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  1. Concertina Connection offers second hand Rochelle-2 for USD480, or you can choose brand new original Rochelle for USD459. I believe this price is more accessible than entry class McNeela brand cocertina. http://www.concertinaconnection.com/pre owned.htm Both of them are good starter instruments for their price. Although they are made in China, you could trust QC of Wim Wakker, I think. If you become good enough to upgrade to a better insturment, you could buy Minstrel or Clover and you can trade in Rochelle or Rochelle-2 for the price you have purchased. McNeela also offers trade-in, but evaluated at far lower price than its original purchase price. Totani (My main concertina is Minstrel with Wakker bellows upgrade, and I have Rochelle-2 as well.)
  2. Back in 2018, the price Gys Mans asked for his 40 button concertina was 35000ZAR. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, he suspended his concertina production in 2020 and not restarted yet when I got in touch with him this year. I think he is not taking order now. Totani
  3. Hi all. It looks like McNeela is launching an online concertina lesson by Jack Talty. https://concertinalessons.mcneelamusic.com/order-form1637165625465 FYI Totani
  4. For those that are interested in budget Anglo and Duett, Concertina Connection has some in stock. - Elise duet $390 (+ shipping) - Rochelle 2 (R2) $470 (+ shipping) - Rochelle 2 (R2) $480 (+ shipping)
  5. I have recently seen an Elise on Ebay, in Gernamy. 2 more days to go.
  6. Congratulations, Parker135! Your Clover is truely a piece of art and it will keep you entertained for years to come! Totani
  7. Yes, the bellows of R2 spring back rather quickly. Wakker bellows of my Minstrel, too do spring back to a certain extent, but not as quickly as those of R2 and I do not have to struggle against it when playing my Minstrel+Wakker bellows. Since you and I share the same point of view that bellows are important, I would suggest you go for Clover without doubt. Clover comes with Wakker bellows by default, have metal cap button, and you can choose wood type. If it is hard to stretch your buget to Clover, you could choose Minstrel but I would highly recommend bellows upgrade option. If I am not mistaken, Wim Wakker does not offer upgrade program from Minstrel to Clover. Having said that, I have owned my Minstrel+wakker bellows over four years traveling to many countries without problems. I am quite happy about my instrument and I am pretty sure that it will keep me entertained decades to come. Totani
  8. Another update. Gys Mans of South Africa has not restarted his concertina construction yet. I hope he will be back some time.
  9. Thank a lot. So this tiny squeeze box is more or less 130 years old!
  10. Hi, I have a Lachenal 46-button duet with serial number 1016. Could you give me an estimate when it was constructed? This one is tuned almost semitone higher than what we call "concert pitch". Totani
  11. Here it is. National Anthem of Ukraine on my Minstrel+Wakker bellows (by concertina connection)
  12. Thank you Gary, for sharing this. Minor errata. On the bar 15, where it shows 1, 5a, 9 on left hand, is should be 1a, 5a, 9, like bar 9. The fourth beat on bar 17, "2" should be added on right hand side, just like bar 21.
  13. Barleycorn has Ab/Eb in stock for GBP950 which I believe to be less than 1300USD. https://concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/anglo-concertinas/clareman-30-key-anglo-hybrid-in-ab-eb-7842/
  14. Goisag-san's instrument is Clover of Concertina Connection with Jeffries layout, I believe.
  15. Thank you Alan. Here is my interpretation on C/G Square Herringon "Hercules". I did enjoy playing this. Totani
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