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  1. My guess is that’s where a gusset will tend to split when it is worn out. That part in the valley is fully opened and closed around 90 deg. It may also have been weakened a little when pressing it fully into place.
  2. Perhaps the reed plate holding-down screws are loose? I would try adjusting at least one of the reed gaps. I aim to see an even gap around the tip area, the same height as the thickness of the reed is a good starting point. It really helps to judge the gap if there is a bright light under the reed.
  3. I don't mind starting the discussion - firstly congratulations on your purchase. it looks like a very well made instrument in excellent condition. Secondly the reed gaps look too small in the photos. Everything else looks very good. Best of luck Tiposx
  4. Apologies for the failed uploads. I have now added photos and measurements. Tiposx
  5. These pics or of a Boosey and Hawkes baritone that I have been working on. It has no serial number but the hook action looks just like Lachenal. The reeds are all brass, and I was wondering where the long reeds came from - thanks to this thread -perhaps a harmonium. The instrument is heavy but pretty quiet even by brass reed standards. It does sound very sweet though. Edit -it weighs 1956 grams and measures 7 1/2 inches across the flats. baritone1 baritone2
  6. I have had quotes for standard size bellows from David Robertson Concertinas and Marcus Music. Mark Lloyd-Adey at Concertina spares sells them. I have bought two sets of standard size but custom 7 fold from Peter O’Connor in Ireland who sells them on eBay. I make my own these days, which opens up all sort of restoration opportunities.
  7. And I almost forgot Theo Gibb https://theboxplace.co.uk/product-category/concertinas/
  8. And here is where I bought my Morse https://redcowmusic.co.uk/instruments/concertinas/english-concertinas/
  9. A C Norman have a good looking late Wheatstone from 1939 that might be of interest. I don’t know if they export though -edit - looks as if they do. http://www.acnorman.co.uk/
  10. Well perhaps it’s just the way I speak. I got a really good deal on the Morse Geordie Baritone from a dealer in the UK, which meant that it was in my price range. I would buy a Morse Albion treble if I could get a similar good deal on one. I don’t “need” one but I really like the Morse quality and sound. Regards Tiposx
  11. David Barnert beat me to it. I have Wheatstones, Lachenals and a Morse Baritone. I would be very happy to own a Morse Albion if I could get one at a decent price.
  12. Thank you Stephen. I was born in 1955 so I probably just missed him!
  13. Hi Stephen Do you know roughly when the interview with Harold Mellor took place? Thanks
  14. Great detective work Steve Chambers. After seeing your post I searched t'internet for Dinkie Hair Clips and found plenty of photos. The vintage collector sales blurb says that they were popular in the 1920's to 1940's and I can dimly remember my mum using them in the 1950's
  15. Good Lord I nearly fell off my chair at the sight of that stamp. I was brought up at 139 Taunton Rd in Ashton-under-Lyne (now part of Greater Manchester) between the late 1950’s and the mid 1970’s. Only very old people used to call that area “Limehurst”. 109 was a corner sweet and cigarette shop throughout that time, and now seems to be a conversion into flats. Perhaps Harold Mellor was working away in the background whilst I bought sweets. I never even saw a concertina until about 5 years ago. Funny how things go. Apologies for the ramble. Tiposx
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