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  1. I have a 72 key Aeola fully sorted and in concert pitch, it has alloy ends and plays well. the price I am looking for is £1700 plus shipping costs. Regards. Mike
  2. If the leather used is curling under gravity , the concertina s being kept in the wrong plane . When at rest the valves should be in the vertical position. Regards. Mike
  3. One point to this thread is that a large no of C Jeffries were made by John and Henry Crabb, Geoff Crabb had a C Jeffries anglo of mine which had stamped on the edge of the air buttoseat the words J Crabb maker in a place where Jeffries would never have seen them. Mike Acott
  4. Hello ,Do you know if the box is a duet or anglo? and how many keys has it?. Restoration costs can be expensive I suggest you try to find a local restorer or a good player to assess whether to sell as is or the pay a good restorer to undertake the restoration. Regards. Mike Acott
  5. Hello Stephen, The serial number is 32325 , I must say it does have an unusual sound, its almost the same as a single action baritone that came from the vicarage at Great Snoring in Norfolk. I believe that is now with Clare Wren down in the West country and is used in the band she has . Regards. Mike
  6. Hello Stephen, Some information would be welcome,I bought this off e bay about 8 years ago. I was the only bidder only to find out it is pltched in Eb and is the as far as I know the only one ever made. I normally take it when I go to a song session where I know am bothered by some ordinary melodian players who try to dominate proceedings. Regards. Mike You can mail me at mikeacott1944@gmail.com
  7. Hello Geoff, You could be the second in line for a Edeophone ex Salvation Army pltched inBb. I will be sending photos to the person at the front of the queue tomorrow,so i will keep you postedas to whether the box is sold. Regards. Mike
  8. Hello, I happen to have two 72 key McCanns. One is a Lachenal new model the other a 72 key Wheatstone Aeola alloy ends , you can phone me on 01728 768128 and should I be out please leave a message. Regards. Mike Acott.
  9. I never use a liquid to clean reeds, light deposits can be scraped using a small watchmakers screwdriver(size appropriate for the reed in question.) As far as I know Steve Dickinson doesn't use any substances on reed cleaning. To remove light rust on steel reeds I use a number 2 cut triangular saw file, and have had no reason to change for the last40 years plus. Mike Acott
  10. Psst,A couple of photos on page 11 What our concertinas look like. Happy New Year Mike
  11. Here are some of the loveliest concertinas I have, all regularly played and in fine voice. If you're interested in knowing anything about any of them, please do feel free to get in touch. Seasons greetings to you all, Mike.
  12. 😊Just received from Steve, my Jeffries, this is a superb concetina and is for sale .If any one wishes to receive photos or visit and play the instrument they are welcome to contact me on 01728 768128, or by mail at mikeacottconcertinas@ hotmail.co.uk REgards. Mike
  13. Hello Dave, I may be interested in the duet after this weekend , if it is not sold I will mail you again early next week. Regards. Mike
  14. hello, I have a John Crabb 31 key C/G fully restored in concert pitch , Rosewood ends, bone buttons, new 7 fold best bellows. Irish accidentals. The concertina does not have a case. The date of this box is the late 1900's it is 6" across the flats and plays very well , tone is not quite as strident as a metal ended Jeffries but this box was made by the maker of a very large number of concertinas that bear the c jeffries makers stamps in the metal ends. the price is £3750. let me know your email address and i will send some photos, if you are near enough you are welcome to come and try the box. Best Regards. Mike
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