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  1. Steve Morrison

    Stagi Anglo W-15-ln

    The Stagi Concertina range has now been greatly improved and they now offer great quality concertinas at wonderful prices. Here at Red Cow Music we have seen the Stagi range improve and find the quality very good. tuning is exceptional, action is fast and the build quits wonderful. we would highly recommend these concertinas to any one wishing to learn the concertina, for Anglo, English or duet. Steve Morrison ( Red Cow Music UK)
  2. Steve Morrison

    Stagi Concertinas

    I am a retailer of the Stagi range of concertinas. In the past 6 months there have been big changes at Stagi, and the standard has improved beyond belief. They now produce a good standard beginners to intermediate quality concertina, English, Anglo and duet. The action is quicker, the tuning is exceptional and the finish is wonderful. Not everyone can afford a high quality Antique concertina or a Norman or Morse, so the Stagi range is essential to encourage people to start to learn this wonderful instrument. I now that I will be lampooned and criticised for my opinion, but putting barriers in front of people who would love to try the concertina but can neither afford a top concertina or don’t want to part with a large sum early on Should be encouraged and not put down by the concertina purists. Steve Morrison Red Cow Music
  3. Steve Morrison

    Sailor Songs for Concertina - Gary Coover

    Sailor Songs for Concertina by Gary Coover now available from Red Cow Music
  4. Steve Morrison

    Looking for octave (below) C/G Anglo

    Hi , We have a couple of wonderful Morse Baritones on our website. www.redcowmusic.co.uk
  5. Steve Morrison

    Carreg Las Concertinas And Other Cheaper Makes

    Hi, Try The Rochelle,a good quality concertina for a good price.
  6. Steve Morrison

    Morse Concertinas

    Just a quick note to say,that Red Cow Music are now a Morse Concertina Stockist.
  7. This great book is now available for £10 at www.redcowmusic.co.uk
  8. Steve Morrison

    Cowboy Concertina - New Book?

    Cowboy Concertina 75 songs of the old American West. Arranged for Anglo concertina. By Gary Coover and Pipp Gillette. Now available in the UK at www.redcowmusic.co.uk
  9. Steve Morrison

    Pirate Songs for Concertina - new book!

    A great song book and ideal for players of any level.We now stock all of Gary’s books on www.redcowmusic.co.uk
  10. Hello everyone, Just to say that Red Cow Music are now stockists for the Concertina Connections range of Concertinas in the UK. We absolutely adore the whole range and any information is on our website www.redcowmusic.co.uk
  11. A superb Concertina. The Busker is rich in tone and wonderful to play.
  12. Steve Morrison

    Pirate Songs for Concertina - new book!

    Available now at Red Cow Music
  13. Steve Morrison

    Busker English Concertina

    Busker English Concertina now available at Red Cow Music
  14. Steve Morrison

    Pirate Songs for Concertina - new book!

    Available now at Red Cow Music
  15. Yes available from Red Cow Music who also sell most of the Gary Coover books and much more