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  1. richard

    C#/G# Carroll price reduced

    Hi Folks I have just reduced the asking price for my great Carroll concertina to $5000.00 ...FYI. original ad:
  2. Hi Am I unusual in thinking that people should think twice about adding gratuitous and off topic commentary to certain types of conversations here. I am referring to a for sale announcement that I currently have here on C.net that has inspired people to contribute to the "conversation" with various notions about pricing for concertinas and whether to buy new or not new instruments etc. I think if people want to contribute their spontaneous insights and ruminations concerning the topic of buying/selling in general it should be in a new thread. Richard
  3. richard

    Carroll C#/G# Anglo concertina (small model)

    Hi Doug Someone may not pay more for even a 6 year old instrument. But... I believe a 6 year old instrument is on its way to improving with time and being played. Rather than a car, for example, which is in its best condition when purchased new with 0 miles, and the value diminishes from that point. And... I believe there is a value to getting an instrument (assuming you want it) without waiting approximately 12-15 months for the newly ordered one. Richard
  4. Hello folks I have decided to downsize a bit and am offering this fantastic quick playing and rich sounding superb instrument. It is #131 that was made for me and delivered after a 3 year wait in 2013. It is a 30 button Anglo concertina in the keys of C#/G# with amboyna ends and plain black 6 fold bellows. The current Carroll Concertina website description: Our Small instrument is 5 5/8" across the flats of the endplates and is available in either the Wheatstone or Art Deco endplate patterns. The base price on our 30 button (plus air) Small instrument is US $6250.00. Our small instrument plays a little faster than our standard model but also requires a little more bellows movement to achieve the same air pressure required to drive the reeds. This does not mean that it is harder to play - it is actually easier to get the notes to sound, but it does run out of air quicker than our standard model. It is ideal for single note, fast Irish music but is not the best choice if you need the instrument for significant accompaniment work. If you primarily play fast Irish music with the occasional chord here and there, and you don't have large hands, you will probably prefer this instrument over our Standard model. I am asking $5,000.00 (obo) plus shipping This includes a very sturdy standard style case (home made) Carroll C#G# beeswing a hp.mp3
  5. Hi I am curious if there any concertina players here who have had to deal with Carpel Tunnel syndrome. I seem to have been diagonosed with it as I successfully recover from a repaired index finger extensor tendon repair. My symptoms are a numbness/pain on my left hand. I am now considering the Carpel Tunnel release surgical procedure which seems to be very successful usually. Any other personal stories? Thanks, Richard
  6. Hello In this article about a photographer's photographic documentation of old Jews,(many Holocaust survivors) in Miami Beach Fla. I found this cool photo of folks playing music in public. Notice the old gentleman with the English concertina. Here is a link to the article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6792139/Unearthed-pictures-capture-elderly-Jewish-community-Palm-Beach.html RG
  7. richard

    In praise of a good hard case

    old saying... "A hard case is good to find"
  8. Hi Folks Yes I recently did damage to my index finger extensor tendon. I will be having a repair this week. I am trying ever so hard to be hopeful and not despondent! Any encouraging personal experiences out there?? Thanks, Richard
  9. richard

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    Congratulations Paul! Concertina.net has helped me so much. Lots of information, fun and mucho sexy concertinas. Richard
  10. richard

    Bandoneon Stolen

    A Bandoneon is a concertina. I hope you find yours.
  11. Hello I seeking to locate and possibly purchase a semi-miniature Anglo concertina by makers Lachenal, Wheatstone, or Jeffries. I would consider 26 buttons to 30+ buttons. I am thinking of instruments that are 5" or less from flat to flat. Thanks, Richard
  12. richard

    Deposit Sent!

    This is truly exciting! rg
  13. Hi I would have to say after attending many Noel Hills workshops that not only are novices/beginners accommodated they will experience positive encouragement and validation. Starting off with Noel's approach and strategies will give a person a great and useful start on playing Irish music on the concertina, no matter what scales or systems one later evolves towards. In other words a beginner starting off with Noel will be at a great advantage. Richard
  14. richard

    Scored A Miniature Lachenal

    That is a very cool and sweet sounding instrument. Here is a photo of my (semi) mini Lachenal 26 button. It plays great and sounds very nice but from the recording yours sounds better. Richard
  15. richard

    Jeffries Concertina For Sale

    Hi Could you describe this instrument more please. Is it possible that you meant to write Bb/F, instead of B/F#? Thanks, Richard