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    Let me get back to you on this, but many and varied around music, flight, motorcycles, Islay Scotch and once I start the list it could ramble on for quite a bit ... except for many of the current governments of the world.
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  1. saguaro_squeezer

    The Concertina at Sea: A History of a Nautical Icon

    Thanks, Daniel. Fortunately, I already have that book.
  2. saguaro_squeezer


    +1 on Gary's books!
  3. saguaro_squeezer

    WTB: Distressed Crane duet

    That or the seller bids it up. That was a significantly distressed Crane to be sure, Steve and fetched a lot more than it seemed to be worth.
  4. saguaro_squeezer

    Double Duet

    You might also have a look at the Stark layout. Here's a like to one that's actually available.
  5. saguaro_squeezer

    WTB: Distressed Crane duet

    Not quite as 'space age' as that metal ended Lachenal EC from a few weeks ago, but definitely non-standard fretwork.
  6. saguaro_squeezer

    Beautiful Wheatstone Mayfair For Sale

    David and Karen, it's the 3rd thread. Here's the link BTW, as you can see it's actually a minimum 2%, which is pretty reasonable for all of the exposure that your instrument gets!
  7. I'll bet they could make us a square one with no trouble at all.
  8. saguaro_squeezer

    Shipping from Germany to US.

    Thank you, Gentlemen, for your insights!
  9. This may be for Wolf or Comzertino but who is the best carrier to use when shipping from Germany to US? FedEx and UPS are just too expensive and the EU doesn’t seem to have the same type of courier service as the UK. I’d appreciate any advice! kind regards, Rod
  10. saguaro_squeezer

    WTB: Distressed Crane duet

    Alan, sent you a PM.
  11. saguaro_squeezer

    WTB: Distressed Crane duet

    Steve, if you don't want this, I'd like to be next in line. And, I'm in the US. Rod
  12. saguaro_squeezer

    H C Crabb in case # 9442. How old is it?

    Not wanting to broadcast but has anyone heard any more about Geoff? Rod
  13. saguaro_squeezer

    H C Crabb in case # 9442. How old is it?

    As my wife says, we'll keep our thumbs on hold for your speedy recovery, Geoff!
  14. saguaro_squeezer

    30 key anglo guides and tutorials

    +1 on Gary's books, and they're even useful if you read the dots. I haven't really warmed up to Tabs yet. I'm also told the Bertarm Levy's book (Anglo Concertina Demystified?) is really good ... I haven't bought it yet, though so can't speak from experience.
  15. I've got an interesting situation with a Lachenal Maccann that I purchased. It appears to be tuned 1/4 comma meantone on the push and equal tempered on the pull. Has anyone seen this before? It could just be the whim of the previous owner, who was a singer. Kind regards, Rod