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    Let me get back to you on this, but many and varied around music, flight, motorcycles, Islay Scotch and once I start the list it could ramble on for quite a bit ... except for many of the current governments of the world.
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  1. saguaro_squeezer

    WTB - Crane or Jones Anglo w/Brass Reeds

    If you have a Crane w/Brass reeds (Wheatstone preferred) or a 20-button Jones with Brass reeds that you might be selling, would you please PM me? Kind regards, Rod
  2. Hello again Suguaro Squeezer. (sorry, don't know your name!) and thanks for your reply.

    Have been to village Post Office this morn and determined that price inclusive of postage to USA would be £7-00. Will be passing my bank tomorrow and will collect details I need from them to receive IBAN payments. I will, as you say, need your postal address.

    Thanks,   Dave

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    2. Dave Leggett

      Dave Leggett

      Thanks Rod.

      Will be in touch again within a couple of days.

      Cheers,       Dave

    3. Dave Leggett

      Dave Leggett

      Hello again Rod.

      A copy of 'Ditty Box' is in today's post to you and should be with you in about one week (I was told!). I hope it gives you a few chuckles! The inclusive price is, as discussed £7.00 and I'd be grateful if you'd do the IBAN to my account:

      GB72 BUKB 2067 1940 6416 77

      Thanks and regards,    Dave 

    4. saguaro_squeezer


      Transfer on its way, Dave.  Thank you very much.  I'm looking forward to it.

      Kind regards,


  3. saguaro_squeezer


    Hi Dave, since I don't know the size of the book, why don't you make it £10- inclusive and then when you mail it, if it's any more I'll send you the remainder. I can do a bank transfer with your IBAN or Swift Code and Acct #. If you're OK with that, send me a PM and I'll send you the info that I need along with my address. Cheers!
  4. saguaro_squeezer


    David, would you ship to the US?
  5. saguaro_squeezer

    30 key C/G Jones

    Hi mthatcher61. Do you still have your Jones for sale?
  6. saguaro_squeezer

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    Bill, duplicates on the buttons or on the push/pull? Any chance that the sequence was by column?
  7. saguaro_squeezer

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    Sorry Wolf and Bill, forgetfulness setting in ...
  8. saguaro_squeezer

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    Bill, what was its size?
  9. saguaro_squeezer

    Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

    Dowright, How about a 61button Anglo, S/N 147189? This one's on eBay but there's a lot of interest in it on this forum.
  10. saguaro_squeezer

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    Absolutely not ❕
  11. saguaro_squeezer

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    I received this from the seller, "Just some extra info. A man who is interested in the concertina has been to see it. He said it was unusual to have so many keys and it is not the usual format so perhaps it was specially made for someone." The plot thickens. Wolf, Rod is my forename ... though I've answered to worse!
  12. saguaro_squeezer

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    Since I'm a rank novice at Anglos Wolf, would something like this be just more keys then ... as in C/G/D?
  13. saguaro_squeezer

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    Oh but think of the possible range of the instrument!
  14. saguaro_squeezer

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    Thank you, Peter!
  15. saguaro_squeezer

    What system is this? (Lachenal on ebay)

    Jim, the ebay listing that I see has multiple pictures and even some of the left side. But, here it is. I sent the seller a question on unisonoric or bisonoric.