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  1. I thinks it's just because more often than not that button under the left thumb is the same both ways, and so it's often refered to as the drone button even when it isn't.
  2. My "Drone" (C/G Instrument) is C on the pull and a Bb on the push. I mostly use the C to get a Low F chord now & then. The Bb can give you an inversion of Bb on the push (it's a 36 key), a Gm on the push and, of course, a C7 (should you be into that sort of thing). I can get a drone effect by swapping between the pull C and the push C on the C row (with push and pull Gs etc), but it takes some work to get the push/pull transition reliably smooth (not there yet), and (for me) it all falls to pieces if the tune ventures onto the left hand!
  3. Edited to remove facetious (Sp?) remark which I originally thought was funny, but then decided it wasn't.
  4. Much closer to the dissapointment than the bargain I suspect.
  5. Jake, just curious as to what has changed with the nickel Silver formulation over the years? My 1890s (ish) Jeffries/Crabb has nickel silver ends and has never shown any discolouration. Can you still get "Old Style" NS?`
  6. I didn't realise that Simon Thoumire was so small.
  7. Don't believe you. I think it's so you know which way round to hold it.😁
  8. I'm not even sure that it would affect a wind instrument as long as the air pressure and temperature was normal.
  9. I basically rest spare fingers on top of the buttons. Sometimes the button I'm likely to play soon, sometimes not.
  10. As a fairly basic anglo player I would say learn the tune so that you can whistle it and then simply learn your way around the instrument, and the required basic chord shapes. Ie play it by ear. It's what an anglo excels at.
  11. I didn't mean bin the whole instrument, just the reeds, - but I can see how my post wasn't clear on that.
  12. In pure terms of cleaning it up my experience is that The Bilt Hamber product would have done a better job (not that that would help the reed any). Would it be worth getting it re-reeded, or would it be best just to bin it and go straight to brass or aluminium shoes?
  13. And your playing will sound a lot more crisp.
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