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  1. soloduet

    Da Slockit Light in winter and summer

    Hi David, thanks for posting this beautiful version and I really feel the spring spirit in your rendition. So while you ask the question you make the demonstration that the calendar could have an influence on the way that we play a tune. If somebody feels like posting an autumn version it would be great!
  2. Hi John, My first impression was that when you play the solo part at the beginning the sound of the Crabb is better but when you add the accompaniment with chords I prefer the sound of the Dipper. Can you explain what is fifth comma mean tone please? Thanks, Didie
  3. Even if I think that the first one is more in the mood of the tune I wanted to try 2 different accompaniments for the same melody on the Hayden/Wicki keyboard: a simple bass line and alternate bass and chords (Oum-Pah):
  4. soloduet

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    Merci beaucoup! Bon anniversaire!!!
  5. soloduet

    Digby's Farewell

    Very beautiful! You don't think about a transcription for Hayden/Wicki system? Didie
  6. Thank you David and Inventor. I think that it's important to collect all this information and if possible the place where all this different instruments are now. Didie
  7. Thank You Don and Eskin. Now I understand the position and the importance of locking the orientation of the Ipad. I will try to play like that.
  8. I've got a recent iPad and would be interested to try to record something but first I have to find how to handle the iPad so that it's easy to play. If somebody use to play with this app on the iPad it could be helpful to see a picture. Thanks, Didie
  9. > Inventor: Do you know if there is a list of the different models of hayden duet concertinas made before the currently available instruments?
  10. soloduet

    Tangling With The Tango On The Anglo

    I don't know what is convenient on the anglo but in this video I'm using 3 notes chords on the left hand. But 2 notes chords work well too and sometimes sound better on the concertina. So as Daniel said you can choose what is the most convenient and sound better between 1, 3, 5, or sometimes 7. And for the chords rythm here I'm playing 3/3/2: dotted quarter note/dotted quarter note/quarter note. Didie
  11. Hi Joy, Thank you so much for this information! When we met a few years ago my goal was to try the Beaumont, so I didn't really notice and don't even remember that you had other instruments. Now that I'm more aware of what I'm searching about the Hayden system, I would be very interested to see and try this double reeded Bastari more accurately. So if you don't mind I will contact you on your e-mail address to talk about this possibility. All the best, Didie
  12. soloduet

    Tangling With The Tango On The Anglo

    > Snoot: thank you! the vapors of wine are good for the concertina but it's not yet proven that the sound of the concertina is good for the wine! > Jim: Great to listen to this recording and it gives me some new ideas for the accompaniment. Do you have the sheet music for this arrangement?
  13. Hello Brian, It's great to see you playing your own instrument, even for a few seconds. Would it be possible to take a look at this instrument somewhere and hopefully try to play it?
  14. soloduet

    Tangling With The Tango On The Anglo

    I've just uploaded a video of Tango Caliente on the Hayden duet: Please let me know if somebody have recorded this tune on the anglo or other systems. And thanks again for sharing the score!
  15. soloduet

    "A Festival of Free Reeds"

    Nice to discover this very creative musician and another way to play concertina!