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    Let me get back to you on this, but many and varied around music, flight, motorcycles, Islay Scotch and once I start the list it could ramble on for quite a bit ... except for many of the current governments of the world.
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  1. saguaro_squeezer

    New Jeffries Duet

    I did find a Jeffries Duet to add to the family. It's a 58b centered on Bb with the same range as my 66b Crane ... actually it has F#2 which the 66b doesn't have! I started playing around with it last night and it was interesting to find that it fingers a lot like the push on my Chemnitzer. Though, I can see that if you were more entrenched in Anglo than I am, you would certainly be asking where the pull notes were. The low end is quite amazing in its responsiveness (F2 - C3) and it and the Crabb 57b (1907) have a very similar voice. I think this will be a fun addition!
  2. saguaro_squeezer

    WTB: Jeffries Duet

    Found one!
  3. saguaro_squeezer

    55 key Lachenal Maccan For Sale

    Down to C on the Right is nice. My 55 only goes down to G and it is a bit limiting.
  4. saguaro_squeezer

    WTB: Jeffries Duet

    Thank you, Jim. I was looking at a couple of layouts and it's not that random ... certainly no more so than a Bandoneon or Chemnitzer.
  5. saguaro_squeezer

    WTB: Jeffries Duet

    Thanks, Wunks! Sounds similar to looking for Cranes with the desired low notes ... actually almost any Duet, right? Are Jeffries Duets fairly standard to a point before they begin varying ... similar to the base 55 key Crane vs larger ones?
  6. saguaro_squeezer

    Dick Miles' EC Books

    Made my c.net donation. Thank you, Paul!
  7. saguaro_squeezer

    Advice on selling a 1922 Wheatstone concertina

    How near are you to Auckland? Dirge (David Gardiner?) is a long-time Maccann player and a Kiwi. If you're near him, he could certainly tell you what it needs and might be worth. You might try to post a message to him to see ... use the message envelope in the upper right corner beside your logged-in name.
  8. saguaro_squeezer

    Advice on selling a 1922 Wheatstone concertina

    That would fit nicely between my Lachenal and Crabb Maccans, Wolf.
  9. saguaro_squeezer

    WTB: Jeffries Duet

    I’m looking to add a Jeffries Duet to the family, preferably based around C ... is that the way to catagorize them?
  10. Hey Rod,

    Thanks for the nice words about the book - I'll have to hire you to be on my PR team!


    Any thoughts on what would help make the tab less confusing? I know it leaves the timing of some of the accompaniments up to the player's discretion. I tried including the left hand music notes at one point but it just got too cluttered, and too crazy as to which clef or ledger lines - the big problem with middle C being in the middle of the left side. But at least "Stately Southerner" has it all - nicked straight from the singing Tim Hart and Maddy Prior!



  11. Gary's new book, "Sailor Songs for Concertina" showed up in my mail box yesterday. It's GREAT ... and a perfect add-on to his Pirate Songs book. I'm an unabashed fan of Gary's books since I started attempting the Anglo, primarily because provides a clear rendition of dots and chords. The tabs are useful to see some accompaniment rhythm but they confuse me, I'll admit. So I played through a few item last night on the Tedrow Harley and then again on one of the Cranes ... that's what I really like about Gary's books, they're clear enough ... and it could just be the size of the print on these eyes ... that you can just pick up and play. Well done, Gary!
  12. saguaro_squeezer

    Another Crabb for the family

    This is the layout, Wolf.
  13. I've added a Crabb miniature EC to my family of Crabb Concertinas. #10169, it's somewhere in the 1947 - 1950 range ... without the benefit of having asked Geoff Crabb to verify it.
  14. saguaro_squeezer

    larger MacCann Aeola - Barleycorn

    Dirge always spoke highly of the 72b size of Maccann.
  15. saguaro_squeezer

    Introducing a new Holden concertina

    That is a lovely Crane, Little John. I followed it on Alex's Pinterest feed but to see it all at once and read you description of it makes it that much better! Thank you! And thank you, Alex, for bringing another Crane into the world!