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  1. Proper rendering of Coover tabs is the first thing that springs to my mind. There's more than one thread discussing that, with no satisfying solution. I also don't find reading/editing anything more complex than single-line melodies to be pleasant in ABC - I prefer other notation software for that. You mileage may vary.
  2. As a user of forScore, I have need for PDFs that I'll never print. That software deals exclusively with PDFs. Also, a lot of my music can't be represented well (if at all) in ABC format, so I can't rely on it exclusively. It's still useful though, and I really appreciate Michael's tool as a way to tie everything together.
  3. That's not an option for live performances. The point of these clip on mics is to get closer to the source of the sound to reduce the risk of feedback.
  4. This is more of an effect demo than anything, but I am playing my concertina to produce the input signal. And yes, I think this is silly too, but I had fun making it. Hopefully a few people will get a laugh out of it if nothing else.
  5. I bought a couple clip-on mics for my concertina, and the noise from hitting the buttons was far worse than I expected. So I rigged up shock mounts for them, and wow, what a difference!
  6. I'll echo what the others have said. I don't think what you've experienced necessarily indicates hearing loss. Since the sound comes out the ends, it's usually easier for other people to hear a concertina than it is for the person playing it. And multiple concertinas playing in a small room will be quite loud, compounding the issue. The term to search for is "in-ear monitor".
  7. I thought the reason was to avoid getting chastised for not doing it. 😜 It's a good idea to secure the bellows when transporting an instrument, but I doubt it makes much difference for storage. I do it anyway, but now that you ask, I don't have a great justification for it. I guess it became a habit back when I frequently carried my concertina around in a lunchbox soft case.
  8. When I don't have a blocked case, I use a hook-and-loop strap (soft side facing in) to hold my concertinas closed. Maybe a little better looking than a regular rubber band, but it covers a lot of the end if your goal is display. If you can find the right size rubber band in black and neatly position it to lay flat all the way around and right up against the hand rests, that might be hard to beat.
  9. That's one of my favorites too. I've never met John, but I first heard that song from his playing on YouTube, and I immediately fell in love with it.
  10. Price reduced to $1000, including shipping to lower 48 states.
  11. Really, kudos for making this silly idea a reality. Sorry if I came across as ungrateful.
  12. I was hoping for some drones too (I'm just never satisfied, am I?), but I suppose those would have completely drowned out the melodica. Fun to see, all the same.
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