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    concertina restoration,collecting and occasionally selling.
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    just North of Ipswich, Suffolk

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  1. Mike Acott

    For Sale : 36key Lachenal Anglo C/G

    I can confirm that this a very nice anglo, as I have serviced it a while ago, well worth the money . Mike Acott
  2. Mike Acott

    Concertina Ryan Air

    Hello, I have travelled to the EU including Ireland and proving the case fits in the overhead lockers-- no problem. Regards. Mike acott
  3. Mike Acott

    Concertina Jeffries Maker 39 bits

    How much are you asking for this concertina? Mike Acott
  4. Mike Acott

    summer sale

    Hello , I do have three crane duets, all large( 2 68 keys & 1 80key ) I am not looking to part with any at the moment,if I do let one go it will be my 68 key Crabb which my favourite to sing with.Regards.Mile
  5. Mike Acott

    summer sale

    The makes for sale are Lachenal, J Crabb and Wheatstone, for a detailed description a phone call would be the best way to give full details Regards. Mike
  6. Mike Acott

    summer sale

    The time has come to sell some of my concertinas, anglos,, duets, and englishes . all serviced and in concert pitch. you are welcome to come and try before you buy , just phone me on 01728 768128 or mail me. Mike
  7. Mike Acott

    Jeffries English Concertina For Sale

    Hello, If you would let me know the price you are looking for then I may be willing to go that far , it may be more suitable to mail me that way it is not public Knowledge REgards. Mike Acott
  8. Mike Acott

    Jeffries English Concertina For Sale

    Hello , Would an offer of £3000 be any wher near what you are looking for , if so please ring me on 01728 768128 and we can talk ! Best regards. Mike Acott
  9. Mike Acott

    Suggestion For Experiment

    I have had two Aeolas with brass reeds, they were for export for the tropics. One was ebony ended the other metal. They were both excellent concertinas , so good that experienced players were deceived by trying to guess what the reed material was. Regards. Mike Acott
  10. Mike Acott

    C/g C Jeffries 28Key

    Here are a few photos of the Jeffries. Mike
  11. Mike Acott

    C/g C Jeffries 28Key

    This is a superb player with new best 7 fold bellows, if you wish to try before you buy phone o1728 768128 or mail me Mike acott
  12. Mike Acott

    Wanted: 38-46 Button Anglo

    Hello If you contact Michael Holmes from Co Sligo he has a 38 key C/G C jeffries of mine for sale He is a member of Dervish so he should be contactable Regards. Mike.
  13. Mike Acott

    Concertinas For Sale

    I have decided to sell some of the anglo, english and duets that i have accrued over the years, if any one is interested please mail or phone on 01728 768128 Mike
  14. Mike Acott

    Jeffries 38 Button C/g

    From your photos of the reed pans some appear to have alloy frames ,if this is so then they are not Jeffries reeds and frames. I hope my eyes deceive me Regards. Mike.
  15. Mike Acott

    About D/a Concertina

    If anyone is interested I have an early Lachenal in D/A it is in concert pitch, five fold bellows brass reeds and rosewood ends , and would not cost a fortune! Mike Acott