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  1. Within the family it is called "concertina face". I have a friend who is a French woman who plays accordion professionally and I am in deep admiration of her for her normallish looking smile as she plays. richard
  2. Hi What is the origin of the reeds in this instrument? Richard
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284741364591?hash=item424be86b6f:g:iyYAAOSwB1ZiSFqf
  4. Hi Paddy's recording is just wonderful. I also recommend it! I was lucky to have some lessons from him during one of his stays in San Francisco, and benefitted greatly. I even enjoyed hearing him play at the SHAMROCK when some lager louts started swinging the pool cues around during a football game celebration. perfect. Richard
  5. Hi Is there a reason you keep your thumb under the strap. Is something too big, or something too small. I believe it works better to have your thumb not in the strap so it can rest near and easily hit the air button without too much contortion, and disruption of the music. Richard
  6. Hi I've been told there is a standard gauge of wire that is used for all concertina springs. I would like to find someone who can make me a few lighter gauge springs to try out on a concertina. I know there are ways to light the pressure by moving the spring, and bending the wire over and over again, but I would like to see if I can find a lighter spring that would work. I know it could be to light, but I am curious. Is there someone out there who could make a few of these for me? Thanks, Richard
  7. Hi Mike I really enjoyed listening to many of your youtube videos of you playing English concertina. Your playing and repertoire are so enjoyable to listen to, and the variety of instruments is really interesting to hear and compare. A revelation for an Anglo player. Thanks, Richard
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/144269392111?hash=item21972038ef:g:AkAAAOSwUQBg3BtC
  9. Hi I can't offer too much technical suggestions to begin restoring your concertina. But I think the obvious thing many will suggest is to not touch the reeds and save those for someone with knowledge and experience as they are the "heart" of the instrument and cannot be easily replaced and can be easily damaged beyond repair. Richard
  10. Hi That is Rick Epping. I believe is from the US, and plays Irish music. What a talent!!!!
  11. I'm not sure but Aogán Lynch might be available for online lessons, which would be a way to gain his insight into ornamentation.
  12. Hi Rather than nothing I would acquire an inexpensive 20 button concertina. I have had a number of Scholer type, German instruments and they can be a fun and inexpensive way to start, or just have a cool cheap concertina. Here is one listed for less than $100.: https://www.ylosdn.com/vintage-scholer-concertina-accordion-20-button-vintage-squeeze-box No need to give up. Richard
  13. Hi If you can afford a Lachenal rather than a hybrid with accordion reeds I recommend the Lachenal. The hybrids are good for beginners because usually the action and response are good and won't hold you back. But the tone does not have the richness of a concertina reeded instrument. I just think there is something special about a lovely old instrument (if it is a good one). It's the aesthetics of old craftsmanship, richness of sound and having the real thing, not to mention resale will be easier. This instrument that is listed in the for sale section seems like good choice. I have no relation or benefit in recommending this, I just think it looks lovely and if David restored it and recommends it, you can take that to the bank. This lachenal might not be as quick or agile as a new hybrid, and be more challenging to play at first(or not) but I believe some advice I received when I was fretting over what concertina to acquire: "Just find a good instrument and learn how to play IT". Richard
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