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    I need to paste in my comments from the old part of Concertina.net! Short version: I've played anglo since 1992, English since 2001. Mostly Italian boxes, Lachenals, a Morse, and a Kensington. One of the people behind the curtain at Concertina.net.
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  1. Hi Zach, I don't have anything to sell right now, but I am not far from Pittsburgh if you even need some concertina-company. Maybe once it is warm enough to meet in the park. Have fun. Ken
  2. What part of the world are you in? Ken
  3. Maybe an expert will chime in (I've seen Dana record this way, for example) but my understanding is that using crossed microphones lets you record in two directions but without the phasing issues you can get from separated microphones. It is common in classical recording settings I've witnessed or been part of. Ken
  4. Wow, this discussion makes my head spin. I thought of the US tax laws as complicated (as I contemplate how to calculate mine after a financially unusual year), but I won't complain about it now. Best of luck across the pond, and be safe. Ken
  5. Rick, Well, you are in the midst of a lot of music. The Boston Irish scene can be intense and at a high level. I've dabbled Irish on anglo for quite a few years. Fifteen years ago I lived in Leominster for one year but never ventured to a Boston session. I went to Amherst and vicinity (an hour's drive the other way), where folks like the late Rich Morse had a welcoming and laid-back scene. Ideally, everyone has a place; I guess that was mine. Welcome to the madness. Ken
  6. Wow, Thank you for sharing the full story. Music coming through the family is great. Ken
  7. I think of ozone (a gas, O3) as something you generate on the spot (from O2 in the air, e.g. by an arcing spark). It is so reactive that it isn't something I would want to ship. Maybe I'm out of the loop here. There are lots of home remedies for removing odors; I'm sure we'll get some more here. Maybe try some activated charcoal? (my contribution to the list of ideas 8o) Ken
  8. Seth, I too recall one or two people here who were convinced that a-mano were audibly superior, at least for their own playing. They may turn up and respond. Ken
  9. If you hover over Ciaran's name at the upper left of his post, one choice in the box that appears is "Message." You can use that to get started. Have fun, some folks here like those early English concertinas. Ken
  10. Just speculating, but the comment may refer to the duties/VAT that make American goods rather more expensive in the UK.
  11. You probably won't want to ship it off, but Bob Snope at the Button Box in Massachusetts put nice wrist straps on my Lachenal EC. Owing to various injuiries over the years I need them all the time to play EC (which I don't do as much as anglo, but enjoy nonetheless). He just put some of their inserts that hold a threaded screw into the end frames and then cut and attached the straps. Ken PS Edited to add: If you call they might be able to send you the parts and talk you through doing it yourself, if you are reasonably handy with a drill and have the proper sized bits.
  12. If my memory is not fooling me, this is the same concertina Paddy played in the class he and I both took from Fr. Charlie Coen at the Swannanoa summer classes in about 2000. It sounded good to me then! Ken
  13. Seth Hamon was making highly regarded uilleann (Irish) pipe chanters (and Swedish pipes as well) until he moved over to concertinas. I can't speak to the specific instrument but he is clearly a thoughtful and accomplished builder. Ken
  14. Nobody (well, except the dogs) can hear if you miss a note!
  15. Note added: I composed this last night but it didn't attach until now. Sounds like a challenge. While I have no idea where repairers of piano accordions congregate on the web, someone here may have encountered something similar and will speak up. Until then, best of luck. Ken
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