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  1. Hi FYI.... I seemed to have found a material that is working for my purpose. My mini concertina came with straps that are a thicker, stiffer leather which wasn't working well to "grip" the back of my hands. I just cut some straps using a much thinner, more flexible leather with the nappy suede on the other side. The key I think is two things: 1. The thinner suede has more surface contact with the skin on the back of my hand. 2. The thin softer suede has a certain stretch to it so that keeps the pressure, holding it to my skin with the help of the suede's nap. Sorry about such concertina minutia, but I guess we love it. Richard
  2. Hi Why elasticity? Something we all must ask ourselves eventually. Because of the scale of my miniature Lachenal the straps rest along the back of my hand, more toward the wrist. They tend to slip down towards my fingers and I loose the leverage I need. I have tried some golf product to make the backside of the strap have more traction and stick so it doesn't move while playing. That hasn't been satisfactory. I just have a hair-brain notion that a stretchy material might be something to try. Richard
  3. Hi I am investigating methods for getting better control of my miniature concertina which already has leather straps. I am wondering if there is a stretchable material that could be utilized for straps. I need something that has bit of "holding on to" quality (stretchability) to help stabilize the instrument better than the leather straps. Does anyone have specific suggestions of materials for this purpose? Thanks, RIchard
  4. I think I would be hired not to play over zoom!
  5. Hi Jim


    Richard here.


    I am curious about the Edeophone Anglos.

    Would you mind sharing with me what yours was like. I know they must be very pretty. How was the sound and playability? 






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    2. Mark Davies

      Mark Davies

      I play a 40 Key Lachenal Edeophone Anglo with metal ends in the keys of G#/D#. It was purchased by me from Bonham's in London some years ago. It is the only genuine Lachenal  Edeophone Anglo I have ever seen. Its in a Lachenal leather case containing the usual Lachenal  label. The right hand end contains the words " Edeophone Anglo Lachenal & Co London WC"in the usual cartouche while the left hand is engraved with the number "1860" It is not one of the batch that was subsequently acquired and marketed by Wheatstones. I showed it to Stephen Chambers in Ireland some time back.I will try to post some photographs.


    3. richard


      I'd love to see a photo or two.





    4. Mark Davies
  6. I found a very cool, charming and delightful 19th cen. British Silhouette work. I suppose the player is using an Edeophone? Is it saying something of the class system as well? https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/hegarty-fine-art-and-antiques-auctioneers/catalogue-id-srheg10019/lot-d51735b0-c0b3-4f04-9cf1-aba700dbbebc?utm_source=auction-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=auction-alert&utm_content=lot-image-link Richard
  7. Hi Is there a vender of concertina parts who sell very very light springs? I have one spring that I have tried to ease the pressure on but it doesn't seem to have much room to improve. Richard
  8. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Bernie+Geraghty
  10. Hi Dave My Lachenal miniature is 3.75 across the flats. It isn't the smallest mini but it is very versatile and useful. With an air button. It has 22 buttons and I can play a large portion of my normal repertoire on it because of the range. It is in D/A and has the equivalent of the C# on the right and the G# on the left. It is also fitted with (easily removable) straps and handles. Randy Merris included it in his paper on miniature concertinas. I love playing it, and the sound it makes. It does improve my air usage skills because of the limited bellow capacity. Richard
  11. Hi The hard wooden case keeps the bellows compressed. It couldn't be any smaller. The other bags are for temporarily carrying the mini around at my work with old folks and people with dementia.Having a light weight bag that protects the instrument enough is useful for carrying the instrument around and having it ready at hand to put a smile on someone's face, Richard
  12. Hi I find this concertina (and button box) performance astounding and supremely delightful. I think Liam O'brien is really getting at and expressing so much of the wonderful qualities and character of what a concertina can do. I really admire his fluency and musicality.
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