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    concertina restoration,collecting and occasionally selling.
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  1. It is a Jones, with a lot of standard maker features.
  2. I think the strongest bellows shape is square, withe the weakest being the closest to circular. Hexagonal and octagonal are fine for the 6 8 sided models in use today. Mike
  3. The Lachenal has raised metal ends with what I think may be erinoid buttons,it seems to kike me as I have sold it several times and ended up getting it back in part ex for a more expensive upgrade, no one here is interested it the price quoted then I will put in to a local auction and see if anyone goes for it. Regards. Mike Everything that could be changed internally has been done in recent years , I am a crane duet player so McCanns are one of life's mysteries tome.
  4. Hello, The Excelsior is now with a new owner so is off the list. The Eb Alto is still here if you want to come and try just let me know when you want to come. Regards. Mike It is quite ok to give ma a ring on 01728 768128
  5. Hello Wes, I have just looked on the LH end box and the owners name was John Reid from Skipton with the date of July 1900 price £5 5s
  6. Hello Wes, another 32 key metal ended Anglo serial no 153896 being restored. Regards. Mike
  7. The concertina is in concert pitch,it is in excellent condition and it is loud!.There are some more photos if anyone wants me to mail them, also are there any more 80 key cranes out in the wide world. Regards. Mike
  8. I will try to do some photos of the 80 key Crabb crane duet in a couple of days time.I do have a photo of the maker holding it in the crook of his arm while holding the right hand right hand of a very young Harry Crabb. Mike
  9. Hello Wes , here is another one it is a 28 key Anglo serial number is 23125 with brass reeds,it is nearing the end of a very full restoration(it was heading towards a dustbin. Mike
  10. Wes, gold coloured buttons with the florets in the apex of the corners the same colour , Regards. Mike
  11. Can any one give a date for Lachenal no 23503 a48 key Amboyna, raised ends brown bellows (recently replaced). Mike
  12. I sometimes go out and sing with a friend who plays Anglo while I play my 56 key single action bass, it is not a commonly seen or heard combination.
  13. Just a thought I have a 72 new model MacCann serial no 836 still playing well.
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