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  1. Given the rate of vaccine rollout, and the fairly slow pace of TV projects, I'd have thought there was a fair chance of at least your parents getting immunised before the film crew arrived. Did they say when they wanted to record? I agree that it would be great to get the Dipper concertina fabrication techniques recorded.
  2. I use a little stereo Sony IC Recorder - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sony-ICDSX733-Professional-Voice-Recorder/dp/B00BOK99MU to do my recordings, like those on my Virtual Greenshoots page (https://pghardy.net/greenshoots/virtual/). It sits about a metre away, and I try and face it. However I then load the recording into Audacity and use that to amplify left and right channels to the same volume level for balance, as well as editing out blank time and merging any retakes. Finally I use MP3Tag to set metadata fields.
  3. My previous instrument (as a child) was cello, and I think I still treat the bellows of the 'tina much like the bow of a cello or violin. One can keep playing notes in a violin in the same bow direction until you run out of bow, but it is much more usual (and better) to use change of bow direction to emphasise the start of phrases, or other notes needing more attack. Changing bellows direction puts a bit of space between the notes. I think one reason the Anglo is seen as more rhythmic, is that the Anglo putting two notes on one button forces many changes of bellows direction (at least on a 20-
  4. There are few round here (Cambridge UK), indeed the crew that came round our street this last Wednesday had a youngish Yolanda, doing a good job of hauling green bins to the lorry/truck.
  5. I sold one, and recycled one as a Midi instrument. Two are out on loan at present, one has just come back from loan, two are still awaiting fettling back to playability, One is still in old pitch, one is a baritone, one is a very loud modern one, two are very quiet brass-reeded tutors, two are Anglos, and one is a melodeon currently in pieces. So that only leaves three English trebles that I play regularly - an Aeola, a Lachenal New Model, and an old George Case brass-reeded one!
  6. English. Generally #16 in https://pghardy.net/concertina/.
  7. I've been recording tunes from my Session Tunebook, played slowly to learn then faster for fun. At eight tunes a week, I'm up to week 35, so some 280 tunes recorded so far. Only 360 more to do! See https://pghardy.net/greenshoots/virtual/ . I've also been hosting weekly Zoom sessions (Virtual Greenshoots Live) to play the week's tunes and keep our local slow session running. I also co-host biweekly two-hour Zoom sessions for Chiltinas - concertina self help group (http://www.chiltinas.org.uk/). Today we did a WW1 marches medley, two parts tunes (Woodbridge Assembly, Flowers of As
  8. The melody and suggested chords is in my free Xmas tunebook at https://pghardy.net/tunebooks/index.html#xmas.
  9. But a nice top end instrument for its time, and probably pretty easy to get back to playable condition. I don't think it's an unreasonable price for an instrument that is probably in the 3% of concertinas at the time it was made. How much would you expect to pay pay for a top 3% violin?
  10. At least the concertinas they sold would have been somewhat cheaper than the Stradivari violins they sold recently!
  11. Dowright, I think one digit got dropped (in 3281) and one mistyped (in 32621) in your response there. Did you mean to say: >> No 32801 circa 1894 (No 32620 has 1894 bill of sale; No 32821 has March 1895 bill of sale) or was it 32921?
  12. Any suggested website where I can get (to the UK) appropriate 6BA fillister head brass bolts? - the current ones seem to be 1 and 1/8 inch long (plus head). If not, how about for M2.5 equivalents? Length is 29mm. Also, are cheese head bolts OK if fillister head ones are scarce?
  13. I have the same problem - three sheared end bolts on one end of https://pghardy.net/concertina/lachenal_32801/lachenal_32801.html. Bazza12, can you describe what you achieved? Anyone else got an excess of spare end bolts? I would have gone to Concertina-Spares, but I'm unsure as to whether Mark has recovered back to full service - anybody know?
  14. Dowright, can you give me a date for Lachenal 32801 - https://pghardy.net/concertina/lachenal_32801/lachenal_32801.html ? I'm guessing early to mid 1890s?
  15. As a counter-case, in past couple of months I've received one concertina and shipped another (within UK) - both arrived in good condition. Both were shipped by Royal Mail next day delivery (in cardboard boxes with plenty of bubble wrap and parcel tape). No guarantees, your mileage may vary!
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