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  1. I play English, and I don't find it difficult to hold. I keep the thumb loops tight, so they take most of the weight and force of bellows pressing. Although the little finger remains in the pinky rest, its primary role is to provide stability and a reference point, with bellows pressure being a secondary role, and taking weight as tertiary. So there isn't a lot of force applied through it. I usually keep one end of the tina on my left knee (I'm right handed), which also helps reduce weight stress on thumb and pinky. There are some tunes however that I can't play unless I'm holding the tina in the air and moving it in time to the music for expression - not to Alistair Anderson level, but significant motion! I do think that some people (particularly beginners) get problems with the English because they tend to grip the instrument too tightly - my little fingers are pretty relaxed during play. Regards,
  2. Paul_Hardy

    Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook

    I’ve not done so, and I’m not aware of anyone doing such a mass conversion. I’ll put it on the ‘investigate’ list, but no promises.
  3. Paul_Hardy

    Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook

    The 2018 edition of Paul Hardy's Session Tunebook is now available and stable. See http://www.pghardy.net/concertina/tunebooks/. Now 613 tunes. I'm a bit late in announcing this, as it actually happened on 24th August! It's free for download as PDF for printing off, or increasingly for people to use in tablets like iPads. You can also download for free the ABC file and use a program to play along with - I have a page on Playing ABC. Alternatively, you can order a printed and nicely bound (can fold right back) copy from Lulu.com for £8.00+pp - same price as previous edition. If you have the 2017 printed edition, then just download the Annex 2017, print it off and stick it in the back to give the extra tunes, and apply the edits in the 'Errata' section to bring you up to date. Similarly for 2016 edition. If you have downloaded an earlier version for tablet, then certainly do replace it with the current version - it has all the same tunes plus a few more. If you have a printed 2015 or earlier, then an upgrade to a new copy may be appropriate, particularly if you use the chords, which had a major rehash in 2016. Enjoy!
  4. I have online a recording of Brian from Kilve in 2007 at http://www.pghardy.net/concertina/kilve/kilve200710/ but it's not a good recording, and its not Brian at his best. I remember Brian performing some spectacular Handel at the Wheatstone Bicentenary concert in 2002, but I think I only have a photo, not a recording, although I did record the hour-long talk and discussion on Wheatstone by Stephen Rowling and others.
  5. You have a private message. To send them, click on the name of the person you want , to go to their profile page, and there is a button for sending a private message (and a slot for a public message). In case you have problems reading the message, if you Google for Paul Hardy Concertina, you should find my web pages that have an email contact. Regards,
  6. Steve Dickinson is an excellent suggestion, but he tends to have a backlog of work. Where in Cambridgeshire are you? I live just to the west of Cambridge. I'm not a professional repairer, but I do maintain my own concertinas, and I could possibly give advice. I find that the combination of Dave Elliot's Repair Manual (http://www.concertina-repair.org.uk/page7.html) and Concertina Spares (https://concertina-spares.com/) for parts lets me fix most small problems myself. If you don't want to do things yourself, and Steve can't help, then sending the instrument to Dave Elliot is another possibility. The other question is what kind and make of concertina is it? The construction of the traditional Wheatstones, Lachenals, etc with their individual radial reeds, is very different to the modern cheaper models like the Jackie, Rochelle, Stagi etc which use accordion reeds in blocks. These cheaper instruments may be more familiar to an accordion repairer, which may be easier to find. Regards,
  7. Paul_Hardy

    Concertina Ryan Air

    Indeed, the rest of the EU will remain a single customs area, but Kelteglow gives location as Penzance, which is in the EU now, but probably wont be next year. Of course, even outside the EU, we might negotiate staying in the European Economic Area, like Iceland, Norway and Lichtenstein are, or just the single market, like Switzerland - nobody knows yet!
  8. Paul_Hardy

    Concertina Ryan Air

    I've travelled with 'tina in hand luggage in Europe on Easyjet and on Ryanair, with no problems. I usually say to the operator of the X-ray machine that "its a musical instrument - squeezebox", as it looks unusual on the X-ray image - similar to the magazine of a sub-machine gun, I'm told. If your flight is within the EU, then there should be no worry about CITES endangered species regulations (e.g. rosewood) as its a single customs area (until Brexit!). If you are putting the 'tina in your main cabin bag (55cm x 40cm x 20cm), it's worth buying Ryanair "Priority and second bag" to ensure that you can keep your cabin bag in the cabin, rather than having it taken off you at the gate and slung in the hold to pickup from the destination carousel. The alternative is put 'tina in personal bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm) to go under seat in front - I've carried a Lachenal English to Sweden like that.
  9. Unfortunately, I'm then in Normandy for a village twinning event at a medieval weekend. I might take my concertina as a 'historical' instrument, though I agree it's stretching it a bit far to call it medieval (though that hasn't dissuaded some others). Happy squeezing anyway -see you next year.
  10. Paul_Hardy

    "Top Ten" session tunes?

    Chosing 10 is hard - as people have said the tunes being played at sessions varies with geography and moment in time. My Basic Tunebook has popular 60 session tunes, that would be a good core (although I'd like to hear suggestions of the form: We never play X, you should substitute Y). If I really had to name 10 that you could start anywhere and people would join in, I'd perhaps go for: Bear Dance Blackthorn Stick Davy Davy Knick Knack Egan’s Polka Galopede Harvest Home Horse’s Brawl Jimmy Allen Navvie on the Line Off to California The Oyster Girl Soldier’s Joy Speed the Plough Yes, I know that's 13, but I was never very good at arithmetic!
  11. Paul_Hardy

    More dumb questions about modes...

    Ah, so an accidental discovery then - I didn't know I had found the missing videos. 😕 While I have a post open, and on the subject of modal tunes - We have already had a reference to the Rainbow Jigs, that were posted here by Pete Dunk in 2016. I was trying to play them recently and noticed a few minor problems with missing repeats etc, plus they were all notated in the abc as being in the key of G. Here is an amended abc, with each in its own mode: %abc %%abc-alias Rainbow Jigs Modal X:10 T:Rainbow Jigs (Modal) C:James Fitton, 2016 B:Tunes, Arrangements and Songs 2016 M:6/8 L:1/8 Z:Peter Dunk 2016. Amended Paul Hardy 2018. Q:3/8=100 K:GMaj T:One - Red Jig - G Ionian (G Major) |:"G"gfg "C"edc|"G"B2G G2"C"c/B/|"D"A2D D2d/c/|"G"B2G G2f| "Em"gfg "C"age|"G"ded BAG|"D"ABc def|"G"g2b g3:| |:"G"GFG ABc|"G"d2g g2 "Bm"f/g/|"D"a2d d2 b/a/|"G"d2g g2F| "Em"GFG "D"ABc|"G"d2g g2"Em"f/g/|"D"a2D DEF|"G"G2B G3:| % T:Two - Orange Jig - A Dorian K:ADor |:"Am"A2c E2A|"Am"agf "C"edc|"Am"A2c "Em"B2A|"G"GFG "C"EFG| "Am"A2B "D"A2G|"Em"EFG "C"EFG|"Am"c2c "G"B2B|"Am"AEG A3:| |:"Am"a3 "G"g3|"Am"cBA "Em"GFE|"Am"a3 "G"g3|"C"egf e3| "Am"a2c B2A|"G"g2B A2G|"C"e3 "D"d3|"G"BAG "Am"A3:| % T:Three - Yellow Jig - B Phrygian K:BPhr |:"Bm"B3F3|"D"DEF "C"GcA|"Bm"B3F3|"G"dcA "C"GFG| "Bm"BFF BdF|"Am"AEE edc|"Bm"B3 "Am"AAB|"C"cBA "Bm"B3:| |:"Bm"f3B3|"D"ffg "C"fed|"Bm"f3 Bfg|"Am"age "Bm"f3| "Em"gfe "D"fdd|"D"fed "Em"eBB|"D"f3 "Am"e3|"D"FGA "Bm"B3:| % T:Four - Green Jig - C Lydian K:CLyd |:"C"c2E "G"GFG|"Am"AGA "Bm"BAB|"C"c2c cde|"G"dcB "D"A2G| "C"eGe "Am"cBA|"Am"cEc "Em"EFG|"C"cEA "G"G3-|GED "C"C3:| |:"C"C2G GFG|"C"c2G GFG|"Am"C2G GFG|"C"E2D C3| "C"cEA G3-|"C"GEG GFG|"Am"cEA G3-|"C"GED C3:| % T:Five - Blue Jig - D Mixolydian K:DMix |:"D"D2A BAA|"C"cBA "G"GFG|"D"D2A BAA|"C"c2c "G"B2B| "D"D2d dcB|"Bm"AGA FGA|"G"BAB "Em"GFE|"D"D2D D3:| |:"D"d2A AGA|"C"cBA "G"GFG|"D"d2A AGA|"C"c2B "G"c2B| "D"A2D DEc|"C"G2C CEc|"G"BcA "C"GFE|"D"D2D D3:| % T:Six - Indigo Jig - E Aeolian (E Minor) K:Em |:"Em"EGB "D"AGF|"Em"G2E E3|"C"edB "G"BAG|"D"A3 "G"B3| "Em"eBd "G"BAG|"D"AGA "Em"GFE|"C" DEG "D"FED|"C"E2D "Em"E3:| |:"Em"eef "D"gfd|"C"e2d "Em"e3|"C"eef "Em"edc|"G"B3B3| "C"gfe c3|"Bm"fed B3|"D"AAB "Bm"GFD|"C"E2D "Em"E3:| % T:Seven - Purple Jig - F# Locrian K:F#Loc |:"F#"FGA "G"B2A|"Em"G2A "F#"F3|"D"FGA "C"G2F|"Bm"B3 "F#"B3| "Bm"fed AGF|"C"cBA GFE|"G"GAB "Em"G2E|"F#"F3F3:| |:"Bm"fed "G"B2A|"Em"B2G "D"F3|"Bm"fed "G"B2A|"Bm"B3B3| "F#"ABc def|"Em"GAB cde|"G"BAG "Em"F2E|"F#"F3F3:|
  12. Paul_Hardy

    More dumb questions about modes...

    Not this Paul Hardy - some other Paul?
  13. Paul_Hardy

    Editing interface problems

    Thanks - that would be great. It's working OK for me today, but was definitely broken when I tried before. Well it didn't work for me in my response to the post about Cambridge in October - you can still see the naked link texts. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10. I'll try again, just referring to my web site http://pghardy.net/ as a test. Ah, seems to be OK today. Thanks for you efforts in maintaining the forum site.
  14. When creating a post in the previous version, there was a toggle button top left which showed you the raw content with html-style markup controls, so one could sort out markup problems. Is there an equivalent in the new interface? If I click on the 'chain' icon to create a link, I get an error box saying "There was a problem loading this content". Previously, if one put in a URL (starting http) then it got converted automatically to a link. This doesn't seem to happen any more?
  15. Paul_Hardy

    Cambridge, England in October 2018

    Well, as the eponymous Paul Hardy of the tunebooks, I live about 6 miles from Cambridge! Unfortunately, I'm away in Italy and then at the WCCP concertina event in Somerset for much of the time you indicate, but I'd be happy to meet up one day or evening from the 16th on. There will be a Greenshoots session (http://greenshootsmusic.org.uk/) on 15 October at Melbourn which uses my tunebook tunes. I should be there assuming I get back from Somerset in time. Chiltinas (http://chiltinas.org.uk/) meets on Sunday 21st. Drop me an email (paul at paulhardy.net), and I'll let you know of any others nearer the time.