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  1. Hi, The action has been modified to be a lot faster. And you tell the difference between a new one and an old one because the new one is in tune ! The new models are a real hope for the future for Stagi. Due to the Coronavirus stock is difficult to obtain, but things are slowly improving. cheers Steve
  2. The best concertina now would’ve The Minstrel from Concertina Connection or Red Cow Music. A superb concertina that will last you a lifetime. steve
  3. Hi Everyone, This lovely book is available from Red Cow Music. https://redcowmusic.co.uk/product/pirate-songs-for-concertina-gary-coover/
  4. Hello Everyone, Just a note about the Stagi Hayden Duet. Over the years their have been many issues and complaints about Stagi concertinas. can I now say that since the takeover of this lovely small company, the standard of the concertinas has been outstanding. The tuning is excellent, the actions are fast and the build quality is wonderful. I have been selling these instruments on and of for many years, and can now say that I am so pleased with the result. Thank you
  5. Great fun to play and the portability is wonderful.
  6. The Anglo Concertina Music of John Watcham Available from Red Cow Music in late July.
  7. Available from Red Cow Music
  8. Sea Songs for the 20 Button Concertina now in stock at wwwredcowmusic.co.uk
  9. The Minstrel Anglo Concertina is a superb instrument. A classic tone and the reeds are stunning. Available in the UK at Red Cow Music
  10. Hi, I sell the Scarlatti at Red Cow Music and can honestly say the are a smashing little Concertina’s. We test all concertinas before they leave us, and if we find a problem we fix it. unfortunately large online companies ( not mentioning names) don’t do this, so a number of Concertina’s arrive with customers not working and they review them as poor quality. We stock a great range of starter concertinas, so if you need help just call me. Steve
  11. The Jeffries Duet Concertina Tutor By Gary Coover Book now available from Red Cow Music. https://redcowmusic.co.uk/product/the-jeffries-duet-concertina-tutor-by-gary-coover/
  12. The Jeffries Duet Concertina Tutor By Gary Coover. Now available at Red Cow Music.
  13. The Stagi Concertina range has now been greatly improved and they now offer great quality concertinas at wonderful prices. Here at Red Cow Music we have seen the Stagi range improve and find the quality very good. tuning is exceptional, action is fast and the build quits wonderful. we would highly recommend these concertinas to any one wishing to learn the concertina, for Anglo, English or duet. Steve Morrison ( Red Cow Music UK)
  14. I am a retailer of the Stagi range of concertinas. In the past 6 months there have been big changes at Stagi, and the standard has improved beyond belief. They now produce a good standard beginners to intermediate quality concertina, English, Anglo and duet. The action is quicker, the tuning is exceptional and the finish is wonderful. Not everyone can afford a high quality Antique concertina or a Norman or Morse, so the Stagi range is essential to encourage people to start to learn this wonderful instrument. I now that I will be lampooned and criticised for my opinion, but
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