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    Singing English, Scottish, Irish and American songs, accompanying on EC. Playing sweaty Irish tunes til all hours.Digital Fotogging. Backpacking and hiking. Being relaxed and nice. RETIRED~ Hooray!!!
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  1. Yes. Everyone agrees it is an extended treble. BUT which way does it extend, up or down ? DOWN to a low C, below the usual G in trebles is ideal.
  2. ANYBODY got a download of this historic recording ? I learned almost everything I know from it, but miss listening to it now. eBay only has it on vinyl.
  3. Thanks Richard! I'm almost back to that famous setting on the dryer "NORMAL", but that may be an exaggeration.
  4. I love your instrument Geoff Wooff, and would love to find one similar
  5. Just repeated to gjowaisas@fioptics.com
  6. I just sent you a repair request @ greg@gregsfolkmusic.com. Is that the correct address ?
  7. In the midst of all my Baritone investigations a dear friend here in Berkeley, who by-the-way took over my lodgings in Newcastle when I left to return to the states in ’72, came over and gave me this, on extended loan. Exactly what I wanted !!! 36 button Wheatstone which is one octave below the usual 48. He has owned it for 40 years and hasn’t played it much. Works fairly well & I will do some valve and tuning work. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ?
  8. I am really impressed with the LOOK of these instruments http://www.wakker-concertinas.com/photo parade.htm Are they as good as they look and worth the $6-9k ? Are they constructed at the level of craftsmanship of Wheatstone's golden era ? Riggy
  9. Hoping Steve & Wheatstone are OK. I have emailed him and it bounced, saying the mailbox was full and not accepting messages. I cut and pasted my email into the enquiry form on the company website & even tried getting thru via the local Everyman folk club. Crickets. Anyone hear anything or have a suggestion ? Riggy
  10. Older now, and I'm getting in touch with my dark, low side. I have a custom 44 key Dipper which I use for song accompaniment, that goes down to a D below middle C. Listening to Ian Robb and David Coffin I have learned they use large old Aeolas that have 56 keys, classified as Baritone/Treble. Too big. Is there such a thing as a 48 (or less) Baritone ? Riggy www.riggy.com
  11. My 23 year old Dipper needs a new set. Any good sources of high quality ones in the US ? If not, where should I go ? Riggy
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