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    Let me get back to you on this, but many and varied around music, flight, motorcycles, Islay Scotch and once I start the list it could ramble on for quite a bit ... except for many of the current governments of the world.
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  1. Phil, you want a Pelican/Hardig IM2075. You can get it with or without foam,. Right around $50 last time I looked and a great deal. Sadly, the 48 key english and related < 7" are the best fit. Wish I could find one for a couple of my duets. Kind regards, Rod
  2. I've seen CB Arnolds listed on Argentinian versions of sales sites. If it's Kusserow-like, the right hand will have the notes ascending in 1/2 tones down the rows starting at the upper button, (without added notes). Otherwise, there were some early attempts a Peguri fingering which is more like a C-system accordion. Don't let that statement make you think that I know what I'm talking about. I have a few unisonoric bandoneons and Karl Oriwohl's self published book to guide me.
  3. I have a couple of Bandoneons that have a bi-directional layout (Meisel and Praktical) and it does take some getting used to. I won't tell you that I have, yet. As I experiment with different systems, I try to appreciate each for what it is, but I find uni-directional much more logical.
  4. Rick, you can send him a private msg through this site, if that helps you at all.
  5. Hey Rod, if you're coming to Old Pal be sure and bring your Jeffries Duet - we'll fire the opening salvo in Jeffries Duet World Domination!



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    2. gcoover


      It's going to be a mighty sound - especially with me in C and you in Bb!!!

    3. saguaro_squeezer


      Just call it really wet tuning, ... for the melodeon set!

    4. gcoover


      Drowning in cacophony!

  6. Thanks, Stephen! Got ahead of myself, there!
  7. Hi Granddaughter3, That's quite a collection. The first three are Maccann layout, one of the two primary Duet systems. The 4th is likely a Chemnitzer; was your Grandfather's name Andy? The 5th is a Hohner Single-row Melodeon. The Wheatstone #31898 is listed in Wheatstone Ledger SD02 page 086 as: "Aug 31 - 40 - Mac Octo all over fret 72 - 98" which I think means: Built: Aug, 1931 Type 40 Maccann, Octagonal, all over fretwork, 72 key. Depending on condition, probably $2000 - $3000. Does the wooden octagonal one have any name badge on the other side? The 3rd, with the green pearloid and black ends looks like a modified Chemnitzer or Bandoneon. Do you have any pictures of him playing them? Kind regards, Rod
  8. Oh my, I would love to have that ....
  9. saguaro_squeezer


    This is slightly off topic but I'd love to find a John Crabb Crane, but I don't know if he ever built any. My earliest is 1907, which was built by Geoff's Grandfater.
  10. saguaro_squeezer


    i had a Conner Crane Duet and John Conner made SUPERB instruments. I'd look seriously at that one.
  11. saguaro_squeezer


    I've been very lucky, I guess. But I'm also lucky to have a top-notch repairman nearby that can help me with little glitches as the concertina becomes used to our desert climate. And they're always some adjustment ... except for the big Maccann that I bought from Theo and the Crabb 48 from Little John. But Una, I will jump onto the "try as many as you can" bandwagon. And you're lucky, at least you're in the UK. Over here, we almost always have to buy from a distance. Now hopefully, Trump or Boris won't cause the prices to go through the roof 😏
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