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  1. Hello ,Some years ago I had a 50key piano keyboard duet made by Crabb, I am certain that Geoff Crabb will remember. I sold it to a French bandonion player who used it to travel regularly between Paris and the USA as his bandonion was to big for cabin luggage. Mike
  2. Hello , Let me have your name and postal address and I will send some Lachenal anglo buttons ; please let me have the diameter to ensure the right size. Regards. Mike Acott
  3. Hello, the difference with the tortoiseshell Aeolas is the tone between brass frames and aluminiumones , the brass frames being slightly more strident and the brass framed boxes sre heavier. Regards. Mike. PS I see someone has a 80 key crabb mine hasthe chevron button layoutwhich suits me, do find my Aeola button layout does tend to some odd notes!
  4. I sold a 20 key anglo bass that went down to C1 , the bottom reed was a harmonium reed from a maker in Paris. When starting to play the box vibrated before you actuallyheard the note! I have never seen a concertina to go that low and still be playable and then only at a pedestrian speed. Mike
  5. Bill, try raising the knap on the chamois leather and then refitting the ends , it may be all that is needed. Mike
  6. Hello Simon, What period label do you look for ,I have a few from the 1847_1880 period and some from 1880 onwards. If one of fit the bill I will need your address, the item is FOC. Mike
  7. Hello Simon, may I ask what your budget is for the treble? Mike
  8. If you prefer contct be mail plesa mail me at mikeacottconcertinas@hotmail.co.uk THank you Mike
  9. Good evening, I think the concertina is a model 21 , I would like to see some photos,and if you want more information please call me on 01728 768128, . Regards. Mike Acott
  10. Has anyone tried to find out how many 80 key Crane duets there are out in the wide world,made by the main makers in the first half of the last centuy. I would really like to know ! mike
  11. Regarding an earlier question the LH Dsharp and E on the left hand end are on separate buttonsworking on the push, thr Bbis double action. My three cranes (two Henry Crabb made and my Aeola No 30657)all have eight fold bellows. Mike
  12. I find my 68 key crabb cfane to be the the best for my vocal range . The left hand goes down to an octave below the right hand end (not counting a low F outrigger button,under thelayout are two single action buttons, a D sharp , E and Low Bb(double action). Thier is an octave overlap betwee the left and right hand ends. More info than necessary Mike My 80 key is even more of a beast
  13. Excellent news , long may he live to delight people with his brilliance! once the current problems are resolved. Mike Acott
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