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  1. My son's band did a binaural recording for a video, but in that case it was done so that as the camera man moved about and changed his shot the sound balance changed (basically the camera man had microphones on his head. It was very interesting, and very much as if you were there moving around yourself, but of course does not always represent the balanced sound that a listener at the back of the room might hear.So interesting, but NOT really suitable for a commercial release. Edited to add the capitalised NOT above.
  2. I agree with this. Learn a new technique with a simple tune first. I play anglo, so there is the complication that you may need to alter the buttons & Push/pull to get the chords you're after, so it's not quite as simple as learning the melody in isolation, but the principle is still the same.
  3. You say "Rubato", I say "Rubato". Let's call the whole thing off.
  4. Now I'm really confused!! 😁😁
  5. Thank you for the groan. It makes it all worthwhile.
  6. And this one better for cutting edge music.
  7. Worth remembering that the beat frequency between two notes reflects the absolute frequency difference in Hz, whereas the Cent is proportional to the frequency. So what might be an acceptable Error, in cents, at low frequency, giving say a 2hz Beat, would give an 8 Hz beat two octaves up.
  8. Luke, I have only just come across this app. Really useful. Many thanks for your effort. Clive
  9. Several people offer on-line one to one lessons. I'm having some from John Kirkpartick, via zoom, and they work better that I thought they would.
  10. Is this a case of a tan coloured leather having been surface dyed black, and that dye, or the dyed layer, is wearing off?
  11. To respond to the above good points: I am an anglo player, so I suppose that is where I get the impression from. However there seem to be a lot of vintage Duet and English instruments in the market (hence lower prices), so it is understandable that makers concentrate on the Anglos which they can generally sell for more money for the same (or less) material and labour input. When I say golden age I really mean in the choice available. I am pretty sure that the total volume being produced world wide is well below that of the 1890s - 1920s. I'm sure that the same is true for most "Home Entertainment" instruments since the coming of the gramophone, radio, and television. During that perios there we perhaps 10 builders at most? (Crabbe Jeffries, Wheatstone, Lachenal, Rock Chidley, Shakespeare, nickolds, Jones etc), and it seems that there are far more that that available now, especially if Hybrids are included. (Obviously many of the hybrids share the same heritage, but they still offer a range of features, price and quality)
  12. Not necessarily in terms of popularity with players or the general public, but in terms of the number of builders and the range of available instruments and price ranges. It seems to me that there are more builders, and a wider range, out there than there ever have been.
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