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  1. It sounds as good as it looks.
  2. Papawemba has a nice Jones for sale in the buys/wants section complete with videos. He has mentioned how he loves the tone several times in the last few years.
  3. Yes I have been watching the threads, it has stirred my interest in what will be a long term project. A couple of posters on here have mentioned that they have some harmonium reeds, but my dm's haven't been successful. I have restored a lovely baritone tina with the french reeds but I need the big ones!
  4. Looking for a set of 29 or more single reeds in the range F1 or F#1 to G3 or above. I have seen some nice brass Wheatstone ones with French writing on, that would be my preference i.e. vintage. Thanks
  5. I couldn’t keep up with my friend playing Irish music melodies on any other instrument I had, so I bought an English. It would have been a lot cheaper to try a whistle!
  6. Simon Brock is a clog maker but did a great restoration of a Wheatstone leather case for me, he also builds one-off cases. He is based in Sheffield. https://simonbrock.co.uk/one-offs
  7. Sorted now, thank you Alex for your generosity. Donation made to C-net at your request.
  8. I would like to replace a reed in my Lachenal tutor model. My Peterson app says it is E4. It is approx 32mm long with brass tongue. Fair price and postage paid within the uk Thanks Tiposx
  9. Interesting video. I wonder what the advantages were of such a complicated assembly. I wouldn’t like to reproduce the brass sliding part, even though I have the equipment to do so. Perhaps it is was seen as a way to use coil springs rather than torsion springs.
  10. A home brewed bitza. I supect that a spare set of bellows has been spliced into the original ones. This would be to accommodate leaks rather than fixing them.
  11. I don't think it is a good idea to avoid separating the bellows frames from the action board. The Scholers I have worked on were easy to part. Some had paper tapes along the internal joins to seal the assembly. If this tape is split already then you will have poor bellows pressure. When reassembling you can use masking tape, thin packing tape or similar. When looking for leaks I use a bright led (l.e.d.) torch inside the bellows in a dark room. You may be surprised at where your leaks are. An artist's paintbrush and a few dabs of pva adhesive should sort it out.
  12. Steve usually declares in his posts that he is a proprietor of Red Cow. He must have forgotten to say on this occasion. 😊
  13. I bought two sets of these (They are presumably from the same source as yours) just over a year ago to fit on english 'tinas. They were a very good price and well made to my request for a seventh fold in very quick time, only 2 weeks. I noticed that they were quite springy, but definitely made to a high standard with seperate bellows cards. Yours sound much harder work than mine were, perhaps that 7th fold masked it. I felt that they were probably more suited to anglo than e.c. but at around half the prices I had been quoted from other makers. I sold one of the 'tinas to someone who
  14. Is is just tradition that we are expected to fit those “standard” style of concertina valves I wonder. I ask because I use leather accordion reeds, which are around 1/3 of the cost and work well. I mainly restore old wrecks where the cost of valves is significant to the value of the instrument. They are not as pretty as concertina valves but seem to do the same job, given that the reeds are fine tuned after installing the new valves.
  15. It is very pretty both outside and inside. I wonder if there is anyone around who could play it though. It would be lovely to hear it in action.
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