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Kurt Braun's Passing

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I just found out, today, via Facebook, that Kurt Braun had passed.  He was instrumental in my development as a Crane player and spent many hours with me over various instruments.  He has Harry Crabb's 10555.  HE was a wonderful man and mentor, and I fear that we will not see his like again.  I am so saddened by the loss of him.


Geoff Crabb would likely agree.


Kind regards,



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It's always sad news, but it's reassuring to hear that this man, at a respectable age, has passed away peacefully according to all sources and we must be thankful for what he brought to us. 
As Wes, I did not know him personally. 



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Kurt was a regular at the Old Pal Concertina Weekend from the very beginning, and we always enjoyed his old time favorites played exquisitely on a large Crane Duet.


I last talked with him only three months ago about a problem he was having with one of his reeds and he sounded quite well.


His humor and musicianship were a huge part of the Old Pal event and he will be greatly missed. Next weekend will be the 20th anniversary of concertinas at the Old Palestine Festival - we shall have to come up with a suitably musical memorial in his honor. We love you, Kurt, now you can make the angels smile with all your great tunes!




PS - Here's a photo of Kurt from the 2005 Old Pal Festival.


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"... gone are the friends from the cotton fields away; gone from the Earth to a better land I know; I hear theit gentle voices calling ..."


Kurt , through this forum, helped me to get enjoyment out of my Crane. He will be missed. May he rest in peace.



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Thanks Rod, very sad to hear this.


Although I never met Kurt, we had built up a certain affinity through my dads concertina (10555) that he acquired in December 1988.

I was grateful that it had gone to a dedicated player who had preserved and played it for a further 36 years. 

I shall miss our occasional correspondence as will those, I am sure, who benefited from his encouragement and, of course, the entertainment he provided, so expertly, on the concertina.  


RIP Kurt 

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