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  1. Hello Richard I have two English boxes with odd extra buttons, one is a 50 key ext treble Aeola, the other is a 58 key Edeophone ext treble but also has a low F&F# on the left hand side (pics on my original for sale post). Regards. Mike.
  2. Photos are now on the original post. Mike
  3. If you are still looking for your dream machine I have a 31 key C/G fully restored John Crabb with rosewood ends , new best 7 fold bellows, the right accidentals for ITM . It is in concert pitchand plays very well, if you want photos please mail me at mikeacottconcertinas@hotmail.co.uk Regards. Mike PS the asking pricee is £3750
  4. I am am parting with a couple of rare boxes, one is a 19th century and one 20th century. The early one is in top order and has the reed pans chambered on both sides with the inner baffles. It would suit a singer as the tone is excellent and and even in response and volume. The later one is an Edeophone which can be varied in tone and volume it has a riveted action six fold bellows and a fret pattern I have never seen before. It has 58 keys and on the left end has a low F and F# button. Both are fully restored and in concert pitch. Please see the photos attached. I can send more information or pictures on request - if you're really interested please email me. MikeAcott
  5. If you want the real Mccoy contact Steve at C Wheatstone & co Mike
  6. Hello , My bass anglo was sold awhile ago I do not expect to see another like that one Mike
  7. It is with great sadness I let the ITM players know that my friend and excellent anglo player died last Sunday of a heart attack Kit Owens will live long in my memory.If any one wishes to contact me please do so and I will answer any questions if I can. Mike Acott
  8. Just a small observation I have three large crane duets from two makers , all with original 8 fold bellows . I find this is a good size when playing a box with 68 keys or more and frequently playing in octaves. REgards. Mike
  9. Hello Steve, thanks again ,if you look at the "what our concertinas look like ".you will see I have 5 tortoishell Aeolas , if you know of anyone wanting a 48 key treble let me know! Keep well . Mike
  10. Hello Stephen, Thanks for your info , I think it was the other Steve who told me but the memory fades after 35 years or so. Regards. Mike
  11. Just a ,thought I recall being told the person who did the fretwork on my baritone tortoiseshell Aeola was Kevin Chidley do you have any other info on this person? Many thanks . Mike
  12. I have a 72 key Aeola fully sorted and in concert pitch, it has alloy ends and plays well. the price I am looking for is £1700 plus shipping costs. Regards. Mike
  13. If the leather used is curling under gravity , the concertina s being kept in the wrong plane . When at rest the valves should be in the vertical position. Regards. Mike
  14. One point to this thread is that a large no of C Jeffries were made by John and Henry Crabb, Geoff Crabb had a C Jeffries anglo of mine which had stamped on the edge of the air buttoseat the words J Crabb maker in a place where Jeffries would never have seen them. Mike Acott
  15. Hello ,Do you know if the box is a duet or anglo? and how many keys has it?. Restoration costs can be expensive I suggest you try to find a local restorer or a good player to assess whether to sell as is or the pay a good restorer to undertake the restoration. Regards. Mike Acott
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