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  1. Pretty sure there are some squeaky toys at my local pet store that basically fit the description!
  2. Indeed- part of the issue is (and this is partially due to my hobbyist-level programming skill) that I haven't figured out a way of detecting which tuning a user-defined layout is in. It would be easy enough if I could always tell which buttons were the core 20, but on some non-standard layouts that's actually kind of difficult. As a simple way to address this in the near term, would it be less bothersome if all notes used the sharp spelling by default? Thank you! Adding it to the main list
  3. More or less. Originally I was going to spell all notes as sharp by default, but after looking at a lot of layout diagrams in several tunings, Bb was pretty consistently spelled Bb. I know this won't be the case for some meantone-tuned instruments. I haven't discovered any clear conventions for note spellings in a given tuning, and I have yet to come up with a good way to preserve user preferences on which spelling to use for a given note. Your input definitely welcome!
  4. Yes! Editing any layout will create a new layout. It's also on your machine only, so you won't be affecting anyone else's view. Once you've got it how you want it, you can get a link to share here.
  5. I really like this one. You've still got a compass of C3-D6, which is as high as I ever go on a C/G, and the reversals are luxurious.
  6. Chris, could you click "get link" and paste it here? There's no database; the layout you made is on your computer only until you share a link. Looking forward to seeing it — I'm particularly interested in layouts that make better use of the dog whistles...
  7. Bravo! Who needs a soprano sax when you've got a modified Wheatstone G/D? 🤣
  8. I couldn't stand the uncertainty! I emailed David (Qadasi) Jenkins, who sent me a layout chart. His Maskandi layout is indeed the same as the layout I got from Harry, with one difference: on the high end of his right-hand top row, he's got a D#5/F5 button instead of D5/G5. He also clarified that Maskandi is the genre of music, but most Western players know the instrument as "squashbox," so when referring to the layout, either is correct. His chart was titled "Zulu Tuning - Squashbox."
  9. Me too, I'd love to hear a recording. I don't think I've ever heard a double-concertina-reeded box before.
  10. @Clive Thorne Thanks! I've added it to the list. I think you meant pull D6 (rather than D5)? I definitely wish I had one of those. It's one of the things I'm most looking forward to in my next instrument.
  11. I'm assuming from the Wikipedia article on the genre that it's probably the same as the squashbox layout (I got that layout courtesy of Harry Scurfield, who was kind enough to demo his instrument for me). Edit: quote from Bongeni Mthethwa in Harry's article on the concertina in South Africa: Second edit: here's Johnny Clegg himself talking about his early experience buying a cheap concertina and having the layout modified: And I'm attaching a MuseScore file of the layout for anyone interested. Squashbox_Layout.mscz
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