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    I need to paste in my comments from the old part of Concertina.net! Short version: I've played anglo since 1992, English since 2001. Mostly Italian boxes, Lachenals, a Morse, and a Kensington. One of the people behind the curtain at Concertina.net.
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  1. Folks from the eastern US and Canada may have encountered Judy Minot at the Northeast Squeeze-in, so the name may be familiar.
  2. My understanding/experience is the keys in the name of an anglo concertina or a melodeon/diatonic button accordion are giving lowest key first. So the G row on a C/G anglo is indeed a fifth higher than the C row. Melodeons differ; on my G/C Hohner, the G row is a fourth lower than the C row. If I have omitted "key" details I know others will sort it out for us (as always). Ken
  3. In 2006 on a visit to Australia I got to have a visit with Richard (kindly arranged by Chris Ghent). Richard lived up in the mountains west of Sydney - very scenic - with birds and wallabies running/hopping about the house and yard. I went up by train and the railroad platform was dirt. It was fun to see the shop and what he was working on. IIRC the fires were hard on that area some years later. It certainly wasn't a setting you'd associate with tech like high-speed internet. Note the Kookaburra birds in the fretwork of this instrument! Ken
  4. If you happen to know what keys it is tuned in (C/G for example) that information would help you find the right buyer. Good luck. Ken
  5. The content here related to concertinas has been about ways to transfer funds internationally, and some of the pitfalls we should all be aware of on the internet. Assuming we have covered that it may be time to recess the rest of the discussion to another forum. Back to your concertinas, thanks. Ken
  6. Actually we have ads all over (banners top and bottom of each page) - helps Paul pay for server space. But we do this mostly for fun...now where did I put my concertina? Ken
  7. This has come up before, with sellers in the past asking that general discussions and debates be in separate threads. I suppose I could try to police this in every thread, but it would be simpler if all of you would do it when you are tempted to make comments. 😶 Thanks. Ken
  8. I don't know how this project has worked out for you, but a beginning player near me would probably be interested. He has done quite of job of teaching himself English concertina in just a few months, but is now getting interested in Duet systems as better suited to his music. I told him he should consider Crane system. The only instrument hereabouts that he can try so far is an Elise Hayden so this is one way he could get a feel for Crane. I don't know exactly what touch device he uses, but I know it is not Apple or Mac/iOS. Ken
  9. Duplicate thread removed. Interesting gear, David! Ken
  10. Based on what we've heard in the past, I wouldn't expect Wim to change the note layout of the Elise. Whenever questions arise about, for example, offering a G/D Rochelle or Clover model or more notes on the Elise, my recollection is that he says he is selling what the worldwide market is buying, not just a single genre of music or nation of music makers. I can see his point - it is sales volume that supports creating so many new models, which is something for which Wim deserves significant credit. I can't think of another maker that offers as wide a range as he does. If I am mistak
  11. All true, except my impression is the Rochelle trade-in policy (at both C Connection and Button Box) is they will trade in instruments originally bought from their store - not interchangeable among businesses SFAIK. Ken
  12. Looks like more than 30 buttons on your baritone? That can help with music like this! Great! Ken
  13. OK, I just pulled the trigger and joined. Thank you Daniel for repeated suggestions. I meant to do this (literally) decades ago. At the time (if my recollection is not addled) it was suggested I should send a draft in dollars by post to the UK. Knowing what headaches that causes the recipient in another country, I hesitated to do so. Much easier now, even if the middlemen do take a cut of the proceeds. Ken
  14. Is it in C/G? Should probably add that info. Good luck with the sale. Ken
  15. That Icelandic Hymn was recorded by Fiddle Fever about 40 years ago (how time flies) - Jay Unger, Evan Stover, Matt Glaser, et al. with a similar tempo and feel on multiple violins. Very nice on duet concertina! Tap, Didie describes his Morse Beaumont with extra bellows in this thread. Ken
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