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  1. soloduet

    Name of this tune from the Hebrides?

    Thank you very much Saguaro and Rich! It seems that it's difficult to find the name of this tune, but Rich, as you are living in Scotland, if you happen to meet some musicians from the Hebrides, please let me know if they have a clue. Didie
  2. I have found this tune on Youtube played by belgium folk band Trio Trad (first video), which gave me the idea to play it on the concertina (second video), but does somebody know its name?
  3. Thanks to Jim and David! To answer to Rich my concertina is a 52 buttons Beaumont made by the Button Box, and you can find all the information on their website: buttonbox.com
  4. soloduet

    Wexford + Third Carol

    I like this kind of slow and simple melody on concertina and it's nice to listen to both versions. Don is right when saying that it's difficult to find a good balance between melody and accompaniment on solo concertina, and maybe the problem is more obvious with duet concertinas which are made to play melody and accompaniment together. After talking about this problem of balance with Harry Geuns he gave me some leather baffles to put especially inside the left hand and it's better but not enough. Amplification is another solution but the main interest of the concertina is to be a small and simple instrument, so it would be great if concertinas makers could work on this problem and find acoustic solutions.
  5. An attempt to adapt a guitar score to the duet concertina (and to add some clouds on a video): https://youtu.be/FOmyDkbsmZ0
  6. I don't know well about the anglo but recently I began to take some lessons with a bandonion teacher and she told me that bandonion players used to let a space of about one finger between the top of the hand and the straps. And I noticed that it was what I already did with my hayden duet. Didie
  7. I don't know why and I didn't check official statistics but according to the posts on youtube and on this forum it seems that a large majority of concertina players are men (maybe it's different in Ireland?). It's the reason why it's nice to watch some new videos posted by women and sometimes finding another way to play the instrument like this english concertina player who is using it in a very minimalist style to accompany her poetry:
  8. soloduet

    Under Paris Skies (Sous le Ciel de Paris)

    Absolument merveilleux! Merci David.
  9. soloduet

    Le P'ing Chinese Tune

    Thank you! Is it your own arrangement or did you find this score somewhere?
  10. soloduet

    Raymond Devos - La Marine

    And for those who understand french or like french chanson here is the original version by Georges Brassens:
  11. soloduet

    Duo Lenormand/Restoin

    Lighting failure but no musical failure. I like the groove on the five beats!
  12. soloduet

    Le P'ing Chinese Tune

    Nice tune and the sound is beautiful. Your concertina sounds a little like a chinese sheng when you play the chords. Is it possible to get the sheet music?
  13. soloduet

    Raymond Devos - La Marine

    Here is my version of this "chanson" composed by french singer and poet Georges Brassens on a poem by Paul Fort:
  14. soloduet

    Da Slockit Light in winter and summer

    Sorry Wolf, I forgot to ask you: what is the meaning of TT? Thanks again, Didie