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  1. No, not me. I read Daniel Hersh wrote this information in CC-Rochelle-2 thread.
  2. Hi Alittletired, Why don't you get in touch with Concertina Connection, the maker of Elise, as the company sometimes has traded in second hands of its products. If they have second-hand-Elise is in stock, it should be reasonably priced than a brand new ones, even with the shipping cost from US to UK. http://www.concertinaconnection.com/pre owned.htm If you can wait for another year, Elise-2, which is expected to be less-bulky, may come into market. Totani/
  3. Just a small update for those that may be interested. Last month, I had contact with a South African concertina luthier, Gys Mans. He told me that he had actually stopped production due to the current COVID19 pandemic. He says he may restart later this year when things are settled, but who knows? I have been in his waiting list for two years and a half. Totani
  4. Great to know that, Seth. Shame on me for my ignorance. Gen Totani
  5. Hello, papawemba, Harrington Classic by Seth Hamont. I have never heard of this maker, but the photos and the description on the web look good and it is good to hear that you are happy with it. Looking forward to your review. I wonder is Seth Mamont would reproduce square Harrington sometime in the future. https://swedishbagpipes.com/concertina
  6. Hey, That's ME playing. lol Sorry that the recording quality is far from excellent. I used built in microphone of iPad. I have been using Minstrel (with Wakker Bellows)for nearly three years, and it still keeps me entertained. That recording is nearly one year old and now I can bring out far better music from Minstrel. (I think) I would definitely choose Minstrel (or Clover) over McNeela brand instrument. Wim Wakker is confident and responsible for his products wile McNeela ...... well, I am not sure. A friend of mine had had an unpleasing experience wit
  7. Wow! I am totally stunned! Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne has played all 4 movements of BWV1005! I. Adagio https://youtu.be/ttVflgXUpp0 II. Fuga https://youtu.be/8yI1GQM_NMk III. Largo https://youtu.be/BYksd5cYrkA IV. Allegro Assai https://youtu.be/VSdivIVBjL8
  8. The problem is, it would be very difficult for Alex (a beginner player) to tell if the May Fair is in good condition or not. I believer no one in this forum would be able to give good enough advice without seeing and touching the real instrument. For this reason, I did not go for old instruments but chose brand new one from Concertina Connection. As suggested by Gary, McNeela Swan is below your budget and I have one, but I feel that quality control of McNeela is not that excellent and aftercare service is no good either. Still, it may be a good idea to try Swan as it
  9. Thank you Gary for your compliment. I agree. This arrangement is lovely and demonstrates what a single 30-button Anglo can do. As usual, I am just a mocking bird and you can find the original performance by the arranger himself at the following link. Totani
  10. I played "Lascia ch'io pianga" from "Rinaldo" by Handel. This is an arrangement by my twitter friend ryo. You can find the sheetmusic with tablature system used by Gary Coover here. https://twitter.com/ryo_concertina/status/1295689589504368654?s=20 Enjoy! Merry Christmas and have a happy new year. Totani
  11. Thank you Steven for your rendition. I tried it, and I love it!
  12. OK. I have run through all 50 tunes in "Christmas Concertina" by Gary, and my Advent Challenge 2020 is over. Happy Christmas to you all. Totani
  13. Thank you very very much Gary and Nabio for the compliment! No, I did not pick up only 30 out of 50. Remaining 20 tunes coming up! A tune a day. That means, all 50 tunes will be on my YouTube Playlist by December 20th. After that until Christmas, I might go for Bonus track, like "Ashen Fagott Wassail" from "The Anglo Concertina of John Watcham" and others. "Merry Christmas Darling" is a bit challenging. I will have to keep it till Christmas 2021! Totani
  14. Thank you Gary, for a nice Christmas songbook. This year, I am uploading my interpretation from your "Christmas Concertina" on YouTube, a tune a day, in the spirit of a good tradition of Advent Calendar, though I am 7 years behind this topic. Are there any other good Christmas songs that became public-domain after the publication of your book? I am curious. Gen Totani
  15. Hi, CooperSue, I have a Minstrel (1st generation) with Wakker bellows since April 2018. It was my first instrument and I do not have many complaints. I believe Concertina Connection now sells Minstrel 2.0 with better balance on higher notes and lower notes. Wakker bellows! I highly recommend it if you are going for the Ministrel. I recently purchased a McNeela Swan but I find it far easier to play on my Minstrel. Whichever model you choose, you will feel big difference for sure. Good luck!
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