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  1. I have had a 54 key piano key duet made by H Crabb, metal ended, six inches across the ends . I tuned it to concert pitch and it was sold through the auspices of Emmanuel Pariselle to a French customer who travelled between France and the USA , it was easier to take with him than a large bandonion he also played. Mike PS this concertina was from the turn of the 20th century
  2. More info on the pitch the box is in ,does it have 6 fold bellws and steel reeds, would probly elicit a good offer for the concertina. Mike
  3. Mike Acott


    Hello, some details, photos and a valuation would be a great help if you decide to sell via this website,. Regards. Mike
  4. One main reason for using a square shape is thar the instrument sits ithe correct plane, if it sits on one end over time half of the valves can harden away from the reed pan thus requiring renew of said valves . It could be the victorian design to get service business in music shops.
  5. Selling cheap what price are you seekilng? Mike
  6. I concur with Theo, a 56 key new model and it looks as though a full restoration will do it a power of good. These boxes are liked for the Morris as .they are normally strident
  7. The Wheatstone at 1999.00 is now next to the Italian one at 127 63 , answers on a post card for the most likeiy genuine one!
  8. One minor piece of info, I have a lot of mouthorgan reeds , no frames to put them in and they are rivetted into position some more info may be aquired by contacting Geoff Crabb ( he kindly gave these reeds to me). Mike
  9. If you contact Barleycorn or Mark Adey they may be able to help you, I think a description of the concertina with its serial no is a good plece of detail to supply them with. If that fails send me an email. Mike
  10. small size small stretched Octagonal (brass reeded)came thruogh my hands some years ago with the same action the levers for the high notes were an absolute pain to work on. The makers label said C wheatstone, It now resides in the Netherlands as far as I know. Regards. Mike
  11. thanks for that Wes,I will be selling it if there is any interest,wity a donation to the site. Regards. Mike .
  12. How about a 72 key Maccann, new model, metal ends ,serial number 836. Mike
  13. The problem is likely to be caused by the springs exerting a sideways pressure on the levers,new properly fitted springs will cure the problem. Mike
  14. Lachenal tenor for sale, fully overhauled all action items renewed, new valves ,new wheatstone springs, ends repolished with new button bushings very airtight 6 fold bellows and pitched in F concert. it has a wooden square case complete with label Doncaster Salvation Band. The price is 1500 pounds with a donation if sold. Mike
  15. wih some early Wheatstones the four fold bellows are deeper than the more common five and six fold bellows found on later 19th century boxes . Sometimes there can be a variation fom the original colours over a long time and storage conditions. Mike
  16. Hello Wes, a snippet of info, I have with me 48 key Case rosewood ended baritone ser no is 2943 last restored and tuned by Steve dickinson and in supreb condition. It is a commision sale for the owner who has never played since the work was carried out. It is brass reeded with the internal baffles sometimes seen on these boxes.If you hear of any one wanting one it is a lovely box to sing with , the asking price is 2250sterling Happy New Year Mike
  17. For what its worth I have a 35 key Lachenal tenor , pitched in F, it is from the Doncaster Salvation Band . I have just changed pads, springs, bushings and cleaned the 6 fold bellows which are airtight and in fine condition.the tuning is in 440hz. I am looking for 1600 pounds Regards Mike
  18. Probably not for you but I have with for sale a rosewood ende George Case baritone which is in excellent condition havig been given a full overhaul by Steve Dickinson. It is brass reeded,and not the fastest of boxes but it is very good for song accompniment. the asking price i s 2250 pounds sterling. The buyer pays for the courier . Mike
  19. Well bought up Alan I came across such a scheme at a auction in East anglia, I did replace the pans in the right position and warned a member of the staff; whether the acted on my discovery I do not know, and i didnt go to the auction. Mike
  20. I agree that that 1927 was a very good year as I own 31657,31659 and my real favourite31660, all are real stunners. Mike
  21. Ihave too many concertinas so some have to be relocated to new custodians,they range from 72 key McCanns Edeophones, a John Crabb anglo.and arare Excelsior 48 key . Any iterest please mail me and if any are sold a donation will be made. I am looking to sell in the UK not over the pond. Regards. Mike phone 01728 768128
  22. Hello Pip, Iwondered what you were doing these days , do you have any G/D anglos for saleat this time if so give me a ring as I am trying to scource one for a local lady. Mike 01728 768128.
  23. one of the main reason is to improve the response of the very smsll reeds where air loss is not a large problem, this commonly seen on a lot of unrestored top insruments of different systems. Mike
  24. Most likely a Jeffries bros duet looking at the raised ends. Mike
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