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  1. @Don Taylor Thank you for all the great info! That's unfortunate about the new Stagi brand - hopefully they become aware of their recent service reputation and try to improve it. The tip about the Button Box is helpful. I had seen their website and noticed that they had the Stagi used for $695 (not out of my financial realm but it's up there), but I didn't know about all the work that they do on it between getting it and selling it. If it could improve some of the action issue you mentioned, that would make buying it from them more tempting. I was considering the Rochelle a while
  2. Hello, I'm looking for information/experience with certain make of concertina. I'm looking at this website: https://www.fabbricaconcertine.com/eng/catalogs-concertine.html I'm interested in finding out more about the W-15 LN model listed under Diatonic Concertine with 30 Keys. I think they may be known as the Stagi W-15 LN. It looks like they are made to order, but they don't list any price estimates. Does anyone know how much one might expect to pay for this model new, from this seller? (Sorry that I'm not yet very familiar with the brand's history, maker, etc.) Context if yo
  3. @Breve I can read music and have Muse Score application, but I didn't know much about the online site. I'll definitely keep it in mind next time I'm looking for sheet music. Thanks for messaging! @arkwright I was mostly looking for videos of someone playing it on any concertina (just to hear how someone else might play it), but I thought I'd ask about sheet music too just in case. By that, I think I mean concertina tablature. I can read basic music, but for concertina I'm not yet able to play just from music without concertina notation on top of the staff. I can find plain sheet m
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows of any cover videos or written scores of "Moonlight Densetsu"/"Moonlight Legend", the main theme from Sailor Moon, on any kind of concertina. In Japanese it's "ムーンライト伝説" (according to Wikipedia). It might also just be known as the Sailor Moon theme, or the Sailor Moon star locket song. I've tried googling in both English and Japanese, but I can't find anything. I was wondering if maybe someone from a Japanese concertina community might know of any videos or sheet music. I've also found accordion covers of it on youtube, but I was hoping to find o
  5. @gcoover :0 Oh so that's how it's supposed to be done? That makes sense, then it'll be a lot less crowded between the staffs when I get to the left hand. I'll try it that way once I can figure out how to on Musescore. Thank you for the example! Anyhow, I can't take credit for inventing this notation system, since I was trying to mimic the way it's marked in one of the books I have. This one is "Mel Bay's Deluxe Concertina Book By Frank J. Converse". I attached a pic of the cover and a sample from inside. I don’t know if that’s the origin of that notation system or why they did it t
  6. Hi all! I'm a concertina beginner with a 20 button C/G anglo concertina. I can't sight read from regular, non-concertina sheet music (yet), and I really enjoy learning songs from the two concertina sheet music books I have. I'm starting to run out of songs that I like to play in them, so I figured I'd try to make some basic sheet music for myself. I can figure out simple melodies by fiddling around just fine, but when it comes to inventing chords, I find it hard to memorize them without sheet music to help me learn. For arranging, I downloaded Musescore and I'm getting hang of the program.
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