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Vintage Anglo concertina for sale: Faux Jeffries - EUROPE


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With loads of pain, 

I'm thinking to sell my C/G Anglo concertina: Jeffries label, but probably a Crabb from 1901, bought last year from the reliable shop Squeezebox (UK). It's a 38 button, fully functioning, steel reeds, real concertina sound, ivory buttons, original wooden case.

Paid 3000£, which is not much for a good vintage concertina. Probably because it's not an authentic Jeffries. It's a "level up" lovely instrument, though.

Anyway, I feel stressed because it's beyond my musical possibilities. 

Any reasonable offer before I change my mind?


(Europe, not UK)


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  • Prisca changed the title to Vintage Anglo concertina for sale: Faux Jeffries
  • Prisca changed the title to Vintage Anglo concertina for sale: Faux Jeffries - EUROPE

Let me just say I have sold many instruments (cameras as well) over the years for financial reasons and have regretted doing so. For the most part, the sales ended up being a net negative financially. Keep it and enjoy playing it. A good instrument makes you a better player. They are never "beyond you". 

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I'm not sure that this should be refered to as a "Faux" Jeffries.

Others would know much better than me, but if it had the final reed work done by Jeffries, then I would have thought it qualified as a Jeffries. Even if not, then it will still be a top class instrument.


I'd be interested to know what the reality of these "Crabb built Jeffries" is? Did he fettle them, or simply stamp his name on them?



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If it is of interest i have had a39key C Jeffries anglothat when undergoing an overhaulI removed the air valve pad and there stamped in the seat of the pad was j crabb maker( in a place thst Jeffries would not have seen. There is proof out there that Crabbsmade a very large number of anglos bearing the name of C Jeffries. If you take an end off ,remove the reed pan and find afour digit number starting with 8---- the concertina is a Crabb. 


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Hello, as I said the possible identity is a 4 digit serial number ( if this starts with an 8 then the maker is either John crabb or his son Henry) . A large number of boxes stamped as C Jeffries were made by the crabb family makers.

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Have to add, and here I am following Noel Hill's views, there isn't much to compare between a Crabb and a Jeffries, with the same action etc.


So the idea that having Crabb input in the making of a labeled Jeffries, is somehow a defect, to me is utter and complete nonsense!


Prisca, as others have said, maybe you might consider selling something else and keep your beautiful Concertina? Besides you play very well on it. BTW what does the 'funny' label say?


Thank you for posting the picture and video :0)



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Simple suggestion. Keep it for a year. Learn to play it or re-evaluate in a year's time. The 'faux' part of the description is not entirely clear, though. Is it a fake or a Crabb or an unknown?  It sounds pretty good and so does your playing. By the way, if it's a Crabb it's worth a lot more than £3000.  (Barleycorn is selling one at £4000)

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