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  1. StevenTx, mainly for fooling around with. Brass is a different sound to steel.
  2. Back when I first started playing, in addition to a Morse Baritone and a Jack, I had a brass-reeded Lachinal. Does anyone have a brass reeded EC that they'd be willing to part with for hot a princely sum? Kind regards, Rod
  3. Bob Tedrow has one of his Baritones on consignment, as well.
  4. Ask Dowright about it also.
  5. Jeremy, get hold of Greg Jowaisas who is on C.Net. I just got a really nice 20b Jones from him and I know that he will likely have something that would fit your needs. He's well recommended by many folks, including me.
  6. McBadger, if you could either give me the buyer's contact info or send him a msg for me, if he wants to part with it, I'd be interested in buying it back. Kind regards, Rod
  7. I started on a Jack which I bought used. Quickly went to a Morse Albion. The price jump made me gulp but it was a far nicer instrument. Then I went to Crane duet. Oh well. +1 on the sentiment that a good box will hold its value. But baritones won't be cheap. And as you catch the free-reed flu, it will just cost you more. Hey, it's only money, right? Kind regards, Rod
  8. Peter, dd you sell your 35b Crabb yet?
  9. Do any of our c.net members know of a repair/tuning shop in Japan? I recently sold a Macccan to a new player there and it was a bit out of tune when I sent it. Give all of the CITES fun to get it there, it would probably be better if it stayed in country. Kind regards, Rod
  10. Thanks, RAc. I hadn't seen this thread. I don't know that I want to pay min $200 for the name via an internet broker, so I think I'll restart the site under craneconcertina.net. Moving the content from the archive shouldn't be hard, or we can just redo it. What do you think?
  11. I was corresponding with ceemonster yesterday and it appears that Craneconcertia.com has gone into archive. Does anyone have contact info for Chris Bell, who had taken it over? I would gladly host it and keep it up, but would like to get hold of him for a proper transfer. Kind regards, Rod
  12. Lynda, did you ever sell either of these? KInd regards, Rod
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