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  1. Hi Lefruss. Like most things, it depends on how cheap you need to go. Your cheapest Hayden will likely be a Stagi. Your chepest Maccann will likely be a 39-key Lachenal. Both will be under $1000, but your shipping will vary. Isn't there a c.net member in Japan who plays Crane Duet? Perhaps he might weigh in.
  2. I have a Hornet Presswood D/G that is Bandoneon tuned (octave) and is rather close to my bandoneons in sound. I’m assuming that you’re not thinking the Einheitsbandoneon that has 3 reeds per note and a slight tremolo but rather the 2 reeds per note versions?
  3. Hi Chris, these are both Duet system instruments. The main difference between them and your Anglo is the note being the same on the push and pull. Does that really rule them out?
  4. Kapek (Morbodoni) Chemnitzer in C. In other words, the G and A rows sound concert pitch. I believe that this is a quad. It has six stops for various reed combinations yet is not as big as my Arno Arnold Bb "Slimline". In wonderful shape and tune with a good hard case. $500. Geuns Student Model C-system Bandoneon. Purchased used from Harry last year. He went through it and tuned it before shipping. Upgraded buttons. Comes with backpack gig bag. These aren't available anymore and so finding a good one isn't that easy. My Schoma Bandoneon is C-system both sides, hence the redundancy. $1000. If you want to try one of the larger, square brothers of our concertinas, these would be a place to start without hurting your wallet. Buyer pays packing and shipping.
  5. I have 2 Lachenal concertinas that are now surplus to my needs that I'd like to offer. They are good for beginner/intermediate players and priced so that they don't put a huge strain on you wallet. 55 button Maccann, SN 2046 c1900 (per Dowrite). Steel reeds, rosewood ends, 6-fold bellows, baffels, wind key. Recently gone through. Concert pitch, plays well but could stand a touch tuning. Comes with a padded gig bag and original wooden case and straps. $1100. 48 button Crane, SN 3008 c1911(per Dowrite). Steel reeds, rosewood ends, 6-fold bellows. Recently gone through. Concert pitch, plays well, sweet tone. Comes with a padded gig bag. $1100. Both of these are good solid examples of Lachenals. They are redundant to my Crabbs and so I'd rather pass them on to a player looking for a good, reasonably-priced instrument. Buyer pays packing and shipping.
  6. I could be easily persuaded to adopt this instrument.
  7. Josh, I have a 48-button Lachenal that I'd part with. Rosewood ends, 6 fold bellows, steel reeds, plays nicely. Comes with a padded gig bag. I'd take $1100 for it. PM me if you're interested.
  8. Mandagh, ELA did not go out of business in 1910. They made bandoneons up until and, I think, even after the war. I have an ELA Kusserow Bandoneon that is from c1939. You might check this site: www.bandon.info The text of the pictures is in German (Use Google Translate) but you'll see that the style of your ELA was common until about the late 20's and then they went to the notched corners with decorations.
  9. If you have a look at https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-bandoneon/k0 you can get an idea of what they're selling for. They are likely Einheitsbandoneons, which was the standardized layout in Germany in the mid-20s. If you Google 'ELA Bandoneon', you'll find a number of sites with information on Ernest Louis Arnold (ELA) and Alfred Arnold (AA).
  10. Lachenal Tuning Bellows. I've seen these on ETSY for a while and thought that they might be of interest to someone here. Have heard of them but never seen a set until this one. I have no relationship to the seller. https://www.etsy.com/listing/677779475/lachenal-concertina-portable-sounding?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=concertina+instrument&ref=sr_gallery-1-29&organic_search_click=1
  11. I saw this one on ETSY this morning. Not mine and I have no relationship with the seller. https://www.etsy.com/listing/716794276/wheatstone-miniature-concertina-english?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=concertina+instrument&ref=sr_gallery-1-26&organic_search_click=1
  12. This week is the Northeast Squeeze-In and so he might be up there and away from the phone? I've always been able to get through with no issues.
  13. I've seen them turn up from time to time. The problem is that there was (stress, was) a company that had rolls but they're website seems to have gone dormant. Of course, you'd want to be able to either get or create more rolls for it if you had one.
  14. Are you thinking of a Tanzbar player concertina?
  15. They are the paddle-shaped affairs in front of each of the metal pipes.
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