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  1. Tiposx

    Reed gone flat

    I visited Theo today and within 15 minutes he had fitted and tuned a replacement nickel silver reed whilst I watched. Top bloke!
  2. Tiposx

    Reed gone flat

    Thank you for all the advice. I will try Theo first as he is local. Tiposx
  3. Tiposx

    Reed gone flat

    Pm to Theo
  4. Tiposx

    Reed gone flat

    Update : The reed is definitely dead. It had gone floppy- it looks like it has failed along the step near the base, created by all the reed filing it has had since around 1853. So can anyone suggest a supplier of replacement for this Rock Chidley reed in either nickel silver or brass? Or possibly a source for the whole plate/ reed assembly?I don't know if the size of the reed plate varies between makers. Failing that I will probably have a go at making a new reed from hardened brass sheet.
  5. Tiposx

    Reed gone flat

    'Tis now an F......
  6. The G4 pull reed on my English has just become a nice steady F#4 all by itself. I looks like one of the original nickel silver reeds, but I can't see anything obviously wrong with it. It isn't dirty and the valve is working well. Any ideas/ prognosis? (I am used to working on melodeons so I understand free reeds in general.) Thanks Tiposx
  7. Tiposx

    What would make a reed sound soft

    It sounds "mellower" than the others to me. I am more used to melodeons and accordions - reeds from different makers can sound different in that way. I think it adds character but that doesn't help if it bugs the owner....
  8. Tiposx

    My web site is (finally) up to date

    Fantastic journey and a compelling read. I didn't fully get "why" until http://concertinamatters.se/styled-25/styled-18/index.html Explained the button spacing. So - fewer buttons allows wider button spacing. Buttons that push down to level with the ends. Wrist straps on an EC. I think I get it now - Thanks for sharing it with us. Tiposx
  9. Tiposx

    Mcneela Phoenix

    Yes looks interesting and it is a great price. Must be a catch somewhere?
  10. Tiposx

    Mcneela Phoenix

    Hi Nicolas why did you send the Wren back? Tiposx
  11. Tiposx

    Mcneela Phoenix

    Hi Papawemba Thank you for that info. Like you I noticed that Caitlin Nic Gabhann made even the beginner instrument sound super. Good point re buying on trial, I will have a think about that for a few days on holiday. Meanwhile I am looking for reviews and other people's experiences of the hybrid models. There seems to be a theme that one has to spend £2k to get a good instrument, but I just don't want to spend that much. My house is full of lovely musical instruments and yet the most expensive one is a "beginner" grade english concertina! Tiposx
  12. Also known as apj concertinas. The Anglo is on my list of hybrids to consider. What do owners/players think? I know that at least one forum member has owned and sold one some years ago. I play Irish music. Many thanks
  13. I am looking at anglo hybrid concertinas. Has anyone actually played or owned one of the Phoenix c/g. It is advertised as an intermediate level concertina. It sounds good in their promotional video and appears to play fast- although it is being played by a champion.The price is very competitive, but there isn't much info around except via Mcneela. I understand that the model is similar to its predecessor the Mcneela Swallow. Thanks Tiposx
  14. I have an ec with nickel steel [edit -I mean nickel silver] reeds, also some of the original reeds have been replaced with brass. It is not a posh instrument. I am just a beginner with the concertina but I play it, button boxes and pa with someone who is very accomplished on his rosewood -ended metal-button Lachenal and metal ended Crabb steel reeded instruments. We play Irish music and have swapped concertinas a few times. My brass reeded instrument would have no trouble, none at, all keeping up speed-wise with tunes such as the one in your clip. Subjectively the brass reeds can be played quite fast, much faster than your tune, but need more effort/air on the bellows than the steel. That is largely what makes the instrument slower to play than the steel -reeded ones. The Lachenal in particular feels almost touch-sensitive and is hardly any effort to play. Regarding volume the Crabb goes from talking to yelling; the Lachenal goes from smooth talking to mellow shouting. The brass reeded one goes from mellow whisper to mellow loudish speech. I love the sound of it, especially as I usually play in a glass walled room with hard floor. The Crabb cuts through on a pub session with soft furnishings and people around. The Lachenal doesn't cut through very well in that setting. The brass reeds seem to be holding tune nicely. All subjective!
  15. Reader - I bought it. Tiposx