balance.
  13. We had another successful Concertinas at Palestine weekend. The weather cooperated, was cool and clear, and we had concertina players, from experienced to beginning, from as far away as Wisconsin. Anglo, English, and Hayden and MacCann duet systems were represented. Jody Kruskal was our workshop leader and guest performer, and was again a hit with his enthusiastic teaching, and masterful singing and playing. The tunes taught were "Sandy Boys", "Been to the East, Been to the West", and "Cora Dye". We also had a well-attended slow jam and a master class. Everybody seemed to have a goo
  14. In Palestine, there's a chance of thundershowers on Thursday, but it looks like it's going to be great springtime weather for the weekend. So, if there are any late deciders out there, let me know and I'll get you Jody's workshop materials before it's time to leave. It should be fun. jmbayliss@juno.com
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