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  1. I only attend one pub in northern England for the Irish music session but there are two, sometimes three concertina players. They play English system or duets. I am on my second ec this year but am not up to a session yet. I note that a good mid-range Lachenal ec is much cheaper than a 30 button Anglo.
  2. I look on mine as a mini piano, but with but with both hands playing the melody. That halves the work and helps my crackly fingers keep up.
  3. Tiposx

    Reed gone flat

    I visited Theo today and within 15 minutes he had fitted and tuned a replacement nickel silver reed whilst I watched. Top bloke!
  4. Tiposx

    Reed gone flat

    Thank you for all the advice. I will try Theo first as he is local. Tiposx
  5. Tiposx

    Reed gone flat

    Update : The reed is definitely dead. It had gone floppy- it looks like it has failed along the step near the base, created by all the reed filing it has had since around 1853. So can anyone suggest a supplier of replacement for this Rock Chidley reed in either nickel silver or brass? Or possibly a source for the whole plate/ reed assembly?I don't know if the size of the reed plate varies between makers. Failing that I will probably have a go at making a new reed from hardened brass sheet.
  6. Tiposx

    Reed gone flat

    'Tis now an F......
  7. The G4 pull reed on my English has just become a nice steady F#4 all by itself. I looks like one of the original nickel silver reeds, but I can't see anything obviously wrong with it. It isn't dirty and the valve is working well. Any ideas/ prognosis? (I am used to working on melodeons so I understand free reeds in general.) Thanks Tiposx
  8. Tiposx

    What would make a reed sound soft

    It sounds "mellower" than the others to me. I am more used to melodeons and accordions - reeds from different makers can sound different in that way. I think it adds character but that doesn't help if it bugs the owner....
  9. Tiposx

    My web site is (finally) up to date

    Fantastic journey and a compelling read. I didn't fully get "why" until http://concertinamatters.se/styled-25/styled-18/index.html Explained the button spacing. So - fewer buttons allows wider button spacing. Buttons that push down to level with the ends. Wrist straps on an EC. I think I get it now - Thanks for sharing it with us. Tiposx
  10. Tiposx

    Mcneela Phoenix

    Yes looks interesting and it is a great price. Must be a catch somewhere?
  11. Tiposx

    Mcneela Phoenix

    Hi Nicolas why did you send the Wren back? Tiposx
  12. Tiposx

    Mcneela Phoenix

    Hi Papawemba Thank you for that info. Like you I noticed that Caitlin Nic Gabhann made even the beginner instrument sound super. Good point re buying on trial, I will have a think about that for a few days on holiday. Meanwhile I am looking for reviews and other people's experiences of the hybrid models. There seems to be a theme that one has to spend £2k to get a good instrument, but I just don't want to spend that much. My house is full of lovely musical instruments and yet the most expensive one is a "beginner" grade english concertina! Tiposx
  13. Also known as apj concertinas. The Anglo is on my list of hybrids to consider. What do owners/players think? I know that at least one forum member has owned and sold one some years ago. I play Irish music. Many thanks
  14. I am looking at anglo hybrid concertinas. Has anyone actually played or owned one of the Phoenix c/g. It is advertised as an intermediate level concertina. It sounds good in their promotional video and appears to play fast- although it is being played by a champion.The price is very competitive, but there isn't much info around except via Mcneela. I understand that the model is similar to its predecessor the Mcneela Swallow. Thanks Tiposx