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  1. I believe Busker comes with the same reed ad Minstrel. (I own an AC Minstrel with Wakker bellows) The sound of Minstrel is far better than that of original Rochelle or Rochelle-2, which use the same type of reed as Jack, Jackie and Elise. So, I think sound of Busker would be good enough to go anywhere with you. Busker should not be bulky like Elise which makes it easier for you to carry around. I usually recommend Wakker Bellows upgrade which is great, but you may not wish to pay extra for that since you have your main instrument and Busker would only be your travel companion. If you do not care paying extra, you might as well consider EC Rose that comes with Wakker bellows by default and equipped with 45 buttons. Totani
  2. Hello. I purchased my Minstrel (1st generation) with Wakker Bellows upgrade in 2018. It was my first instrument and I still enjoy playing it. If you are thinking of trade-in program offered by Concertina Connection, your choice would be either Minstrel, Clover, Clover plus or Wakker Concertina. If you can afford, I strongly recommend Clover, as there is no upgrade path from Minstrel to Clover. I believe Wim Wakker wrote sometime back in this forum that the difference between Clover and Minstrel are bellows and buttons. I chose Minstrel with Wakker bellows because I liked the look of ebonized black end, I could upgrade the bellows, and I did not care about the material of the buttons. The overall total was a little bit less than Clover. Ceili of the Button Box is a very light instrument with smooth bellows action and the Button Box used to offer trade-in program from Rochelle to Ceili. Ceili is a good instrument and you will be happy with it, but the production of Ceili has already ended and the upgrade path is closed. However, Ceili appears here at reasonable price now and then on and you may have chance to buy one. It may be an idea to explore stock of Barleycorn at your budget range, as someone else has suggested, but you would need to pay S&H plus import tax from UK to US. What is more, you cannot take advantage of trade-in program of Concertina Connection. For your information, most of my YouTube videos are recorded using Minstrel+Wakker bellows and they may give you some ideas on how Minstrel sounds. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk1Kc0IbA6-25jkHSfQbpcQ Totani
  3. Since you cannot predict the condition of the second-hand Morse and Edgley, it may cost you to have it fine-tuned. It may be a good idea to go for a brand-new hybrids. I bought a Minstrel with Wakker bellows upgrade five years ago direcly from Concertina Connection and I am still happy about my first concertina. Minstrel ($1600) + Wakker bellow upgrade ($395) comes up to $1995 as of today. Brand new AP James would fit in your price range, too. (GBP1200) I have never heard of negative impession about APJ either. Totani
  4. "The Entertainer" in Garry Coover style tab? You can find it in this book. https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732612196/
  5. I’ve got my copy! Than you Barbara Steinger and Gary! Totani
  6. Hello, Thanks for your interest in my review. You are lucky that Wim Wakker offers a trade-in program for upgrade with full purchase price! I have no experience with standard bellows of Minstrel, but you cannot go wrong with Wakker bellows upgrade. One thing you have to have in mind is there is no trade-in path from Minstrel to Clover (or Clover plus). If you can afford, Clover might be a better choice. If you decide to buy a Minstrel, Wakker bellows upgrade is highly recommended. My Minstrel (with Wakker bellows) has been with me nearly 5 years and still makes me happy. I have no idea of letting it go. I hope this information helps. Totani
  7. Thanks Steve, I enjoyed playing “Croissants and Coffee Waltz” by Alan Day. I agree. this piece deserves more attention. Totani
  8. Concertina Connection has an original “pre-owned” Rochelle in stock now for USD395. Though it is bulky, it is a good starter instrument for its price. I own a Rochelle-2. It is a descent starter instrument, but eventually you may wish to upgrade to a higher grade instrument. My main concertina is Minstrel with bellows upgrade. Totani https://www.concertinaconnection.com/pre owned.htm
  9. I have just downloaded the sheet music. I like it though I don’t know anything about “Sea of Thieves.” A minor errata.In bar 20, the button indication the second note should be “1” instead of “2”. The same on bar 68 as well. Totani
  10. Dear Martin, Thank you for your arrangement. It was too soon to see Her Majesty pass away after celebrating HM’s platinum jubilee. I have uploaded my interpretation of your arrangement on YouTube. Totani
  11. Excellent! I will definitely buy one (or more)! Thank you Gary and Cohen!
  12. Sorry for the trouble, Leonard. I have re-uploaded the video. It should be OK now.
  13. Thank you Gary, for a good news. I look forward to the new tune book by you and Phil Ham. I gave a try. Such a lovely piece!
  14. You should search Toru Kato on YouTube and enjoy his performance. 40 button Stagi (Bastari branded) is his main instrument. I hope this information helps. Totani
  15. Do you have a copy of this book by Adrian Brown? If not, you should. The book contains arrangements for harmonic style concertina playing for both Wheatstone and Jeffries layouts. Some reading materials by Adrian are contained in this book which would be a very good guide to your inquiry. Cheers! Totani https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732612102/
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