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  1. Hello I am very impressed with the sound and seeming playability of Edward Jay's little wonders. They are awsome and I want one! I wonder what the life span would be for this type of material used in a 3d printer. Richard
  2. Noel Hill offers multiple opportunites for anyone attend his workshops. He gives out the sheet music to those that attend his workshops happily. I would also say the way he played a tune 20 years or more ago could be different than the notes and variations etc that he would do since then. Richard
  3. Hi Paul I apologize for a useless comment when you are trying to sell this instrument. I can't stand when that happens! But, I just think that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I wish I could just have it to gaze upon and hold and marvel at the splendor and wondrous Victorian engineering. (even though I cannot play it). I leave it now for the English players to appreciate this opportunity. Richard
  4. Hi Simon I don't think you are arguing in raising the subject of this post. I am saying that, as well, I don't think anyone else is making an argument that anybody should not have the concertina of their choice. There are cases to be made that someone's preference could be guided by what sounds the best and plays the best to them. And affordability is always a given and self evident. Richard
  5. Hi My point that I was attempting to state, in my previous post, that I thought was clearly enough stated, was that this entire discussion is based on an argument that doesn't exist! Unless I'm nuts. Richard
  6. Hi I have never heard anyone suggest that someone should not play what instrument they wish to. Some instruments might be easier to play, rather then one that is more difficult to pull sounds out of the reeds or push the buttons down. I would think concertinas in that realm are less conducive to a begginer finding pleasure and making more progress, and might discouraging. Some concertinas would also have tone that sounds better than another concertina to someone comparing them, and I couldn't blame that person for choosing the instrument that sounds better if that is possible. But again, who is saying that everyone should not play the concertina they want? Richard
  7. Hi Thanks for the help and suggestions. I was thrown by having to include and invoice and figuring out what that entailed. It probably entails extra cost for the recipient and some for me too, but I'm not sure.It is certainly easier to ship within borders but now a nice instrument has found its way to Ireland and thats good for the Irish. Richard
  8. Hello I am intending to send a concertina to someone who has purchased it from me. The desiination is Ireland. The USPS requires an invoice. Can I just make a document that states buyer and their information, seller and their information, and the price? This is confusing. Does anyone have experience with this? Richard
  9. If you are implying what I am infering, Anglo players are not cannibals.
  10. Hi I am cleaning out and I have a collection a CDs that are great for learning Irish music Plus John Williams great DVD for concertina beginners. The unnamed cd in photo is Frank Edgely's great tune slowed down learning cd. See photos for description. They are free but I would ask for $10.00 US for postage. (within continental US to keep things simple) Thanks, Richard
  11. SOLD: 26 Button C/G Lachenal Baritone Anglo,8 fold bellows THIS CONCERTINA IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, THANKS! This is a really wonderful sounding and playing instrument. When I acquired this 2.5 years ago it had a new 8 fold bellows. It has inset metal ends which I have understood to be a feature of the higher level models. Perhaps someone can confirm or debunk this rumor? I haven’t tried other Baritones but this instrument plays quite smoothly and pretty quickly for a baritone. It has two interesting historical details to it as well, along with being a fine instrument. 1. At some point a clever person engraved in between the buttons “C Jeffries Maker”, AND then another clever person scratched lines through those words. It isn’t unsightly, just fascinating and funny. (Please see photo) 2. Also much more interesting historically is that someone has written on the back of one of the action pans, in fountain pen, the following: “No 92189 Manufactured by Lachenal & Co June 1884” (please see photo) I find this really interesting and possibly important as a clue in the ongoing project of dating Lachenals. I acquired this concertina from Barleycorn Concertinas (a good provenance) in the last few years. I am recently retired and am pairing down my instruments to Thanks, Richard
  12. Clive I appreciate a joke non the less. Bob, guinea, pence....It does confuse US. Thanks, Richard
  13. Hi Wally I happens when I am only pushing the air button to close the bellows while playing when the two ends are a bit too far apart. It really only happens when I push with some force. It is more of a rare annoyance not a constant issue. I wonder if enlarging the air-hole in the pan a small bit to reduce the pressure and force needed when just useing the air button. Any insight into enlarging air-holes in the reed pan? Thanks, Richard
  14. Hi FYI..................I have just reduced the price of this swell Lachenal Ab/Eb Anglo. The price is now $2,500. Thanks, Richard
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