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    I need to paste in my comments from the old part of Concertina.net! Short version: I've played anglo since 1992, English since 2001. Mostly Italian boxes, Lachenals, a Morse, and a Kensington. One of the people behind the curtain at Concertina.net.
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  1. Ken_Coles

    Stagi Concertinas

    Welcome Steve. Please, please, just one thread per topic. When you post, wait a minute for the site to come back with confirmation before hitting "submit" again. Thanks. Ken
  2. Which page do you mean by "opening page?" Is it the page for all the forums? (www.concertina.net/forums/) That just shows the most recently active thread in a given forum in the view I use. The less active the forums (e.g., Suggestions and Help is not very active), the older it will be. Or is the page for a given forum, e.g., General Discussion? (link) That shows the 20 most recently active threads in that forum (in my view, perhaps you can adjust this number in your preferences). And of course, if you choose "Unread Content" at the upper right, that is all you see. Ken
  3. Ken_Coles

    Interesting Lachenal on ebay.com

    There is already a thread about this instrument - I encourage everyone to post their replies there. Ken
  4. Wow Seth, are you the same maker who does the Swedish and Irish bagpipes? Must not have enough mischief to get into! Ken (already admires your other work)
  5. Ken_Coles

    Florence Fahy playing at Consairtin 2019 in Ennis

    Florence, It looks like this thread is posted in both General Discussion and in Teaching and Learning...in general, we'd encourage you to just choose one forum for a particular topic rather than duplicating it. That makes it easier for everyone to engage in a single discussion (and easier for administration also). Thanks and happy playing. Ken PS: Edited to add: I turned off the other thread, in T and L. If you'd like this moved from General Discussion to another area just say so here and I'll get to it.
  6. Ken_Coles

    Lost/Stolen Instruments

    Posted on the SI-Talk Yahoo Group (used by participants in the U.S. Northeast Squeeze in - not sure if the general public can see it) by Angela DeCarlis, 6th of July 2019: Original post "Sad to report that my English Concertina was stolen at the festival I'm at in Bethel, Vermont. "Please keep an eye out on eBay, Craigslist, etc for the instrument seen and described in the email below from Doug at the Button Box. Noteworthy details include the small amount of damage in the woodwork of the right-hand grill. "I'll update the group if the instrument is recovered here at the festival, though I'm not especially optimistic. "Thanks everyone, "Angela" [from Doug Creighton; evidently this instrument has no serial number]: - 6-sided, rosewood ends with fancy fretwork - 6-1/4” across the face (flat side to opposite flat side) - 48 metal buttons (24 each side) - black leather thumb straps - labelled “C. Wheatstone & Co.” - 5-fold, black leather bellows with decorative papers - with molded plastic pelican case, labelled “The Button Box” and with a teal canvas shoulder strap Edited to add: Angela reports that this is a treble-range concertina, and sent me the attached photos. Further edit: I've filed a formal police report. The contact person on the case with the Vermont State Police is Mark Harvey. He can be reached at mark dot harvey at vermont dot gov and has given permission to distribute his email address along with the information regarding my stolen information. Also, Angela agreed to have her email posted here if you have any information: aedecarlis at gmail dot com .
  7. Ken_Coles

    Jeffries and Wheatstone layouts

    Apologies, I was driving across the US the last few days without much internet (nothing fast, certainly) and will get it done. Thanks, Ken Edit added: Threads merged and result put in general discussion.
  8. Ken_Coles

    Jeffries and Wheatstone layouts

    I started on various Stagis and Lachenals (all Wheatstone or close to it), and later got a Morse (my most-played box) in Jeffries layout. For the notes used in most of my playing only the location of the C# (upper octave) varies, and I can now reset my brain in a few minutes. I suspect guitar players who change tuning (standard, DADGAD, drop-D, etc.) go through something similar. I have a few arrangements of tunes that are the same on both systems, and one or two that are specific to one or the other. Ken
  9. Ken_Coles

    Replacement straps

    In my limited experience, yes. The experts will chime in and tell you for certain. Ken
  10. Jeff is great, and is as nice to the beginner as the experienced - do check it out if you can! Ken
  11. Ken_Coles

    Parnassus Concertinas

    Topic now here in General Discussion, thanks. They look like nice instruments - some experts will chime in. Ken
  12. Ken_Coles

    High jacking threads..etiquette

    Took the words out of my mouth. The software here doesn't allow restricting comments in a single thread to the OP. We can leave a thread open, close it to all activity, or have moderators and admins, who have much wider power than editing their own post. As noted above, Paul and I prefer not to play the schoolmarm, hovering ready to edit at any moment, though we do intervene at times. I'm lucky if my life lets me check every thread on here once a day, and things go their own way much faster than that. And no matter what level of intervention we choose, someone is not happy with it and thinks it could be better. I guess that's life in the big open public marketplace of ideas. Back to your concertinas (or dreams of concertinas). Ken
  13. Ken_Coles

    Trip to Swaledale Squeeze

    Fun to see Swaledale again - my wife and I came there from the U.S. last year. That bench at the end of the video is the perfect place to sit and look out on the countryside. Squeeze on, everyone! Ken
  14. Ken_Coles

    Dating A Lachenal From The Serial Number

    Hi Lynda, Sorry to hear of your circumstances. I have a couple of suggestions. First would be to start a separate thread (called a Topic on the web page here) since your question goes beyond dating a Lachenal. Second, a few pictures if you have or can take some are a big help to anyone identifying what you have. If you let us know what part of the world you are in there may someone local who can give you more information in person. A metal-ended anglo with 39 keys (38 plus air, perhaps) could be a higher end instrument, though a lot depends on condition. That number sounds like post-1900 but the experts will tell you more presently. Ken
  15. We could certainly look this possibility. If the recordings are posted elsewhere with links it is just a matter of admin tasks, which I am happy to do. Posting files here would of course be more stable, but we'd have to consult Paul about server space. Ken