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    I need to paste in my comments from the old part of Concertina.net! Short version: I've played anglo since 1992, English since 2001. Mostly Italian boxes, Lachenals, a Morse, and a Kensington. One of the people behind the curtain at Concertina.net.
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  1. A perennial question with Macs. I'm only running Catalina, but you can go to System Preferences (Security and Privacy pane, perhaps?) where you can give permission to run apps not from Apple-recognized developers. Someone here will recall the specifics... Ken
  2. Umm...if you want to support _this_ site, it is concertina.net (.com is another site). 😎 Cheers, Ken
  3. Another vote for this summary of past experience. Of course it is a challenge, if we can't help find some examples of instruments near someone asking the perennial "which system." Hope you find your match! Ken
  4. I'm not aware of any wholescale removal of material, though the original bbs system (pre 2003) with software written by Paul is no longer posted. Bear in mind that searches and search software are tricky to create (and use); as pointed out, spelling (which fools a computer but not a human) could be the issue. Ken
  5. Relevance is not our only critereon. Play ball! as they say here. Ken
  6. We don't worry about deleting topics like this. You've marked it as sold elsewhere; that should be sufficient. Ken
  7. You might want to write Wim directly through his web site - as you can see this is a very old thread and he doesn't check in (or at least post) here very often. Ken
  8. What Dana suggests - and I've seen him use it in live recording situations - is also done for some acoustic "classical" recording I've participated in (chamber music). Avoids the phasing issues he mentions and, depending on the pickup pattern of the mic, gives good stereo separation. Or so I'm told, I'm not a recording engineer, but the recordings sounded good. 😎 Ken
  9. Better to have honked and aged than never to have honked at all. Ken (not 64 yet) B^)
  10. We've just heard that the hard-working board of NESI has found a venue and date. Read all about it here. If you might attend, do respond to the survey so they can tell if they have enough attending to make it happen. Ken
  11. My understanding is that Wim only sold the Clover as a kit for a couple of years. i got one of the first batch in 2009 or 2010 IIRC and spent a summer building it (sanding by hand is the slow way to do things), quite an adventure. It came out great. Ken
  12. In a way I started out reversing direction more than switching rows. While you can play, e.g., a scale in G all on the pull, doing that all the time seems to me to defeat the point of the anglo system. Why not just play English or Duet? But mixing the two ways of playing opens lots of possibilities, no doubt about it. Ken
  13. A Tedrow in good condition would qualify as a good hybrid in my book; I've played a number of them. Before Bob Tedrow stopped making concertinas it was amazing to stand in his shop and watch him work. He is as meticulous as the best of them. The seller of the one on ebay says it is in good condition. Certainly worth considering. Ken
  14. Unless you have unusual skin (and we have members here who do, maybe they will chime in) you may find that with experience slipping off a button becomes uncommon with skill. You just get used to where they are. Playing anglo does involve a lot of moving your fingers around in fast music. For over a century many superb players have met both these requirements (not slipping off except when they want to) with metal-capped buttons so I'm sure it can work for you. Since you are upgrading from a Rochelle the key to progressing is to start working with a higher-level instrument, and either of these w
  15. NESI - Sorry, if you've been here less than a year you haven't seen the long discussions every year of the largest squeeze-box event in North America that I know of, the North East Squeeze In. Usually held on a weekend in September in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts (i.e., not a long way from you), it is the best chance I can think of to see, try (with permission), and compare a lot of different instruments, makes, etc. It may happen this year but the date and venue will differ (our usual venue is closed), or it may be virtual as in 2020. The organizers are working on that now and will
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