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    I need to paste in my comments from the old part of Concertina.net! Short version: I've played anglo since 1992, English since 2001. Mostly Italian boxes, Lachenals, a Morse, and a Kensington. One of the people behind the curtain at Concertina.net.
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  1. Ken_Coles

    Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

    Hi Lynda, Sorry to hear of your circumstances. I have a couple of suggestions. First would be to start a separate thread (called a Topic on the web page here) since your question goes beyond dating a Lachenal. Second, a few pictures if you have or can take some are a big help to anyone identifying what you have. If you let us know what part of the world you are in there may someone local who can give you more information in person. A metal-ended anglo with 39 keys (38 plus air, perhaps) could be a higher end instrument, though a lot depends on condition. That number sounds like post-1900 but the experts will tell you more presently. Ken
  2. We could certainly look this possibility. If the recordings are posted elsewhere with links it is just a matter of admin tasks, which I am happy to do. Posting files here would of course be more stable, but we'd have to consult Paul about server space. Ken
  3. Ken_Coles

    Ear Pain, Ringing from Higher Notes

    It is clear most of you don't suffer from permanent tinnitus - lucky you! I've had it for over 25 years, but most of the time I can (ahem) tune it out. It took me ages to figure out where I got it - I never went to loud concerts etc. Recently I realized it was all those years of sitting in the middle of the brass section of various band and orchestra ensembles. My bet is that yours is likely to be medical, in your ears rather than an issue with your instrument. Do consult an expert and good luck managing it. Let us hope your case is temporary; often but not always the case. Ken
  4. My impression is that one commonly does this (swap individual reeds) in concertinas of traditional construction with concertina reeds (Jeffries, Lachenal), but every Norman I've seen uses accordion reeds, so the push/pull pair go together and can't (easily) be separated. Or maybe i'm missing something here? Anyway, good luck with it. Ken
  5. Ken_Coles

    Wheatstone Linota sn#27957

    Ed, I thought I'd edited this into my post above but maybe I didn't hit save: If you have a Lachenal you know about having the owner play the middle row buttons on press over the phone to see what major chord you get (C on a C/G). I've been wasting my time learning uilleann pipes for a while, and last fall I smashed my left hand doing yard work and couldn't play anything for months; now getting back into it. When I'm in Indy on a Tuesday I always seem to go to the Golden Ace session (many old friends there) but will get up to yours one of these days. Ken
  6. Ken_Coles

    Wheatstone Linota sn#27957

    Ed, are you playing anglo these days? What's up? Ken
  7. Ken_Coles

    Jody Kruskal's May 2019 UK Tour

    I went last year, and sending a deposit in sterling from the US was problematic for me. Once I got ahold of Steven he told me just bring the money to Yorkshire. He put down my reservation (I stayed in one of the camping huts - nice enough). I paid up as we were standing right next to the tapped keg, how fitting. It (Swaledale) is a bit informal, but I expect they'll sort it out for you. I got to know Harry Scurfield while there and enjoying talking with him. My wife and I loved the countryside - lovely area. Very different atmosphere from a US gathering like the Squeeze-In. In the US most players are isolated all year and starved for fellow concertinists, hence the uncontrolled playing about 22 hours/day at NESI. At Swaledale everyone told me about the lessons and groups they were in at home (you are lucky over there) and quietly, calmly waited for each class to begin. But I bet Jody will stir up all those reserved concertinists! Ken
  8. Here is (was) my experience two decades ago. Have controlled it pretty well since, no surgery. But when it happened I lost nearly a year of playing. Ken
  9. Ken_Coles

    Finding new posts

    When I visit, I hit "unread content" in the uppper right (rather small typeface on my web browser). That gives me a list of topics with new or unread posts. To go to the first post since my last read of a thread, on the resulting list I click on the large dot (or star, if I've posted in that thread) just to the left of the thread title. Finally, because threads now pile up faster than I can read them (even though, as an admin, I should read everything), now and then I click "Mark site read" to do just that (clean the whole list of old threads) and start anew the next time. I'm moving this thread to the "Help" forum; "Official Business" is really for Paul to post items. Ken
  10. Ken_Coles

    Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

    Maybe our friend should be charging for his services! I'm tempted to rename this the "Dowright Does Right" thread. 😎 Certainly any of you folks should stand him a round if/when you meet in person. Ken
  11. Speaking as one of the admins, I'd say nothing from you is spam! Cheers, Ken
  12. That's too bad - I have the vhs of that one and it too was good. Ken
  13. Back in the Pleistocene when some of us were learning on Bastaris, Lark in the Morning put out a video on accordion and concertina repair. It had some scenes that were quite funny, including one on leaky Italian bellows that suggested you could get multiple colors of plastic or vinyl tape at the Hardware store and make yourself a great clowncertina while also fixing the leaks in the bellows. I once saw one with a band-aid (a plaster) on the bellows. Somehow it sums up the whole learning experience. But seriously, Dr. Bastari actually helped a lot of us get started, more folks than will readily admit it. Welcome to the madness. Ken
  14. Ken_Coles

    George Lambert, Wigan

    Wow! Please have someone record some of those stories (or do it yourself) if it hastn't been done already. We'd all love to hear them. Ken
  15. Ken_Coles

    Shepherds Hea Modulation

    Merged in the one reply from the thread of same topic in Tunes and Songs to this thread. Ken