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  1. I'm all for combining both methods, learning by ear and being able to follow the dots. But my main reason for qualifying the ability to read music is that there are so many gems hidden in plain sight. You can open a page and pick through, bit like and archeologist, some are treasures...some, not so much. But the ability to find them is so lovely. Amongst 'others', I'v been 'digging' in the Vicker's Collection for a couple of years now, and it still turning up lovely stuff...I may never have found them otherwise.
  2. Don, an educational and entertaining post. Thanks Clive, the fiber glass brush is removing nicely, but I'm going to wait til a brass pen brush arrives, before I attempt further. It's just not pleasant stuff.
  3. Pic of reeds in rust removal bath IMG_4564.HEIC
  4. Thanks Clive, I have the fibre glass pen and have made attempts. The steel of the underside has a 'blue' coating and I think that coating is reacting with the solution and seems fixed after the 'bath' and cleaning. I'm going from Deox-c to water for rinsing and then 'meths' for final wipe down.It may be that it does not affect the reed, just not sure.
  5. I'v seen good reports of Deox-C for removing rust from reed in this forum. I'v tested out a couple of reeds, and it has removed rust nicely. But the solution has tarnished the tongue with a blackish color, even when cleaned with meths type solution. The smoother rear of the tongue seems more pronounced. Does anyone with experience with this product have any thoughts on whether this is typical or not...and/or would it affect the reed performance ? Thanks
  6. Success!....not easily, but by gently following the all the way round with a painters palette knife I was able to separate. I don't think these sides have been removed since they left Liverpool Rd. Thanks to all for your advice.IMG_4546.HEICIMG_4546.HEIC
  7. I hope so too Geoff, but at the moment both sides still seem pretty much stuck...I'm being patient so as not to do any damage...hopefully. But if it's glue ...damage already done.
  8. Thanks Alex, That could be the case, I may try try easing a thin strong thread through the seam before I use a blade.
  9. Thanks Alan, it is my understanding that those screws are for accessing the action box by removing the plate. I'm trying to remove the complete action box so that I can access the reeds. I have a Wheatstone also, and all I need to do is remove the outside edge 8 screws. This gives me access to the reeds. The instrument I'm having difficulty with is an English Crabb and I'm wondering if it's a different set up for removing that part.
  10. Does anyone have any suggestions for removing stubborn ends on an English concertina ? Screws are removed around the edge but still stuck. I would venture that this instrument has sat compressed in its box for some time. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  11. Yep, Its a very nice looking instrument and is in great shape...one or two keys(reeds) need tweaking...but apart form that its just fine. I'm a newcomer to the sport... but I play other trad instruments Northumbrian Pipes and fiddle..so I was able to jump straight into the Alistair Anderson tutor and recognise the repetoire...we'll see how it goes...if its anything like my other instruments it will be an obsession in two weeks...I already have it on the road with me while I'm working. Sorry to anyone who didnt win on ebay..but at least it went to someone who will play it...(not too well just yet though). Steve
  12. There is a Wheatstone 56 key on ebay which looks exactly like the one I just bought a couple of weeks ago.(they have used the same photograph,but its a different seller)there are also a couple of grammatical errors in the text, be careful if your interested in this one...make some inquiries first,it may be fine..... but be warned. Steve
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