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  1. Hello Dave, I may be interested in the duet after this weekend , if it is not sold I will mail you again early next week. Regards. Mike
  2. hello, I have a John Crabb 31 key C/G fully restored in concert pitch , Rosewood ends, bone buttons, new 7 fold best bellows. Irish accidentals. The concertina does not have a case. The date of this box is the late 1900's it is 6" across the flats and plays very well , tone is not quite as strident as a metal ended Jeffries but this box was made by the maker of a very large number of concertinas that bear the c jeffries makers stamps in the metal ends. the price is £3750. let me know your email address and i will send some photos, if you are near enough you are welcome to come and try the box. Best Regards. Mike
  3. I have just received a metal ended 48 key treble, all sorted by tom Shakespeare and 30 key +air Crabb serial no 18168, this is receiving a thorough overhaul to check it is in top fettle. If any one is seeking a reasonably box please contact me for more information. Mike
  4. Out of interest I have a 29000 serial tenor treble Aeola wich Steve D and I made new gold plated ends with amboyna trim, I also have a 68 key Tortoiseshell crane diet with gold buttons and fittings Mike
  5. The most likely cause of your problem is the pads have become compressed over tome , so the right cure is to r.eplace all the pads with new ones made of the right materials.
  6. Hello Robert, I tried to mail you a couple of days ago but it was returned undelivered. I have a very good 48 key Aeola which I am selling for a friend . The serial no is 25029 , it is fully restored , in concert pitch and has a level of volume (if needed).The lady owner prefers her Edeophone as it has a warmer tone than this box. The asking price is£3250 plus carriage. Cheers. Mike
  7. Alex, My machine is a Chinese copy of a German one made by Fortuna . Mine was made by Wimsew I cannot locate any more info on the net. Mine came via e bay and I had to about 16 years ago and still runs very well. The machine was collected from the vendor in Shropshire. The copy is so accurate that parts are compatable with the much more expensive machine. Mike
  8. Alex, to skive the edges of the trapeziums I use my leather skiving machine which has a circular blade and works very well (skive the full length before cutting the trapeziums. Mike
  9. I have a 58 key Edeophone with radial mini f shaped fretwork, it has internal slides which reduces volume and alters the tone. It has a rivetted action and a Low F and F# 6 fold bellows. One of the original bowing valves is no longer fitted(on the left side) Mike acott
  10. My 68 key Aeola crane duet serial no 31657 is a tortoiseshell with gold fittings it is three nos less than my baritone in the same materials. Mike
  11. My 68 key Aeola crane no 31657 is in pride of place in my collection being tortoiseshell and gold , it is three nos away from my baritone of the same materials. Mike
  12. My 48 key Aeola really needs a new owner, so asking price now £4500. Phone or mail me ,if you wish to try before you buy it van be arranged,my no is 01728 768128. Mike
  13. I have withdrawn the 50 key Aeola and put my 48 key serial no 30950 up for sale , the price is £4800 .Hotmail.co.uk is out of use at this time so please phone 01728 7681280 or07818 055100 for full details . Mike acott
  14. I have three Crane duets ,the one I normally take out is a 68 key Crabb,the big one is my 80 key Crabb special,.the last is a 68 key Aeola,I am just fitting new wheatstone handles,the ends are tortoishell and the serial no is 3 away from my Baritone English, Mike
  15. The best way to contact me is by phone on 01728 768128. I hope to hear from you soon Regards. Mike
  16. both my bass anglo , and the tortoiseshell aeolas are still for sale as well as a few other boxes . contacf me if you are looking for something rare. Mike
  17. i have decided to part with a tortoiseshell 50 key treble Aeola, if any one is really interested please contactn me for full details .If it sells then a donation will be made .Contact by mail or phone for uk residents. Mike
  18. This item is not made by Wheatstone; it is a Jones, there are several identifying aspects in the photos and still the seller is claiming it as a Wheatstone . Caveat Emptor! Mike😟
  19. Hello Seamus, I have a 72key aeola Maccann, it is in concert pitch , Alloy ends. Thr reed frames are dural with no corrosion so it is lighter than one with brass frames . if you remember I used to be in Ipswich but we are now in Hacheston. If this is suitable and you fancy a swop contact me by mail or phone +44(0)1738 768128. Regards. Mike Acott
  20. I have tried to send photos to two people but I fear they are to large. If the people can contact me then I may be able to sort something out. Mike
  21. Mike Acott

    Bass Anglo

    I have a rare bass anglo for sale. It is a 20 key brass reeded, extended hexagon shaped, rosewood ended model which is in C/G with the lowest note being C1 in pitch . Tuned to concert pitch, it is pedestrian in playing speed but is in pristine condition. Photos can be provided and any one wishing to can come and play it before buying. Mike. Mail me or phone 01728 768128
  22. Hello, A lot of reeds appear to have solder on the tips which may mean that the pitch may be lower than a standard treble. can you tell me what the lowest note is on the right hand end. Many thanks . Mike
  23. Hello, I may have a concertina or two in your price range , they are not advertised anywhere, so they should be should still be here. I live about 40 miles from Cambridge so we are not too far away. You can either mail me or phone 01728 768128 when you arrive over here. Best regards. Mike Acott
  24. Hello Geoff, the Aeolas are not for sale but I will do some photos and mail them to you if you let me have yor mail address. Best regards. Mike
  25. All the talk of the Wheatstone labels is probably a red herring, I have three Eaolas with tortoiseshell ends from three years in the 1920's with this style and the fourth one has the Lozenge style. I think the person making these boxes used what they at the time. Regards. Mike
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