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  1. Concertina Connection has an original “pre-owned” Rochelle in stock now for USD395. Though it is bulky, it is a good starter instrument for its price. I own a Rochelle-2. It is a descent starter instrument, but eventually you may wish to upgrade to a higher grade instrument. My main concertina is Minstrel with bellows upgrade. Totani https://www.concertinaconnection.com/pre owned.htm
  2. I have just downloaded the sheet music. I like it though I don’t know anything about “Sea of Thieves.” A minor errata.In bar 20, the button indication the second note should be “1” instead of “2”. The same on bar 68 as well. Totani
  3. Dear Martin, Thank you for your arrangement. It was too soon to see Her Majesty pass away after celebrating HM’s platinum jubilee. I have uploaded my interpretation of your arrangement on YouTube. Totani
  4. Excellent! I will definitely buy one (or more)! Thank you Gary and Cohen!
  5. Sorry for the trouble, Leonard. I have re-uploaded the video. It should be OK now.
  6. Thank you Gary, for a good news. I look forward to the new tune book by you and Phil Ham. I gave a try. Such a lovely piece!
  7. You should search Toru Kato on YouTube and enjoy his performance. 40 button Stagi (Bastari branded) is his main instrument. I hope this information helps. Totani
  8. Do you have a copy of this book by Adrian Brown? If not, you should. The book contains arrangements for harmonic style concertina playing for both Wheatstone and Jeffries layouts. Some reading materials by Adrian are contained in this book which would be a very good guide to your inquiry. Cheers! Totani https://www.amazon.com/dp/1732612102/
  9. Thank you TehRarozBack for your comment and bringing up this issue. Obviously, the copyright holder (Studio Ghibli in this case) cannot be bothered hunting innumerous copyright violations and I would assume it often leaves things as they are, which does not mean what are on MuseScore etc. for a long time are copyright clean. At any rate, there are numerous commercially available copyright clean piano arrangements for many famous copyright protected pieces whch we could make use of to play on our concertinas. If you like the tune, it may not be a bad idea to buy one of these to pay tribute to the copyright holder (and avoid possible risk of being sued for copyright violation), rather than looking for some copyright-dubious freebies "floating around" on the Internet. I hope my point is clear enough (if not, I am sorry. I am not a native English user). Totani
  10. Me too, play this tune with 30b C/G anglo but I cannot share the sheetmusic, as it is well under copyright protection. I suggest you buy an easy piano arrangement and play it on your concertina. Totani
  11. It is a pity that Wim Wakker of concertina connection did not respond to you. From ergonomical point of view, - Morse is lighter in weight - Clover has thinner buttons and some player may find his fingers falling in between buttons - Bellows of Clover and Morse are both very good with different taste So I think your decisión is decent. I would not mind going for a Clover though. Totani
  12. From ergonomical point of view, - Ceili is lighter than Clover. - Buttons of Clover (and concertinas of concertina connection in general) are somewhat "thinner" than Ceili and someone will experience their fingers falling inbetween buttons, which could be frustrating - Bellows are very smooth on either instrument. Totani
  13. Concertina Connection offers second hand Rochelle-2 for USD480, or you can choose brand new original Rochelle for USD459. I believe this price is more accessible than entry class McNeela brand cocertina. http://www.concertinaconnection.com/pre owned.htm Both of them are good starter instruments for their price. Although they are made in China, you could trust QC of Wim Wakker, I think. If you become good enough to upgrade to a better insturment, you could buy Minstrel or Clover and you can trade in Rochelle or Rochelle-2 for the price you have purchased. McNeela also offers trade-in, but evaluated at far lower price than its original purchase price. Totani (My main concertina is Minstrel with Wakker bellows upgrade, and I have Rochelle-2 as well.)
  14. Back in 2018, the price Gys Mans asked for his 40 button concertina was 35000ZAR. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, he suspended his concertina production in 2020 and not restarted yet when I got in touch with him this year. I think he is not taking order now. Totani
  15. Hi all. It looks like McNeela is launching an online concertina lesson by Jack Talty. https://concertinalessons.mcneelamusic.com/order-form1637165625465 FYI Totani
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