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    Melodeon is my first instrument but I have had a Jeffries Anglo (36 key) for some years. I keep trying to learn it properly but kids and work seem to stop me getting eough time on it. Still, I'll retire in 20 years and might get better on it then.<br><br>I mainly play English dance music on both the melodeon (in a band) and the concertina (strictly for my own entertainment - so far).
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  1. Note to self: Must reed thread properly before commenting!
  2. Very much depends on the laser and the delivery system. It can be problem for internal corners (eg on the frame_, but for straight lines and external corners it doesn't really how big it is because, as long as you know what it is, the CNC can compensate for it.
  3. Perhaps the OP should rub his buttons with Rhubarb leaves, and leave overnight?
  4. I bow to your superior knowledge. OP please ignore my suggestion.
  5. I was goingto suggest Milton's steralsing fluid, which I think may be pretty much the same as the denture tablets suggested above (I haven't checked).
  6. The alcohol part of the santisers will evaporate very quickly, so as long as you gav it 30 seconds or so before picking the instrument up I'd have thought it would have been OK. Don't know about the bleach though.
  7. Fair point Alex. From my perspective, had I known about it and bought it, the fact that it had the metal end fretwork, buttons, and (presumably) the levers and pivots in reasonable condition then irrecoverably rusted reeds would be the main barrier to a home restoration (I've built & repaired bellows in the past). Let's hope it's gone to a good home and gets the attentionand playing it deserves.
  8. Mind you, if it was bought by someone intending to restore it themselves I'd think they've got themselves a potentially top notch concertina for a reasonable price. Depends on how badly the reeds were rusted I guess. I must admit that had I known about it I may have been temted at that price (retirement coming up and all).
  9. Richard, I didn't mean to suggest that you had. Apologies if it came over that way. Clive.
  10. To be fair to Micheal, that's not how I read his comments. I read it as his main thrust being that A: he could not afford it and B: That he could get a brand new Suttner for significantly less. Remember that he is coming from a Hohner. If I were in that position then the £4000 for a new Suttner (Still a fine instrument I believe) would be the more appropriate upgrade. His questions on why it was listed for so much seemed more of an afterthought, and even then possibly a genuine question from a relative novice. Even the seller hinted that it might be priced a bit hi
  11. If it wasn't for the solder being proud of the surface I don't think anyone would notice. If it is also repaired on the rear side then I would simply dress the front up with a fine file. IF its's not built up on the back then do it, then as above. I am curious as what the extra hole in the corner is for.
  12. OR, as you imply, a standard hand size (excepting for safety standards etc). For new build should almost be a case of "Here's your concertina,. Now, where do you want your handrest?", or indeed an adjustable hand rest position!
  13. AH yes Irish Music. Find a speed at which the Tune flows, has expression, and feels right. Then double it😀
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