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  1. richard

    In praise of a good hard case

    old saying... "A hard case is good to find"
  2. Hi Folks Yes I recently did damage to my index finger extensor tendon. I will be having a repair this week. I am trying ever so hard to be hopeful and not despondent! Any encouraging personal experiences out there?? Thanks, Richard
  3. richard

    20-Year Anniversary of Concertina.net

    Congratulations Paul! Concertina.net has helped me so much. Lots of information, fun and mucho sexy concertinas. Richard
  4. richard

    Bandoneon Stolen

    A Bandoneon is a concertina. I hope you find yours.
  5. Hello I seeking to locate and possibly purchase a semi-miniature Anglo concertina by makers Lachenal, Wheatstone, or Jeffries. I would consider 26 buttons to 30+ buttons. I am thinking of instruments that are 5" or less from flat to flat. Thanks, Richard
  6. richard

    Deposit Sent!

    This is truly exciting! rg
  7. Hi I would have to say after attending many Noel Hills workshops that not only are novices/beginners accommodated they will experience positive encouragement and validation. Starting off with Noel's approach and strategies will give a person a great and useful start on playing Irish music on the concertina, no matter what scales or systems one later evolves towards. In other words a beginner starting off with Noel will be at a great advantage. Richard
  8. richard

    Scored A Miniature Lachenal

    That is a very cool and sweet sounding instrument. Here is a photo of my (semi) mini Lachenal 26 button. It plays great and sounds very nice but from the recording yours sounds better. Richard
  9. richard

    Jeffries Concertina For Sale

    Hi Could you describe this instrument more please. Is it possible that you meant to write Bb/F, instead of B/F#? Thanks, Richard
  10. richard

    Silent Download Of Unwanted Software

    Hello I am familiar with this software company and have some of their useful apps which I like. What probably happened is you downloaded one of their apps and didn't notice a checkbox that allowed you to not accept more of their software with the one you were deliberately downloading? Is that possible? Richard
  11. I found a definitely possibly (1950s) concertina sighting. These might be some lovely ladies of Clare, and there could be two concertinas in there!? Happy new year. Richard
  12. Hello Here is a cool photo of Keith Moon (drummer of the Who) playing what seems to be some sort of Anglo concertina. It seems to be covered in Mother of Toilet Seat. I have cropped out the topless women surrounding him at the party or event. Here is a link to see the original photo FYI. https://www.billboard.com/files/styles/900_wide/public/media/keith-moon-nipples-danny-fields-billboard-2014-650x430.jpg Richard
  13. Hello I apologize if this has been discussed before(I couldn't find such a discussion) but what is the mechanics of how concertina reeds go out of tune? The idea doesn't make sense to me. If a reed is in tune when leaving the original shop how does it get to the state where it needs metal (mass) removed from it in order to sound the same frequency it originally did? What is wrong with me? Richard
  14. Hello Folks I want to offer my unsolicited public appreciation to Greg Jowaisas for the skilled and effective work he did on my Dipper Clare concertina. My concertina is just about 10 years old now and for the past couple of years has been on it's way towards needing a tuning. Lately I could really hear the problem with my own tin ears. I sent him my concertina and he not only tuned up my instrument taking with great care and respect with the Colin Dipper reeds, but also checked the setting of all my reeds, and changed all the valves. I can really hear and feel the difference and improvement on my wonderful Dipper concertina which I thought couldn't be improved more. Thanks to Greg! Richard