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  1. bogheathen

    NHICS 2018 in Cincinatti in July

    More good guidance, thanks Ross. I ask about the guitar only because more often than not, if I don't have one with me when I travel, I wish I did. But you're right, we're there to squeeze.
  2. bogheathen

    Pirate Songs for Concertina - new book!

    Gary, Easy Anglo 1-2-3 got me started on concertina a year ago, and I have Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style queued up. Will definitely snag Pirate Songs as well -- thanks for your work.
  3. Made flight arrangements for the 2018 NHICS class with Noel Hill at the Transfiguration Spiritual Center in Cincinnati in July...so it's real. Getting pretty excited. Bringing a Button Box Ceili and about a year of basement work from method books (not much of a concertina community where live). Have no idea what to expect, but I will try to emulate a sponge and soak up everything I can hold. Apart from anything else...I'll be out of the basement interacting with other humans playing the same instrument! Anyone else going? Any advice from old hands? Will a guitar be useless baggage for the week?
  4. bogheathen

    North America Workshops In 2018

    Thanks a million, Ken. Am attending NHICS Cincinnati.
  5. bogheathen

    1867 Wheatstone English 48

    Wheatstone 1867 48-Key Treble English concertina #18261 Bought from The Buttonbox in 2017 with refurbished 5-fold bellows, new valves, tuned A=440, and new fitted hardshell case.
  6. bogheathen

    North America Workshops In 2018

    Thank you so much, Christine.
  7. bogheathen

    North America Workshops In 2018

    Ken, if you could post a 2018 U.S. schedule, that would be terrific and much appreciated. Anything happening in the Midwest would be of special interest, but the dates are really more important than the locations. If it's worth getting to and I can make the dates work, location isn't a deal breaker. I just need to start getting some in-person input from some actual players. Been in the basement too long.
  8. Is there a comprehensive listing somewhere of U.S. concertina workshops or festivals that include concertina workshops for 2018?
  9. bogheathen

    Crossing Borders

    Or, "I might want to sell or trade this box someday, and a clean black case says 'I take good care of my stuff' and will add to the appeal and price."
  10. As someone who was caught far too long in the financial stretch between a Rochelle/Wren and a Ceili/Clover/vintage box, these quality mid-range boxes are a delight to see.
  11. bogheathen

    Rochelle Or Something Else? Beginner

    Well done. Played a Rochelle happily for a year before taking advantage of the trade-up program at the Buttonbox and getting a Ceili. I don't think you'll have any regrets with your Rochelle.