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    I need to paste in my comments from the old part of Concertina.net! Short version: I've played anglo since 1992, English since 2001. Mostly Italian boxes, Lachenals, a Morse, and a Kensington. One of the people behind the curtain at Concertina.net.
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    western Pennsylvania and northern Indiana, U.S.A.

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  1. It's amazing what you folks can deduce/infer/figure out about this history we all wonder about. I enjoy following it. Ken
  2. Me too. I believe they were all made in D/A tuning. Then there are the twelve-sided Wheatstones (anglo and duet IIRC) in the article by Wayne, Birley, Gaskins here. I guess they discounted the idea that these were made from Lachenal parts so they don't count as Lachenals anyway.
  3. Here is how I've been doing it for over twenty years. I should add that soon after coming up with this, I inverted the foam so it is wider at the lower end, to aid my rather short fifth fingers. Experiment and see what works for you. Welcome aboard. Ken
  4. That's Worcester, Massachusetts, not Worcester, England, right? (For the sake of our international audience.) 😎 Good luck in the hunt. Ken
  5. I have seen the inventory at Button Box vary considerably over the last 24 years. This is not outside of that pattern. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a few. And the shop shifts attention from fixing up instruments for sale (e.g., in the weeks before NESI when it was local to them) to doing repairs for customers and/or building Morse instruments. The late Rich Morse once pointed out that he had to make payroll for several employees every month whether things sold or not, so there were decisions about where effort should go at any given time. For me getting the right instrument has taken patience. I heard about concertinas circa 1980 but had no idea where to find one (and little money as a student). In 1992 I finally stumbled across and bought a 20-button Stagi. Only in 1997 did I find a real box (my first Lachenal), and other players, and a teacher, after the internet had created a community you could research and connect to, for any obscure interest or hobby. So it can take a while, but not 5 (or 17) years for you I hope. Keep looking. Ken
  6. One of many reasons the EC and Duet players say it seems to them that one must be (or at least, it helps to be) a little daft to play anglo. There's some truth in it. 😃 Ken
  7. What Bramich showed in his first book was backwards (press and draw C#) from most of the Jeffries layouts I have seen. I did a review of the book for this site back in the static pages days and remember that I commented on it. As others have noted, the reality is anglo players are constantly juggling reeds...part of the obsession perhaps? Have fun, wherever your notes are. Ken
  8. Liv et al., It is worth adding that the impression that pictures need a URL comes from the reality that we can only afford to offer a meager space for image attachments to each of thousands of users. A handful of images typically hits this limit. Then a user writes to the Admin asking "why can't I attach files?" 😎 [aside: Wow we have an absurd number of emojis now.] To forestall one such question, I'll add that it is great if you eventually explore ways to use a third-party site for images you wish to share here, then you do use a URL to attach them here, and there is no limit. Have fun with the concertina. Ken
  9. Ken,

    In late July 2020, I posted 2 ads for a Lachenal and a George Jones, respectively, with images that used up all of my allowable data space. I have since put these concertinas on consignment elsewhere.

    Now, I wish to advertise a miniature Anglo with photos at concertina.net. But I do not have data space for the new photos.

    I would like to delete the July 30, 2020 ads for the Lachenal and Jones or, at least, eliminate the images in those ads.

    Please advise. (Or will I forever be hobbled by those existing images?) Thanks and best regards. Please email at rmerris@merris.org.



  10. Ed, If you fancy meeting up sometime, I'm in western Pennsylvania (well, most of the time) and am happy to share whatever aspect of playing. Ken
  11. There's also "Thank you, Republic Airlines [for breaking the neck on my guitar]" a song by Tom Paxton quite a few years ago... Ken
  12. A perennial question with Macs. I'm only running Catalina, but you can go to System Preferences (Security and Privacy pane, perhaps?) where you can give permission to run apps not from Apple-recognized developers. Someone here will recall the specifics... Ken
  13. Umm...if you want to support _this_ site, it is concertina.net (.com is another site). 😎 Cheers, Ken
  14. Another vote for this summary of past experience. Of course it is a challenge, if we can't help find some examples of instruments near someone asking the perennial "which system." Hope you find your match! Ken
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